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Matthew Lillard defends ex-girlfriend Neve Campbell to Scream Pay Battle: ‘Why

Matthew Lillard defends ex-girlfriend Neve Campbell to Scream Pay Battle: ‘Why

If you haven’t heard the sad news, it looks like we might have seen the last one The Best Final Girl of All Time, Sydney Prescott. Nave Campbell Confirmed this week that he had to refuse Scream 6 Later Paramount He suggested that she have very little money to continue the discussion.


Now a co-star from the original is backing Sid. Matthew LillardWho first played Stu Machar Scream – and started dating Neve for a while – keep an eye on Hollywood news during a streaming discussion about his new company Midnight Movie Club. And she was 100% in favor of the top woman in the series. Pointing to their sexuality, he asked:

Tom Cruise Take less money for Maverick? F ** k no, dude. No. So why should a woman take less? Why not pay him more as the series progresses? “

The man has a word! As he and his friend say in conversation, in the world of fear? In Scream Suffrage? Nave Campbell Tom Cruise.

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Matthew also hinted at something that would seem obvious to most fans but apparently not in the studio – it was time to bring him back! Scream (2022) has earned 140 million worldwide! For a slasher flick, it’s huge! So why the fuss over formulas? He argued:

“And there was Scream 5 Hit or not hit? It was a crushing blow! Did it make ** tons of money? Yes. What should he pay Neve Campbell for in the five movies in the franchise? Yes! “

Meaningful for us, too! Looking good from an ex boyfriend btw!

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Colton Winder: I hope we left a legacy of polygamy to find a sister’s wife!

Colton Winder: I hope we left a legacy of polygamy to find a sister’s wife!

Colton Winder is gone.

But he hopes not to forget.

As previously reported, Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 started this past Monday, but it did so without some familiar faces:

Those are Colton Winder, Tami Winder and Sophie Winder.

3 winders

In fact, when Daniel and Garrick Maryfield returned for the new episode – and the same could be said for Sidian and Tosha Jones – Colton and Company were not asked to return.

The polygamous family got it right in April, when TLC confirmed Season 4 cast members.

“As some of you have seen, we won’t be back in Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife,” Winder wrote on Instagram at the time, adding:

“It’s understandable to us why we weren’t picked up again, because we saw the show take a different path.”

Colton Winder online

Continued Colton and his wives:

“We wish other families well, and we are grateful to TLC for the opportunity to tell our stories, and we will continue to tell our stories on our social media, faithfully and honestly.”

“Thanks to everyone who followed and supported us and who continues!”

The Wonders Seeking Sister Wife appeared in Season 2 and Season 3.

So long, the Winder family!

Their absence came as a shock to the Winder Family spinoff, when Colton surprised some followers by sharing a new and lengthy statement online the day after the Season 4 premiere.

The plural marriage lawyer writes:

“I hope, when all is said and done, that our legacy in finding Sister Wife will be that plural marriage can be a beautiful relationship living with a higher purpose, one that can be full of love, growth and progress for both men and women. “

Of course, we guess. Maybe.

Colton Winder on Seeking Sister Wife

We’re not sure if polygamy really does catch on – but we can safely say that Colton is a better incarnation of the system than anyone like Cody Brown.

“It’s a sacred relationship for us,” Colton continued.

“While we do not necessarily want to inspire anyone else to live like us, I hope that as we have portrayed at least the consent of adults, it should not be criminal.

“That’s the only reason we chose to accept the invitation to come on television, when it was offered. I know there are a lot of people who think we, our relationships and our religion are supernatural.”

“Our experience with television has shown us, and strengthened us, that we cannot be true to ourselves if we appeal to everyone.”

Colton Winder photo

In response to his latest message, fans flocked to Colton’s Instagram page to appreciate how he handled the whole situation.

“I loved watching ‘Normal’ and I loved watching Colton … the only person on the show who I think wasn’t there just for sex,” wrote one fan, for example.

Another commented:

“You had the only loving working family on the show – drama free because they probably didn’t get you back which is sad.”

SNL’s Michael Che takes credit for keeping Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

SNL’s Michael Che takes credit for keeping Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson – Whether you love them or hate them as a couple, there is no denying that they are the hottest item right now. And where there is some hot cooking, there has to be a chef that puts it all together. Send your compliments … Michael Che!

We all remember the steamy moment that Pete and Kim shared at that famous time Aladdin Sketch On SNLAKA kiss that started it all. Ever wonder who wrote that sketch? Except someone else Weekend update Anchor yourself!

Wednesday episode Howard SternOf SiriusXM The show commented on radio host Che’s “matchmaking skills”:

“You are quite a matchmaker. You wrote Aladdin’s sketches for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. And what did you write? Check out all the trouble you’ve started!

Not Howard Between Pete and Kim’s ex-husband, Connie West.

The matchmaking comment was met with laughter from Che, who is happy to be humble about his creation. Or maybe keep his head down. After all, Yeh has been behind a lot of people since this relationship started! Stern, however, insisted that the couple themselves were wondering what to say about it:

“Now Pete is bound by this Kardashian lifestyle. Has she ever come to you and said ‘Thanks for writing this, I’ve been able to work with this kid, and now I’m with her.’ I hope there was a thank you. “

The couple seems to be investing more and more in each other day by day, so no doubt the stand-up comedy setup has led to some serious animosity.

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You don’t seem to be thankful though! Michael made a startling “not at all” answer to the question and joked that he didn’t even know the pair were together:

“She did not mention it. In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard that they’re dating. Is it serious? “

Of course, like the rest of us, SNL The author knows a lot about the energy couple. But come on, Davidson! You owe it, at least, to the guy for a round of beer to set you up with a kiss. The Kim Kardashian!

Maybe Pitt should consider branding Michael Cheek on his chest to thank him for his hard work! Yes!

Ch-ch- his full Kete commentary (below):

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Carly Brooks: I have evidence that Josh Dugar is a pedophile

Carly Brooks: I have evidence that Josh Dugar is a pedophile

When Josh Dugar was arrested in April 2019 on child pornography charges, those familiar with the story behind it weren’t too surprised.

After all, the 34-year-old had a long history of sexual perversion and predatory behavior.

In 2015, the world was shocked to learn that Josh had sexually assaulted five young women, four of whom were his sisters.

Added to the fear is that Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duger, worked to cover up his crimes and save their eldest son from trial.

Josh Dugar is the worst

Then, as it does now, Josh is surrounded by competitors.

In fact, it seems that his parents and his wife, Anna Dugar, Still Believe that Josh is innocent.

Fortunately, many of Josh’s victims bravely stepped forward to ensure justice.

Photo by Joshua Dugar

In 2015, a woman named Danica Dillon revealed that she had a paid sexual encounter with Josh.

Dillon says Josh became so violent during the encounter that he even tried to kill her.

Earlier this week, another victim of Josh’s predatory behavior came forward, and again, he had a tragic story to tell about the former reality star’s abusive tendencies.

Carly, Josh

Carly Brooks also said that she had sex with Josh in exchange for financial compensation.

Brooks is an adult content creator who revealed on his TikTok page that Josh paid her for sex several years ago.

“Speaking of Josh Dugar, I’m ashamed to say it, but I slept with him a few years ago when the whole Ashley-Madison scandal came out,” Brooks told his followers.

Carly Brooks

“I was one of the women who slept with Josh at the time, and hearing what happened to him made me very sick,” he continued.

Brooks went on to reveal that he had been very well compensated by the father of seven.

“He paid me generously – a really good amount,” he claimed, noting that he would not disclose that he was paid.

Carly Brooks on TikTok

“But, yeah, I slept with Josh Dugar.”

Carly went on to reveal some of the annoying fetishes that Josh had while they were together.

Apparently, Josh would buy baby clothes for her while they were together.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

She said she insisted that she wear her hair in a braid and cover all her tattoos so that she could better pretend she was a child.

Naturally, Carly had no way of knowing that in the end Josh would be charged with many crimes related to sexual abuse of minors.

But he seems ashamed that he has ever played a small role in his distorted imagination.

Josh Dugar looks happy

Carly has now deleted all the tic tac toe posts where she had her face-to-face discussions with Josh.

“I’m very upset that I was with him,” he said in a post.

Of course, what Carly is feeling is common to victims.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar announce

Josh enjoyed a position of great power within his community, and many of his victims undoubtedly believed that they would be ashamed and dismissed if they went public with their grievances.

This is why Carly and the other women who were victimized by Josh deserve worldwide credit for telling their stories.

If they do not have the courage, he may risk his life to stay out of the world.

Josh Dugar in a game

In December, Josh was convicted of taking and possessing child pornography.

In May, he was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison, after which he was released and released after another 20 years in custody.

Josh deserves more severe punishment, but for now, at least, the world is a little safer.

Tori spell and Dean McDermott is finally going through ‘trial separation’ ?!

Tori spell and Dean McDermott is finally going through ‘trial separation’ ?!

Is Spell tori And Dean McDermott Finally call it exit?

Since the paparazzi first caught the 49-year-old actress without her wedding ring in March 2021, rumors have been circulating for some time that the couple is moving to Splitsville – not to mention that he removed his “wife” from her. Instagram Adding fuel to the bio-split speculation, Tory and Dean did not acknowledge their 15th and 16th wedding anniversaries on social media in May as they did in the past for their special day.

Another big sign that their relationship was on the rocks? The Beverly Hills, 90210 Alum admitted last year that the two actually slept in separate beds and were later seen outside an attorney’s office with documents labeled “assets”, “support” and “custody”. Alas!

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It seemed like it was just a matter of time before Tory and Dean split up. However, the 55-year-old television personality also apparently dispelled the rumors Women warriors The podcast says, “If that’s what you want to think, think about it.” He further added that he would not address any gossip, adding that “we are divorced because they found a picture of Tori without her ring in the farmer’s market.”

But now, they seem to be one step closer to officially pulling the plug on their relationship!

According to a Our weekly Sources said Dean and Tory’s friends at one point received an update that they were “going through a trial.” Shh! In fact, her inner circle is actually concerned about the author because she has kept herself away from everyone in this rough patch of her marriage:

“Tory’s friends are worried because they have never heard from him again. They try to get to him and hear no sound. And he’s no longer doing social things. He seems to have isolated himself. She’s got MIA so much that they’re worried something might happen – if she has money problems again or is frustrated. They are not joining the group of friends as before. ”

Oh no!

Another insider noted that the divorce has been “suspended” for the time being as their relationship has always been a “roller-coaster”. Even more, they are more concerned with what is best for their children:

“They know divorce is going to be expensive and it’s not something they’re willing to go through right now. They are both trapped. Making it harder to have children because they don’t want their children to be unhappy, yet at the same time, Tory has been dissatisfied for quite some time. They really are still together for their kids. “

While Tory and Dean are working on their relationship with the system, people around them seem to be pretty sure that the pair have just reached their breaking point and are gone. Of course, the two have not confirmed whether they are in “trial separation” at the moment, so everyone will have to wait and see if there is any veracity in this new report.

Think, fan reader? Do you think Tory and Dean will eventually break up?

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Jason Alexander Arrested After Breaking Into Britney Spears Wedding Venue

Jason Alexander Arrested After Breaking Into Britney Spears Wedding Venue

On Thursday, June 9, Britney Spears married Sam Asgary in a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

This happy occasion has been coming for a long time. It was, unfortunately, distorted by an unwanted interloper.

On Thursday afternoon, Britney’s ex-husband Jason Alexander was arrested after entering the venue.

He made his entry directly into the field, into the wedding tent, and even into his home.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are engaged

Law enforcement was called to Britney Spears’ home around 2pm on Thursday afternoon (Pacific time, of course).

The deputies confronted Jason Alexander, best known for his 55-hour marriage to Brittany after an emotional Vegas wedding in 2004.

Britney has moved forward several times since then. Obviously, that was not the case with Jason.

Jason Alexander's Wedding Crash IG 02

She live-streamed her adventure at Britney’s wedding venue, insisting more than once that people would not touch her when trying to slow her down.

He was looking for Britney, announcing that he was his wife and that he had come there to “crash” the marriage.

Fortunately, the marriage had not yet begun and Brittany and Sam were not apparently present, which may explain why someone was able to slip into the property.

Jason Alexander Wedding Crash IG01

Jason records his expedition to the ground, and speaks freely to the staff present about stopping Britney.

“I’ve been here for three weeks,” he was heard to say in his own video.

“I’m scopeing this work,” Jason proudly admits, seemingly preconceived notions.

Jason Alexander Wedding Crash IG03

A man in a golf cart follows Jason at one point, asking him to leave the property or he will contact the authorities.

Jason claims, “Where’s Britney?”

He also showed her the seating and flower arrangements for calling her “bull-wedding” and the video included what looked like even the inside of her house.

Jason Alexander Mug Shot

Fortunately, no one was injured during the intrusion.

Although Jason was handcuffed to the property, his actual arrest stemmed from an outstanding warrant in a different county.

However, he was charged with refusing to leave personal property, including batteries, intrusion, and vandalism of no more than 400.

Britney and Sam on the trail

The outstanding warrant was for large-scale embezzlement and possession of stolen property.

An internal source said, “Britney is shaking but she doesn’t want to let him down.” Page six After the adventure on Thursday afternoon.

“Fortunately everyone is safe,” the insider confirmed, “and Jason is no longer on the property.”

Jason Alexander's Wedding Crash IG04

Brittany and Sam have been engaged since September and have been together since 2016.

About 100 guests attended the small, intimate wedding ceremony on Thursday evening.

Brittany’s mother, father and sister were not present (or expected), but her brother Brian Spears was reportedly present.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari in August 2021

Brittany and Sam would have been married many years ago – and probably already had a child together – if the conversation hadn’t stopped them.

As it was, even after the proposal, they could not begin preparations for a real wedding until the archives were abolished.

The reason was that everything from cost to prenup should have been approved by Jamie Spears, a non-starter.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari: A picture

It is heartbreaking to think that this happy moment has somehow been overshadowed by the unwelcome intrusion of Jason Alexander.

Brittany isn’t the only person left alive to regret a 2004 relationship – but this exciting moment distracts her and Sam from her happy days of livestreaming.

Still, congratulations are for the happy couple.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari Wedding Details: Published!

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari Wedding Details: Published!

It took five years, a fierce legal battle and then a wild arrest on their big day, but we can finally formalize it:

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari husband and wife!

The couple exchanged vows at an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday, committing to each other in front of well-known guests such as Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton.

The singer and his client said that after they did so, Asgari’s manager confirmed the exciting news.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari: A picture

“I am just happy that this day has come, and they are married. I know he has wanted it for so long.

Brandon Cohen said in a statement, “He is very caring and supportive at every step.”

“I am so grateful to have Sam in my life and can’t wait for the future that they will make together.”

The event went well without a big and stunning interruption.

Brittany and Sam in Hawaii

The Ventura Sheriff’s Department arrested Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander, on Thursday on an outstanding warrant for breaking into a Grammy Award-winning private wedding venue just hours before his planned wedding to Asgari.

“My name is Jason Alexander. Britney has invited me here,” Alexander claimed in an Instagram livestream before his arrest.

“Britney Spears invited me here. She’s my first wife, my only wife. I’m her first husband. I’m here to break up the marriage.”

Completely and utterly crazy and scary, isn’t it?

Brittany and fiance

Fortunately, Spears and Asgari were still able to get through their marriage.

According to insiders, Spears wore a Versace gown for the occasion and walked over to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Superstar Stephanie Gottlieb completes her bridal look with jewelry and Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

Surprisingly, sons Shawn Preston and Jaden James – who shared Britney with ex-Kevin Federlin – were not present at the wedding.

Brittany and fiance

The newlyweds were spotted on the set of the artist’s “Slumber Party” music video.

Spears later explained in a 2017 radio interview that he and Asgari took about “five months” to reconnect after his video shoot.

“I was, ‘He was really smart, this guy was really nice,’ so I called him,” Spears said again about digging up his phone number:

“He’s a really funny, funny person.”

Engaged Sam Asgari and Britney

From there, Asgari was on Britney’s side as she fought her father in court, aiming to end the maintenance that had been in place since 2008 … and which gave her father complete control over her finances and her career.

It also gave Jamie Spears control over her daughter’s personal life, Britney alleged, last summer telling a judge that her father would not allow her to remove her IUD and take the child.

Finally, in November, a judge terminated the reservation.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are engaged

A few weeks before the bombing, Britney and Sam got engaged.

“I can’t believe it,” the pop star captioned an Instagram video of her and Asgari at the time.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and Spears took a look at the couple’s pre-wedding celebrations for fans via an Instagram story video.

The footage shows the two enjoying a glass of champagne in the back seat of a Rolls-Royce.

Brit finger

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Spears announced that she was expecting her third child, her first child with Asgari.

A month later, however, the two confirmed that Spears had had an abortion.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that we lost our miraculous baby early in pregnancy,” read a photo shared via Instagram on both their profiles.

“It’s a devastating time for any parent.”

News of Britney Spears' IG abortion with Sam Asgari

Asgari later mentioned that the couple planned to continue trying to expand their family.

“We feel your support,” she wrote via Instagram in May.

“We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future.

“It’s hard, but we’re not alone.”

Britney Spears ‘freaking out’ over ex-husband Jason Alexander’s intrusion

Britney Spears ‘freaking out’ over ex-husband Jason Alexander’s intrusion

Britney Spears Her ex-husband was not happy about her attending the wedding immediately Sam Asgari!

As we report, the lyricists’ ex Jason Alexander Live streamed by yourself Instagram As he tries to crash Brit’s big day on Thursday. The 40-year-old girl showed herself intruding at her private wedding venue when she shouted her name and was eventually arrested by police officers on an outstanding warrant.

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Although Jason fortunately did no harm, the bride was still understandably annoyed by the incident. A source close to the hitmaker said People:

“She’s terrible about this.”

We don’t blame him!

Brit’s assistant in terms of chaos Vicky T. – who was informed about the intrusion by fans on IG – shared an update, reassuring everyone that the pop icon was intact.

He wrote in his IG story:

“I do everything possible to keep everyone safe while out of the country. Thanks to all the absolutely amazing and incredible fans for warning me about so much. You are a blessing. Thanks. Everyone is safe. “

For those who do not know, Toxic The couple married childhood friend Alexander for 55 hours in January 2004 after the pair fled to the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

We hope Britt was able to stop it and enjoy the rest of his big day!

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Jennifer Lopez hated to share the Super Bowl halftime show stage in 2020

Jennifer Lopez hated to share the Super Bowl halftime show stage in 2020

Jennifer Lopez Was upset about sharing Super Bowl Halftime stage back in February 2020!

Of course, at the time, the now-52-year-old pop icon was fascinated on the world stage NFLIts big halftime show with another world-famous pop superstar: Shakira. But according to a new documentary tracking J.Lo’s career – and specifically focusing on the work that went on that halftime show attendance – was not ideal for the pair!

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Half timeFollowing the highly anticipated documentary Jenny from the block Sensation, as she enters her 50s, premiered this week Tribeca Film Festival In New York City. The Netflix-Produced Doc, which is set to be released on the streaming app later this month, at one point focused on some of the major disadvantages of Lopez sharing the stage with Shakira, as both A-listers tried to figure out how to work with each other. Others

At one point in the dock, FoolIts partners have condemned the set-up, blaming NFL Exxon for the two women doing a work that historically went to an artist. Speaking to his music director during the rehearsal, the music legend said:

“We have six times. We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we take a minute, that’s it, we have five left. However, there must be certain songs that we sing, though. We have to have singing moments. This is not going to be a dance f ** king revue. We have to sing the message. ”

And he didn’t stop there!

Lopez was particularly angry at those who insisted on sharing the two stars on stage, saying:

“It’s the worst idea in the world for two people to bowl a Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world. It’s something I’ve been working on and hoping for for years. “

Damn it! Tell us what you really feel!

J.Lo is the only one who has not taken issue with it. His manager, Benny Medina, Also spoke in the new documentary. He suggests a historical context for the dramatic decision to keep the two artists so close for the halftime show:

“Usually in Super Bowl you have a headliner. That headliner makes a show, and, if they choose the other guests, it’s their choice.”

Okay, when you put it this way …

To the credit of Lopez and Shakira, they Did Find a way to work together. And they keep it professional! That’s right, well, no one wanted to share the stage with anyone else. Which is understandable! They are both single stars who fill the stadium themselves!

At one point in the film, during a rehearsal for a halftime event, the Colombian superstar is seen telling Lopez:

“I know Super Bowl people want to weave throughout our show. I’m not sure how many minutes I’m going to have. “

Lopez kindly answers:

“Let me address that really quickly. They said 12 minutes. I got a good confirmation that we could have an extra minute or two, so now we’re like 13, 14 minutes. I think, Shakira, what we should have is You should have half the time and I should [have half]”

And J.Lo added:

“If it was going to be a double headliner, they should have given us 20 minutes. It should have been their king. “


Of course, Perezcious readers will remember J.Lo and Shakira’s perfect pairing during the actual event. It was really something! (And just as Lopez guessed, it was over in about 14 minutes!)

Refresh your memory with performance (below):

The behind-the-scenes drama is truly remarkable, as for the 2022 Big Game show, the NFL Superstars have chosen to head the halftime title with a really big team: Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blizzard, Kendrick LamarAnd 50 cents.

So maybe J.Lo and Shakira have acted as a test run to move the league forward with something more? Then again, in the year between the two, the NFL chose a solo performance. Hmmm.

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BTW, Half time The halftime show also covers another controversial scenario – how Lopez got the bad side of the NFL content team for trying to highlight the children in the cage as part of his performance. Of course, the superstar used the moment to make a political statement about the widespread outrage over the imprisonment of immigrant children. ICE Detention center time Donald TrumpIts presidency.

Lopez explains to Doc how Medina took one A lot He wants to have a cage as part of his show due to the heat from the league during rehearsals:

“We left the rehearsal and I noticed that everyone was getting scared, but I don’t know why. I get a call from Benny and he says, ‘They want to pull the cage.’ That night, NFL bosses saw it for the first time and said, ‘Hey, you can’t do that.’

Benny added his own insights into the league’s efforts to hack the halftime theme:

“The NFL had a real concern about making a political statement about immigration. They looked at the plan, and the message was absolute. They didn’t want those cages on the show. It has come down from the highest authority. “

But Jello did not agree to move!

He explained why it was so important to him as an artist – and as a human being:

“For me, it’s not about politics. It’s about human rights. I’m facing the biggest crossroads of my life, to be able to perform on the biggest stage in the world, but to get out of the cages and leave what I believe would be totally not there. There was a part of me that got Jane too and I was right, ‘Benny I don’t care what you do, we’re not changing the show. Super Bowl tomorrow and we are not changing anything. ‘

That’s great! Inspirational!

However, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is its trailer Half time (Below), which is set to stream on Netflix from Tuesday, June 14:

There are so many !!

Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via NFL/YouTube]

Meet Honey Boo Boo’s much older boyfriend on the reality show debut!

Meet Honey Boo Boo’s much older boyfriend on the reality show debut!

Madhu Bu Bu She finally introduces her boyfriend to her family (and the world), and let’s just say things are getting exciting fast!

The Mama June: The Road to Redemption Star, born Alana ThompsonThe 20-year-old has been dating Darlene Carswell From the beginning of 2021 – but it has not been smooth sailing. He has created some online hatred for their age gap (he is only 16 years old and at a different stage in his life). When Mama June No problem with the relationship, now Darlene has to pass the real test: impressing her older sister Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon.

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Watching a glimpse of an upcoming episode, Pumpkin is seen waiting to interrogate his sister-in-law. He told the camera in his confession:

“Today I am meeting Darlene, this little boy talking mysteriously to Alana. I’m that protective sister, I just want to see, is she around for the right reasons? Is he just saying Hani Bu Bu or is he near Alana? ”

Things started off on a rock when he was late. Although he apologized, he returned:

“I don’t like being late, okay?”

Once they sat down, Darlene shared that she had met Alana “through some friends.” Asked to describe his “purpose”, he simply said:

“I mean, I like him. We just started talking. “

Pumpkin then ran through a series of questions, asking:

“Alana herself is a good girl, she really tries to give to the world when she has nothing to give. So I have a few questions. Are you faithful Are you respectful Will you go there for Alana? Will you listen to him Do you have a driver’s license? “

He answered “yes, ma’am” to all questions and also confirmed that he had no “drug history” and that he was a “family man”. All good things!

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Pumpkin, which is now in Hani Bu Bu’s legal custody, then laid down some basic rules:

“School is very important. So he won’t hang out every week. On weekends, he would stay home for a set period of time. You’re one minute late, she’s not chatting anymore. “

Upon hearing this, Darlene made the mistake of laughing something Lorin didn’t like! When he didn’t reveal why he was smiling (although it was clear he thought the reality star was bluffing with that last comment), the 22-year-old retorted:

“When I see someone, I know a liar. My mother is a liar, dealing with it for a long time, so it doesn’t need to come from you either. Do you understand that? “

Oh, Dang !!

What an intense first meeting! We hope he can prove himself in the long run! Watch the ch-ch-clip (below)!

Feedback, fan reader? Do you like watching Darlene talk to Lorraine anymore?

[Image via WE tv/YouTube & Honey Boo Boo/Instagram]