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Singer Nicole Serrano emerges as a lesbian, revealing that she was ‘forced to pray’

Singer Nicole Serrano emerges as a lesbian, revealing that she was ‘forced to pray’

Singer / songwriter Nicole SerranoWhose songs have been featured on hit shows Gray’s physiology And Sell ​​the sunsetAfter being in the closet for years, he is opening his mouth about his sexuality!

I’m talking People On Thursday, Nicole revealed that she is proud of being a 33-year-old lesbian and is not afraid of the effects of her most authentic lifestyle:

“I just want to live my life. I just want to be happy. And in a way, I want to scratch people who don’t want to love me for who I am. “

Love it!

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Already it seems as if a burden has been lifted from her shoulders now that she accepts and loves herself for what she has, she adds with a smile:

“I’m much more enjoyable now because I don’t hate myself.”

It was especially challenging for Nicole to come out after growing up in a religious family and making a name for herself after working with the top artists in Christian music. Chris Tomlin And Matt Maher. But she knows she’s been a thing of the past for girls, especially after waking up a lesbian. Little mermaidAerial Nicole Reflect:

“I just thought she was so pretty. But from a young age I knew this crash was not normal. I knew I shouldn’t tell anyone. I knew I shouldn’t feel that way because no one else did. I just knew I shouldn’t talk about it. “

When he was 11, he finally told his mother that he thought she was gay, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out:

“I went to a church that told us that homosexuality is a sin. [He] Prayed for me and basically tried to pray for homosexuals. “

As you can imagine, it just made her feel bad:

“I didn’t really know what the big words meant, but I knew how I felt about my classmates or my classmates. Was not All right. I felt pain. I really wanted to be a good kid, you know? “

A. So heartbreaking. She has been fighting her sexual orientation personally for the past few years, creating “shame” when no one was safe to talk to her, noting:

“I have always been in love with my friends. I didn’t want them to feel weird. But I’ll have a sleepover and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I kissed my friend, or my friend kissed me.’ It was very crowded and there was a lot of shame around and there was no one to really talk about. “

In college, she continued to do what she could to feel more “straight”, she revealed:

“I really believed that if I spoke straight after dressing up, no one would know. I’ve dated all the qualified bachelors I’ve met. “

But even dating the hottest guys she couldn’t find! He added:

“I was dating really attractive men where I was, ‘I’m definitely not straight if it doesn’t work’.”


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At age 28, Nicole began to feel more optimistic that she would one day survive and be proud. Much of this was due to the way the world was changing around him, especially as he began to see other strange people being welcomed into different churches. The singer mentioned:

“I finally accepted myself, but it took a long time. It’s a long road full of a lot of processing and a lot of religious trauma. But I’m here. “

This long journey of self-acceptance is now being used as the inspiration for his music. He just released a new track, Nice to meet youWhich he wrote after deciding to truly survive:

“Songwriting has always been therapeutic. This is how I work with my own life. Nice to meet you A song I wrote one morning when I woke up and said to myself, ‘I don’t care anymore.’ I needed everyone to know. I really wrote it as part of my own healing. “

And while he didn’t think about it when he wrote the track, he is now optimistic that his music can help others accept themselves and even reach out to others:

“I didn’t even consider it to be a song that anyone could use. That will be the honor of my life. “

How beautiful! Listen to special songs for yourself (below)!

Love it!

Many in the LGBTQ + community may relate to this same struggle to get out of the religious environment. We like how she shares her story with others that she is finally confident in her skin. Feedback, fan reader? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Nicole Serrano/YouTube]

Only one member of Carzena’s inner circle greeted Kanye West

Only one member of Carzena’s inner circle greeted Kanye West

Connie WestHer birthday came and went on Wednesday with the now-45-year-old star just a high-profile celebration on social media: Girlfriend Chaney JonesThose who stuck to the recent reporting of their supposed breakup, who showered some very public love on the interrupted rapper!

In addition to Jones’ post, Kim KardashianHer extended family did nothing to wish her ex-husband a happy birthday on social media in any way. This is particularly noteworthy, considering how much Carzena’s group is hiding to celebrate birthdays Instagram And Twitter. So the radio silence here says a lot !!

And look, we’re not saying they’re necessarily wrong to avoid this year. Only they know what they think is right. And as we know from Kim’s recent admission, she wasn’t always the best to the family. But still… it is noticeable!

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But wait! There Was Another universal birthday wish from Carzner-affiliated celebrities! And really, this person Is Inner circle with momager Chris JennerIts well connected brood, so it totally counts!

Later Wednesday evening, Kylie JennerThe child’s father Travis Scott Finally came through with some birthday wishes for Jesus is walking The rapper finally!

Travis Scott's first march-drop since the AstroWorld tragedy attracted more than 1 million fans in 30 minutes.
TBH, at least someone came for Kanye … just saying! / (c) WENN / Avalon

In one of his posts Instagram storyThe Astroworld Tribute to the rapper Strong Heatmaker showing a snap of the two of them next to each other in a sunny, sandy environment.

You can see a screenshot of that photo (below):

Only one member of Carzena's inner circle wished Kanye West a happy birthday, and it was ...
“Happy birthday, yeah,” Travis wrote as he shared the snap. / (C) Travis Scott / Instagram

Wow! Finally! That’s kind of a relief.

We were concerned that Yeh was not going to get his ex-wife’s A-list fame and birthday love from people close to him. But he got it One Nod, at least.

Of course, Kanye has been the focus of some negative attention on Fame Hulu Series recently. And after releasing an offensive new song about it, rekindling his controversial custody war with Kim, he didn’t exactly help in his own case. So we are not particularly surprised to see SKIMS The Mughals and their close-knit family keep their distance on special days in Kan.

But Travis Scott came!

Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube/WENN/Avalon]

Jason Alexander crashes Britney Spears wedding venue: Where’s my wife ?!

Jason Alexander crashes Britney Spears wedding venue: Where’s my wife ?!

On Thursday morning, we received the exciting news that Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are getting married.

We all knew they were engaged and set a date. Until then, we didn’t know that the date was set for Thursday, June 9th.

As we all rejoiced, there was a tragic talk point for the wedding.

Brittany’s first husband (55 hours), Jason Alexander breaks down the scene, storms around and wants to see her. The police were called.

Jason Alexander Mug Shot

On Thursday afternoon, Britney’s ex Jason Alexander (don’t get confused with favorite Seinfeld actor) went live on Instagram.

The breathtaking audio of the video sheds light on his motives and his state of mind.

“Where’s Britney?” His voice is heard demanding in various places, when dedicated workers follow him and try to stop him from his goal.

Jason Alexander's Wedding Crash IG 02

On Instagram Live, Jason tried to tell Event Security that Britney had invited him.

Looks like they didn’t trust him, or his behavior needed to be intervened otherwise.

During the audio, Jason insists that Brittany, his first and only wife, declares his intention to upset the real thing.

Jason Alexander Wedding Crash IG01

Perhaps the security of the event was not perfect before the actual start of the wedding – we see caterers and other professionals, but not too much for the guests.

It turns out that Jason made it to Britney’s original home, livestreaming from there.

He was restrained, and police were called in to respond to a criminal report.

Jason Alexander Wedding Crash IG03

Britney famously married Jason at a spontaneous Vegas ceremony.

The 2004 marriage lasted only 55 hours after the marriage.

Unfortunately, not everyone is healthy.

Matthew Rosengart in the arrest of Jason Alexander through Nicholas Houtman

Matthew Rosengart, Britain’s attorney, issued a statement Page sixOf Nicholas Houtman, who Tweet Quotes:

“Jason Alexander has been handcuffed, taken into custody and arrested …” the statement confirmed.

“I look forward to working with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department,” Rosengert continued, “to make sure he has been tried to the fullest extent of the law.”

Jason Alexander's Wedding Crash IG04

Jason Alexander, who was arrested earlier this year on charges of stockpiling, somehow entered the property and his home.

It is possible that security was largely holding him back until authorities arrived.

More than once, he was heard shouting loudly that no one touched him … even though he was wrong.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are engaged

However, many are concerned that something went wrong with Brittany’s security a few days ago.

News that she was marrying Sam on Thursday was leaked late Wednesday.

Meanwhile, it is being speculated – though not proven – that Jason may have been stuck at his home for several days, suggesting a foretaste of the event.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari in red

Fortunately, no one was reported injured. We all know that it can be infinitely worse.

But the horrible part of it is that the news of this disturbing behavior is impressing that it should be one of the most meaningful moments in Brittany’s life.

The sensational story of a confused stalker – already infamous for the brevity of their marriage – entering the venue live streaming … is a delusion.

Britney Spears’ wedding guests include Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and many more! Ditz

Britney Spears’ wedding guests include Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and many more! Ditz

It is Britney Spears‘Wedding, bitch – and you better believe it’s going to be a star-studded event!

As we report, Grammy The winner is tied up Sam Asgari In front of about 60 friends on Thursday. Now, more details about the show are coming out, and it looks like Brit has made quite a guest list!

Sources close to the couple said People Including that celebrity Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Kate HudsonAnd Gwyneth Paltrow Intimate events are expected to attend.

Many of these big names are not surprised, as their friendship with Brit is well known. Join forces with Mag, for example Toxic Singer for them I am against music Duet in 2003, and they’ve been supporting each other ever since.

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Brittany and Paris have been great friends since their days as early starlet youngsters. Just before the abolition of Brittany’s patronage in November 2021, Paris wrote an article about the musician. TimeText:

“When I think of Britney Spears, I see the sweetest soul. A mother. A friend. A warrior. A young woman who grew up in the tabloid culture of the 2000s, when the paparazzi machine was adopted, unforgiving and cruel.”

Brittany and Selena didn’t have much public friendship, but the pair repeatedly praised each other in interviews and on social media. In 2011, Sally released a song co-written by Brit with the title Whiplash On him When the sun went down Album

Britannio quotes Selina’s song Kill him with generosity On Instagram In a 2020 post, which earned a sweet comment from ৷ The Magician of Waverly Place alum, who wrote:

“You have always been beautiful and a huge inspiration to me. You are a rare beauty !!!”

Hudson, meanwhile, chatted with Brits on a game night in late 2020. The song’s actress shared a picture deleted from the night earlier this year, and Almost famous The actress responded by telling the 40-year-old that she had “changed her life [her] Laughter. “

For Guinness, we’re not sure if he’s been with Spears for years. However Gup The founder has said before … Baby One Time and Time The hitmaker inspired his character in the 2010s The country is strong. Gwyneth also commented on “#FreeBritney” in an IG post after the release of Spears last year. New York Times‘Documentary Britney Spears framing.

So who didn’t cut? Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie SpearsAnd Lynn Spears Not to be outdone Superstar’s wedding – but Brittany’s older brother, Brian, Is. His teenage sons, Shawn And JadenAlso absent, according to reports.

Surprisingly enough, a man from Brittany’s past tried his best to do it at the event but was stopped by security. The singer’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, Livestreamed himself trying to crash the show – only to be restrained by police who responded to an intruder call at the pop icon’s residence. Learn more about that unfortunate event here.

Sounds like Brit’s wedding would really be a thing to remember!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Instagram]

Harrison Wagner’s girlfriend speaks after the mysterious passage – as a reason

Harrison Wagner’s girlfriend speaks after the mysterious passage – as a reason

As we report, the legendary soap opera star Jack WagnerSon of Harrison He was found dead in Los Angeles on Monday.

Many have come forward to pay their respects to the late son of the actor. Brother Harrison Peter Wagner A touch photo gallery post Instagram, In the general hospitalOf Frank Valentini Send her condolences via Twitter. But this latest tribute is still the most intimate and heartbreaking – Harrison’s longtime girlfriend. Sophia Bui.

Sophia was Harrison’s on-again, off-again girlfriend for seven years. 27, that’s a lifetime. In an IG tribute posted on Thursday, the actress opened her mouth about her late boyfriend. He referred to her as “Baby”, which seems to be a special nickname among the couple, as seen in several social media posts from them over the years:

“Here is a love letter to Babu. I have a very broken heart. We had a plan this Friday and you called for an apology. “

It looks like the two were planning to reunite on Friday, just days after his death. How devastating.

Sophia said in her “love letter”:

“For seven years, we loved each other. Good or bad. Illness and health. Sorry, I missed the call of the year at midnight these last few days. Miss sleeping on my pola bear’s arm, wrinkled. I miss sending you stupid animal videos. I miss you so much the beautiful song that made me cry. “

Such sincere and weak details give us a glimpse of their lives together. The two seem to love each other even in their troubles.

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Bui concludes his post by describing in detail his feelings for Wagner:

“I was not alone with you in this world. You were the balm that soothed my soul. You were my man. I hope that comfort was for you. I will always be your babu, babu. I would love to love. HarrisonWagner “

Her devotion and commitment to love Harrison “in this world and in another life” is so beautiful and heartbreaking.

The death of the late 27-year-old is still a mystery. In a statement published Page sixA spokesman for the LA County Coroner’s Office explained that the cause of death was still unknown:

“The cause of death has been postponed. Delayed means that after the autopsy, the cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting further investigation of the death with additional research. Once the test / study is returned, the doctor re-evaluates the case and determines the cause of death. “

If the autopsy doctor asks for further study and examination, it means that the cause of death is not very clear, which raises more questions about what actually happened.

We hope that a definite answer will be found soon so that the family can have peace. Our hearts are with Sophia and Wagner’s family during this difficult time.


[Image via Instagram/Sophia Bui/Harrison Wagner]

Britney Spears’ marriage ruined by ex-husband Jason Alexander! Police report

Britney Spears’ marriage ruined by ex-husband Jason Alexander! Police report

As we told you, Britney Spears And Sam Asgari Getting married today. It’s something Toxic The singer has now sought year after year, only to be kept out of her grasp by the chains of her protection. But now that it’s over, nothing can ruin her big day, can she?

According to a startling report from the good 7 TMZSomeone has done her worst – her ex-husband Jason Alexander!

Jason, Brit’s first husband – for about 55 hours in 2004 – was apparently livestreaming on social media as he tried to get through security at his ex’s home on Thursday afternoon. He claims in the video that “his first and only wife” invited him, but security is not buying it. There was a physical altercation, and his phone rang.

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According to TMZ, He was able to cross that guard and enter Britney’s house. Scary thing!

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Someone He hurried to the house to call the police as he continued the livestream inside the house.

Just minutes later, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department responded to an intruder call at the pop star’s residence, eventually forcing Jason to physically confine him on the ground outside!


This is not the first time Jason has had a problem with the law. He was arrested more than once last year, including DUI, illegal drug use, possession of a controlled substance, and even attempting to bypass security once and for all. That time was at an airport, fortunately, and not another wedding. He has been charged with misdemeanor and fined. ঐ time

This past January he pleaded guilty to alleged stalking and breach of security orders. The identity of the female victim was not disclosed, but we can reasonably be sure that it was not Brittany because it was in Tennessee. The 40-year-old was sentenced to a one-year probation – not even close to getting up. So some tell us that intruding on another woman’s property, even an ex-wife, can violate the terms of her parole.

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Internally, Jason has been quite vocal about Britney lately. In 2020, he attended a #FreeBritney rally outside the LA Courthouse where his conservatism hearing was under way.

Last summer he talked about how he was controlled even before the Conservatives – saying he was driven to cancel their brief marriage. At the time it seemed like an account to help us understand – but now it seems he is communicating how important he was still to her? No one else noticed ??

We’re sure to keep you up to date on any further developments …

[Image via Sheri Determan / WENN / Franklin Police Department.]

Mackenzie Standifer talks about losing weight in shorts, condemned by haters

Mackenzie Standifer talks about losing weight in shorts, condemned by haters

Mackenzie Standifer did not appear Teenage mother Ozzy Within a year

In March 2021, Ryan Edwards and his entire family were expelled from the show at the instigation of Massey Bookout.

But despite the fact that his reality TV career seems to be over, Mackenzie is popular on social media.

Unfortunately, this means that he is a common subject of criticism for TMOG fans.

Mackenzie Standiffer in 2022

Part of the problem, of course, is that Ryan wasn’t exactly a popular cast member and Mackenzie was his biggest defender.

But there is another level of reaction against Standiffer and it is much more ugly than Ryan-related criticism.

(Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It’s important to note that, based on what we’ve seen on TMOG, Edwards is not a good parent, or at least, a good person.)

Mackenzie sells standiffer shoes

Arguably in addition to roasting him for his continued involvement with the father of the worst child Teenage mother History (which Really Some say), many commentators have criticized Standiffer’s continued weight loss.

Now, Mackenzie is an influential figure in a fitness brand of her own, and she doesn’t seem to be engaging in any unhealthy dieting practices.

Still, fans have criticized her for looking “extremely different” in her recent Instagram story.

Mackenzie Standifer's Instagram story

As usual, many anxious trolls stopped and pretended to be concerned about Mackenzie’s health.

Again, it does not appear that there is any Because Be concerned about his health, but it remains a normal line of attack.

In addition to hinting that she may have an eating disorder, many who comment on Mackenzie’s appearance want to argue that she looks older than her age.

Mackenzie Standifer has black hair

“I think she’s really pretty but it blows my mind that this is a woman my age. Then again, I would be 20 years old if I married Ryan,” one commenter wrote on Reddit.

“She looks much older than him. And I don’t like her black hair. The blonde was even better,” another echoed.

Now, teasing thousands of strangers on your Instagram posts must be discouraged.

Mackenzie Standifer has a drink

But fortunately, Mackenzie still has more fans than haters.

“I think you look beautiful with blonde or dark hair,” one follower commented in the photo above.

“Look girl! You look amazing! I like long black hair!” Another has been added.

Mackenzie drinks standiffer coffee

“Love the new vibe and you look great!” A third chimed.

To his credit, Mackenzie does a good job of focusing on the positive and blocking his enemies.

“Why do you want to be better? Or why not? Why do you stand up for what you believe?” He recently asked his followers.

Mackenzie works out

“We all have to answer this question. It’s up to us to decide why we want to do things, “he added.

“My ‘why’ is my family and my children. That would be nice. Be strong. Be you This is my ‘why’.

And perhaps in response to many critics flocking to his page in recent months, Mackenzie has also outlined his methods for reducing the pound.

Mackenzie Standiffer looks different

“Gluten / milk-free, tested a food sensitivity, reversed the diet from keto to moderate carbohydrates,” he wrote.

Whatever he does, it seems to be working … the curse of the haters!

Michelle Dogger Roasted Over Glare Homeschooling Error: Who Gives This Woman

Michelle Dogger Roasted Over Glare Homeschooling Error: Who Gives This Woman

Over the years, we have all come to understand how religion-approved homeschooling has failed Dugar children.

Short moments from the infamous family’s previous reality TV career served as bright reminders.

Fans have recently revisited several moments, including the one Michelle put up to instruct her children.

What kind of education are the children getting if the spelling on the wall is wrong?

Michelle Dugar shares her wide-eyed opinion

Spelling superintendent is not the easiest word in the world, but Michelle is an adult woman.

“SuperIntendant” has been posted in a document next to her name to remind her children of the basic rules of homeschooling.

On social media, Dougar critics are laughing heartily at the mistake, although some have noted that it’s not really funny.

See, we all know that people type every day. Stretch writing by the same hand.

The more you write, the more you type because you have more opportunities to do them.

In addition, people are more likely to misspell common spellings when creating typical spellings.

Michelle Dugar on YouTube

So yes, of course the Dugars make a little mistake – spelling and beyond.

(I mean, most of us would double-check things in an educational context, especially before portraying a reality show, but it’s not here or there)

But … just because they are To do Something like the rest of the world doesn’t mean that their mistakes will happen for the same Because.

Michelle Ruark

Dugars are known for many things, but especially for their toxic limitations regarding clothing, gender roles, and human sexuality.

However, education is not so much a priority.

When it comes to educating their kids, the focus is on what the dugouts do No. Learn – important notes on sex education, human rights, science and history – what they do.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar as a couple

Dugar children cannot learn about the real world in a useful way, not the way others do.

Simply put, growing up in a radical religion requires almost complete isolation.

Any careless contact with people who are normally dressed or talking can make the dugouts realize that the outside world is not so scary and can create their own ideas.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar on YouTube

There is another angle with all of this, which is to give their children a real education – even if it means not communicating with their peers – to give them more options.

The Dugar community insists they legally end the marriage as soon as possible, strengthening their role before they have a chance to try anything else.

Many of the husbands work in religion. Someone going to a university and looking for their own, independent job is a threat – a threat sprouted by their inadequate homeschooling.

Just a piece of meat

So when the dugouts have these little slip-ups, we all remind the kids of the opportunities they were denied.

Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children were born with the same inherent rights as everyone else. Many – for the most part – were denied by their parents.

Instead of getting a series of qualified teachers from different backgrounds, they had “superintendant” Michelle. It is a tragedy.

Model and influential Alice Bambam die tragically after suffocating on kebabs

Model and influential Alice Bambam die tragically after suffocating on kebabs

What a terrible tragedy!

Friends and family of Thailand-based social media personalities and models, Arisara doHis online name is better known Elisabambam, Confirmed Monday that he had died tragically. According to his mother, Supicha, The 27-year-old influential died three months after falling into a coma from a bizarre accident. He shared that Arisa was constantly on a jam-packed schedule and was sniffing some pork kebabs and sticky rice the day before in March when the food suddenly got stuck in her throat. Too scary!

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Arisra was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately his condition was critical. Doctors said they were “nine minutes too late” and that his brain was then deprived of too much oxygen. Eventually, he was placed on life support until his death on Monday.

Very sad

Since the news of his death spread, many fans have expressed their grief and condolences to his loved ones. His friend Sirikanda Chaiburut Open talk about how everyone was “shocked” and devastated by the loss of Arisa. He said:

“Everyone who knew Arisra was heartbroken. We were shocked when the accident happened but we all prayed that he would get better. She was so young and beautiful. I’m devastated she’s gone forever. “

Sirikanda has revealed that a vigil will be held on June 10 before burying the influential the next day on June 11. Supichao, the mother of the social media star, reminded everyone to take care of herself to pay their respects after her daughter’s sudden death:

“I want to remind all teenagers to take care of their health, eat on time and get enough rest. This kind of tragedy would not have happened if I had been with him. And I don’t want that to happen to anyone or any family again. “

If you don’t know, Arisara became popular on social media for posting a ton of cosplay pictures online – gaining a combined following of over two million people. Facebook And Instagram Year after year.

We can’t imagine how Supicha and her daughter’s friends feel after this horrible and heartbreaking tragedy. Losing a child and a friend is not easy. We are sending all our love to Arisara’s loved ones as they mourn her death.

[Image via Arisara Karbdecho/Instagram]

Pre-school teachers have been accused of witnessing child abuse by parents

Pre-school teachers have been accused of witnessing child abuse by parents

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Two Georgia preschool teachers have been arrested for allegedly abusing their students – while parents were watching a video leaked live!

According to Roswell Police, Jeina Aloswani40, and Soriana Briseno19, children have been charged with first-degree cruelty, and Parker-Chase has been fired from his position at preschool following the tragedy.

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In a statement, the department explained that one day after the alleged abuse, on June 3, they were first contacted by a concerned parent. The statement reads:

“That parent reported logging into the camera system and physical contact between Allostwani and Briseno with several children in the classroom.”

It has been alleged that Alostwani was sitting in a circle and walking behind one of several students with his feet on the student’s hands. The footage also shows him violently kneeling another child behind him. Meanwhile, Brisno is seen in the footage of her knees, talking intimately with one child, before apparently pushing another child’s forehead backwards.

The announcement continued:

“As a result of the investigation into the actions in that video, both teachers were arrested.”

Surprisingly, parents are shocked and disappointed by the teacher’s actions. Gloria BarghiOne of the victims was sitting next to his 3-year-old son, he said CNN That he rushed to the school after witnessing the incident in the livestream and called for the teachers to be removed from the classroom.

Barghi said a school employee confirmed what he saw the next day and allowed him and a victim’s parents to view the recording. Shortly afterwards, the father of one of the victims called the police. He said:

“There is no way I will ever trust that school. I think it should be stopped. These are believing people with my children. It was a gut punch. I felt pushed, annoyed and betrayed. “

The school is obviously shocked by this incident. In an email from parents received by the network, the school said it had reported the incident to their licensing agency and Children’s Protective Services and that they planned to cooperate fully with investigators. Read the email:

“We were shocked to learn late yesterday that teachers in pre-primary B classrooms had reportedly used inappropriate disciplinary measures against children. We are investigating because we are taking the matter very seriously. “

Court records show that Allostwani was granted a $ 75,000 bond, while Brisno was denied a bond and remains in Fulton County Jail.

[Image via Roswell Police Dept.]