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Stephanie Matto is now selling boob sweat, having stopped production because of the bear

Stephanie Matto is now selling boob sweat, having stopped production because of the bear

90 days: single life Star Stephanie Matteo’s infamous “Fart Jar” business has been making headlines for months.

Now, he has a new initiative … which is feeding thousands of people every week without keeping him in the hospital.

Stephanie is selling her own “Boob Sweat”, detailing the process and business model on social media.

Of course, this line of work comes with some unexpected Bear-related Risk

Stephanie Matto Sweat tiktok 01 of 02

Rarely 90 day engagement The stars have so effectively monetized their fleeting reality TV fame.

Stephanie uses her platform to attract the attention of her only fans, later launching her own adult subscription service.

But delivering a real (or almost-tangible) product to unique customers helps it stand out.

Stephanie Matto Sweat tiktok 02 of 02

Stephanie opens up about her sweaty bottled initiative.

People sweat a little all day, but Stephanie spends about four hours a day by the pool working to get the right concentration of sweat.

It takes 15 minutes to make sweat jars individually and she says that every drop of sweat in them comes from her breasts.

Stephanie Matto for 90 Days: Single Life Season 2

Stephanie can fill ten bottles of sweat every day.

Jars are not cheap, going $ 500 for each.

He reportedly earns about 5,000 5,000 a week through this business.

Stephanie Mato can't help but react to what she hears

Stephanie shares a lot of what may be proprietary information (other business) because it is part of the appeal.

Intimacy, the idea of ​​knowing exactly what happens using his body to create the product he sells is basically part of the product.

It’s hard for most of us to understand, but to someone with a certain frustration, what they want is right. Also, some people have a lot more money and they will buy things for laughter.

Stephanie Matto in Lavender

Laughing, Stephanie recently had to take a break from her sweat production routine for safety reasons.

TMZ A video of a black bear was found in his backyard.

Although black bears are relatively small and infamous, it is best to go indoors without the risk of a collision.

Stephanie Matteo has an idea (preview)

The occasional visit to a bear is the solution to many potential problems in life: just stay home.

In fact, Stephanie says she’s considering installing a snooze so she can sweat without depending on the weather – or the absence of urine.

It sounds like a subtle solution that will definitely pay off.

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie’s other, more famous venture, selling “Fart Jars” to customers, made her so well-known that some people may not even be familiar with her. 90 day engagement.

However, that foul project kept Stephanie in the hospital, albeit for a short time.

Why? Sudden symptoms convince him that he has had a heart attack or stroke.

Stephanie Matto sells the Fart Jar in 2022

What actually happened was, of course, a very normal structure of digestive gas due to its flatus-producing diet.

In other words, he just had to shake, and he was in pain and fear before he knew what was happening.

When it first happens to adults, usually in their twenties or thirties, many understand why babies don’t cry. It’s not a good feeling … but it’s not a heart attack.

Jill Dugar: God wants Josh to go to jail for a long time

Jill Dugar: God wants Josh to go to jail for a long time

When Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison last week, only four members of his extended family were in court.

Wife Anna, father Jim Bob, sister Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth were present for the sentencing hearing, but the rest of the large Dugar group withdrew from the proceedings.

In the days that followed, most duggers would remain silent about Josh’s punishment.

But one of his most high-profile siblings broke his silence and shocked fans by sharing his belief that Josh deserves to be stuck for too long.

Jill and Josh

When Josh was in his teens, he molested five young women, four of whom were his sisters.

Now, one of those sisters is speaking and making it clear that she believes justice has been done.

Jill Dugar severed ties with her parents a few years ago, and now, she is one of the very few Dugar who is willing to talk frankly about Josh’s situation.

Derrick Dillard and pregnant Jill Dugar at Courthouse

“The last few weeks and months have been emotionally difficult. Yesterday was one of those difficult days. We are not happy or disappointed with this sentence, but we are grateful that it is over,” Jill and husband Derrick Dillard wrote on their personal website. .

“The Bible clearly states that God receives justice and retribution through governing authority,” the statement continued.

“While some believe that Josh should have received a greater punishment and fewer people believe that he should have received a lighter punishment, God has avenged him today for his unspeakable criminal activity.”

Josh Dugar speaks

Dillards said he believes justice has been served and hopes to persuade Josh to change his ways after serving 12 years in prison.

“To date, he has not yet been charged with the necessary amounts to change the nature of his dangerous behavior,” Jill and Derrick wrote.

“It’s unfortunate, but it looks like he could spend more than a decade in federal prison, and with some more experiments, Josh has the potential to be rehabilitated so that he can return to society safely,” they continued.

Jill Dugar and Big D.

“Hopefully, Josh can actually start treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he’s less likely to re-offend.”

Jill and Derrick went on to express their hope that potential hunters would see a case like Josh’s and reconsider their actions.

“If nothing else, the notoriety of this case will hopefully contribute to the prevention of potential offenders and help protect children by reducing the demand for CSAM,” they wrote.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

“We continue to love Josh and his family and we will be there for them as much as we can.”

Interestingly, Jill is not the only Dugar who has broken away from the rest of the family to condemn Josh’s actions.

Last week, 22-year-old Jason Dugar spoke out against Josh in an Instagram post that probably upset his father.

Jason Dugar in 2021

“In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was justified in his decision to give Josh a sentence that would be considered from the middle to the bottom for the crime he committed,” Jason wrote.

“Joshua’s bad decisions have had a profound effect on the people around him, especially his wife, seven children and our entire family,” he continued.

“My prayer is that God will use this situation to make him truly humble and make a real difference in his life!”

Josh Dugar is the worst

Insiders say Jim Bob and wife Michelle Duger still believe Josh is innocent, and will be found guilty on appeal.

It is unlikely that anything will change their minds at the moment, but fortunately, not all of Jim Bob’s kids have been brainwashed.

Nowadays, Anna Dugar lives with Jim Bob and Michelle – and you can be sure that Jill and Jason are giving the main house a very spacious berth.

Matthew Morrison has been fired so you think you can dance to send inappropriate

Matthew Morrison has been fired so you think you can dance to send inappropriate

We have an update on Matthew Morrison’s resignation as a judge of So You Think You Can Dance.

And it doesn’t paint the former Glee star in a very positive light.

An insider behind the reality show told People magazine that Morrison was fired from the program “after having an affair with a female contestant.”

Oh, huh?!?

Matthew Morrison as Judge

“They didn’t have sex, but she reached out to him via flirt messages directly on social media,” the source told People.

“He felt uncomfortable in his comment line and went to the producers, who then involved Fox. He was fired after they conducted their own investigation.”

The outlet added that Morrison and the unidentified female contestant “never met off-set.”

So it sounds like a low to us Relationships… and more Morrison acting like the shady Duchess Canoe.

Matthew Morrison on set

“These were just messages that crossed the line,” Peoples source said.

News of Morrison’s departure broke last Friday, just days after Season 17 began on So You Think Can Dance Fox.

At the time, Morrison said in a statement that he was leaving the competition after failing to follow “competition production protocols.”

We assume that Is Technically correct.

Judge Matthew Morrison

“It was an incredible honor for me to be the judge of So You Think You Can Dance. So, I’m deeply saddened to let you know that I will leave the show,” Morrison said late last week.

“After filming the audition round for the show and selecting 12 finalists,

“I didn’t follow the competition’s production protocol, which prevented me from being able to judge the competition fairly,” the actor continued.

“I can’t apologize enough to everyone involved and I will share with you all what I know will still be one of the best seasons.”

Morrison on set

Morrison was part of a completely new judging panel of So You Think You Can Dance, which also includes JoJo Siva and Stephen “Tuwich” boss.

Since all of the first episodes of the dancing show were pre-made, Morrison will still be appearing in the series until mid-June.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a new panelist is expected to be brought in in time for the next part of the competition, which starts on June 15.

In the same vein, an announcement about Morrison’s successor is expected soon

More Morrison

At this time, Matthew Morrison did not comment on the report.

We will update this story if the actor makes any kind of statement in response to this new allegation.

The 90-day-old fiance’s 3-year-old son has leukemia

The 90-day-old fiance’s 3-year-old son has leukemia

Devon Clegg From 90 day engagement She has opened her mouth about her son’s cancer diagnosis.

Mother has become transparent in the caption of one Instagram The post featured several pictures of her 3-year-old son Taiyang. He announced that he would always be “100% transparent” with fans before the horrific news: a few days before his son was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Devon, who recently announced that she was pregnant with her third child, revealed that Taiyang is already receiving treatment for her condition:

“She has already undergone multiple procedures and started chemotherapy just two days ago. It’s a nightmare for every parent, and I’m trying to be strong for Taiyang, Dracila and my baby in my womb. “

What a terrible thing for a parent or child to go through.

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The reality star went on to say:

“Twenty-four hours of hospital care will be required in Tiang and it is a long two-year process with a high success rate of complete recovery in five years. I’m still in the process of doing this and asking for prayers, please. “

In a second post, Devon posted a short video collage of himself and his son, and he thanked everyone for their overwhelming support:

“I want to thank everyone for their support. Our lives have turned upside down this week. Childhood cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone or any family. We will keep everyone updated on Tiangs Journey for recovery. ”

Mao started one of three children GoFundMe To help with the medical expenses of Taiyang for next year’s treatment. In the GoFundMe account, she talks about her son’s diagnosis and many heartbreaking trips to ER. As of this writing, the campaign has raised over $ 8,000.

Our hearts go out to Devon, Taiyang and their families. We want nothing but their healing and love in these difficult times.

[Image via Instagram/Deavan Clegg]

Billy Ilish breaks up with boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vores following the cheating

Billy Ilish breaks up with boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vores following the cheating

It appears that Billy Ilish Single again

The 20-year-old singer apparently broke up with her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Versus At some point in the recent past – and we know this because the 30-year-old actor has now confirmed the breakup!

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On Tuesday afternoon, Vors took her to him Instagram story To post a series of pictures commenting on her (current-ex) relationship with him Bad guy The funny thing about the singer is that the first picture was noticed more by the fans Grammy– The winning lyricist, and with it, Versace called for some online criticism, apparently from them.

A typed message is written on the poster of the movie MenVorce Eilish is regularly dropped from her IG account by fans and others online who apparently post abusive comments and suspicious complaints.

Actor shared:

“The fact that thousands of people take the time out of their day to write the most horrible things about someone they never know is the most cowardly thing you can possibly do. Live your own life. “

Here is the post:

Separation from Billy Ilish boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vors following rumors of cheating!
Apparently not very happy with Stan! / (C) Matthew Tyler Versus / Instagram


From there, Vores took notice of the constant social media rumors about his alleged cheating on Hilsa which led to their recent breakup.

Deny any betrayal on him Or As part of Billy, the actor argued:

“No one cheated on anyone. The relationship ended. It’s as simple as that. It’s dangerous to spread rumors and lie on the Internet.”

For good measurement we have to throw all those cap words there (below), we assume:

Separation from Billy Ilish boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vors following rumors of cheating!
As simple as that, he claims! / (C) Matthew Tyler Versus / Instagram

Uh huh.

The actor re-shared a news story about the reported breakup and posted a slide, where he criticized the post for claiming Billy was “too good” after the split. And “in other news,” as he writes, followed by a fourth slide. NFLOf New Orleans Saints Soccer team. Just trying to change the subject or something ?? Ooooooo!

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FWIW, the Happy Than Ever The singer has not yet commented publicly on the breakup, and her representatives have not returned a request for comment on the breakup. Page six.

However, And! News Also on Tuesday, a source close to Matthew confirmed that Billy had “recently ended his relationship” with the actor. So the split seems to be valid – and the words of that report suggest that Billy was apparently the driving force behind the Knicks thing.

Feedback, fan reader? Are you surprised to see it or not ??

Sound off with your feedback in the comments (below) …

[Image via Billie Eilish/Matthew Tyler Vorce/Instagram]

Johnny Depp Jury Amber returns from a discussion of hard questions

Johnny Depp Jury Amber returns from a discussion of hard questions

In the jury Johnny DeppDefamation suit against Amber Hard They have to cut their work for them.

They are currently in the middle of talks, which they started on Friday. And the fact that it has been taken for so long is not only proof of the fact that the truth is not absolutely cut-and-dry but also how specific the questions they ask are actually.

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As it turns out, the jury is not being held responsible for trying to determine whether Johnny Depp committed domestic violence – not at all. Remember, this is a defamation suit. So they are being asked about Amber’s three statements The Washington Post Op-ed:

“I speak out against sexual violence – and face the wrath of our culture. That needs to change. “

“Two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic violence, and for all the women who speak out, I feel the full force of the wrath of our culture.”

“It was a rare advantage to see in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuse.”

For each statement, they must determine whether it is a lie, whether it is about Johnny, whether Amber Hard wrote it – and whether by doing so she has acted with “real hatred.” Original Hate is not just a sick will Or It doesn’t matter if what he says is a lie.

As far as whether it was about Johnny and whether Amber wrote it, well Camilla Vasquez Already that sealed up. During an exciting interrogation, he stabbed Amber until he admitted that he had written it. Related Johnny says:

“I know how many people will come out and say anything for him. That is his power. So I wrote the op-ed. I was talking about that incident কত how many people would come out in support of him and his power would fall. He is a very strong man and people like to curry with strong men. “

Yes, quite powerful.

All that’s left is, Amber, whether Amber is lying! So how are you?

The jury on Tuesday gave them their first indication of what they were thinking back there. They sent a question to the judge about a statement: “I have spoken out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That needs to change. ” Because that statement was also the title of the op-ed, the jury’s question was whether they should decide Title There was false or complete curse composition.

Judge Penny Azcaret Explained:

“The statement is a title and not a complete op-ed.”

They have to decide if the title itself is a false statement. They are not being tasked with determining whether every single statement in the entire op-ed is true. Just those three specific statements.

So what does this tell us about the way they might be leaning?

It is possible that this is good news for Amber. If the jury decides to distinguish between the entire article and the false statement and the title itself, then logically it means that they think there is a difference. You cannot have a false title and a completely 100% true composition. So if they keep drawing a distinction, there seems to be a possibility they might think that the op-ed contains false and rhetorical statements but the title is usually true – so, how could that be?

Okay, look at the exact word here: “I spoke out against sexual violence.” Of course no one can speak out against sexual violence, which means they have been victims of sexual violence. Amber clearly says that she is suffering … in the body of the post. But in the title, is he vague enough that the jury agreed that it was not technically defamatory ??

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On the other hand, their focus may be on the term “sexual violence”. That’s another big way that statement differs from the other two. If the jury believes that Johnny hit Amber at some point, that he abused her in any way … it could overturn the other two. But if they draw the line and don’t believe his subsequent claims that he sexually harassed her, they may be stunned by the word “sexual violence” – and think it’s a lie.

Either way, they don’t seem to be consistent with the concluding arguments of either side. Amber’s attorney Benjamin Rottenburn He told the jury last week:

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you very clearly, if Amber has abused Mr. Depp once, he has won … they are trying to deceive you into believing that Amber must be perfect to win. In fact, if he were to prove it. Failing that he has never abused Amber, he will win. “

When Johnny’s lawyer said Camilla Vasquez Put it in the same absolute position:

“You either believe it all, or none at all. Either she’s ugly, she’s been horribly abused, or she’s a woman who wants to say something.”

Sounds like the jury might agree …

How do you think they are going to decide ??

[Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube]

The cause of death of Brittany Drexel – the coroner’s verdict – raises further questions

The cause of death of Brittany Drexel – the coroner’s verdict – raises further questions

Another painful update Brittany Drexel The lawsuit was probably funded by the Georgetown County Coroner’s Office.

As we cover last week, Brittany’s family is finally on track to receive the justice they have been seeking for more than a decade. The teenager, who went missing about 13 years ago, has finally been arrested. A suspect, Raymond MoodyHe has been charged with rape, kidnapping and murder.

This morning, the Georgetown County Coroner’s Office posted an update Facebook In the case of Drexel – and that could be a big problem.

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Earlier, an official warrant for Moody’s arrest stated that the cause of death of the then 17-year-old girl was manual suffocation – suffocation with empty hands – but the autopsy revealed otherwise! They say the cause of death could not be determined at all!

Read the full update (below):

“*** UPDATE *** The cause of death of Brittany Drexel

Georgetown County Coroner Chase Ridgeway confirmed the cause of death and the cause of death were indefinite.

The skeletal remains were taken to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office for examination by a forensic anthropologist and a forensic odontologist. It was during this experiment that it was confirmed that the remains belonged to Brittany Drexel, who was assisted by a DNA analysis performed by SLED. Due to the condition of the remains, manual suffocation could not be confirmed. “

Yes, they are convinced that it was his – but they cannot be sure that he was killed by asphyxiation.

His remains were in the suspect’s property, completely unknown to anyone in the past 13 years! It is not surprising that the cause of death of the poor girl could not be determined even after so long. So heartbreaking.

But what does this discovery mean for the legal process? Moody’s was originally arrested with a warrant for manual suffocation. If it is not proved that he killed Brittany by suffocation … will it harm the progress of the prosecutor’s case? Hmmm.

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New information about the Drexel case came out last week, with several Facebook pages and groups popping up in support of the late teenager and her family. Some of the most popular have more than 5,000 dedicated members who seek justice for the late New Yorkers.

One Facebook user wrote:

“No child has to go through that.”

We could no longer agree. Any 17-year-old on a spring break vacation shouldn’t even entertain the idea of ​​a potential kidnapping or murder. What this guy has done with an innocent teenager in front of his whole life is disgusting, but also for the heartbroken family he left behind.

We hope that soon the air will be clear about exactly what happened so that Brittany and her family can finally get the justice they deserve, they have waited long enough.


[Image via Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office/Queen City News/YouTube]

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after not being called by fans

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after not being called by fans

Kim Kardashian He is being called!

The 41-year-old reality TV star was called by social media fans last week when it was revealed that she was not actually eating food for her new ad. Out of the flesh. On both sides Instagram And TwitterUsers have ruthlessly ridiculed the 41-year-old celebrity for pushing her ad to appear (not so subtly) to avoid being bitten by the plant-based offers shown on the screen!

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But now Kim is seen Was Actually eating food, even with video products made by Beyond Meat, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it! And we know someone other than the cause SKIMS The mogul himself returned to IG on Tuesday afternoon to prove to the world that he had indeed bitten, chewed and swallowed! And we’ve seen it all!

Kim went to her IG store on Tuesday to release a series of new videos from her plant-based commercial work behind the scenes and featuring previously unpublished content. vids one, Kardashian The star unbuttoned the top of a Beyond Meat burger and explained that he was “getting rid of some carbohydrates” before landing in the gorgeous-looking patty.

Also, he wrote in the caption of the clip, “Friends, come on” – you know, he was really watching the reaction of the haters. And Are annoyed by them! LOLz!

As you can see (below), Connie WestHis ex-wife also shared other videos from the shoot showing him eating a variety of foods while on set, first with the aforementioned burger where he called the critics:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
A plant-based burger, please! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Love the sauce!

Then, there was a combo order – pun intended!

Kim proved conclusively that she ate tacos and chicken nuggets while filming:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
How did they taste, Kim ?! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram


Finally, Kim also picked up some Beyond Meat-branded plant-based sausages:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
Give him credit – he really knows how to close a sale! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

All right then! Sounds pretty believable to us!

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Of course, as we mentioned in our previous report on the world’s reaction to this ad campaign, this whole debate is a great ad for the people of Beyond Meat. This is a free promotion on top of buying their ads with Kim – because everything she does gets attention! And for better or worse, it all works out when it comes to getting brand names out there. All right ?!

Although what do you think about it, Perezcious reader ?! Sound off about Kim’s Beyond Meet in the comments (below) Repeat her response with your acceptance in the video!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]