90-Day Engagement Crime: The Worst Criminal in Franchise History

90 day engagement No strangers are being arrested as a franchisee.

Many are arrested for minor offenses – such as driving offenses. Some old arrests, especially among older cast members.

In some cases, the allegations were really baseless.

However, this did not happen in all cases.

Of the hundreds of people who have appeared on screen, only a handful have not only been convicted of heinous crimes, but have been convicted.

As we put this list together, you will find many cases … including a sex offender, a fugitive on murder charges, an unforgivable domestic abuser, and much more.

1. Scotty eggs

Scotty eggs

Angela Egg’s daughter – not Skyla, but Scotty – appeared in the first season of Before the 90 Days before Angela flew to Nigeria. Scotty was charged with 11 counts of child molestation and one count of statutory rape, a sexual offense committed against a minor boy. Apparently, the sexual assault took place at Angela’s house.

2. Scottie has entered a guilty plea

Scottie enters a guilty plea

After he was convicted for a small number of charges, he was sentenced to three 20 years for serving simultaneously. He served just two of those years, a brilliant accusation of how our justice system failed to protect children or seek justice. He was released in 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

3. Michael Baltimore

Michael Baltimore

Remember when Ashley Martson found out that Jay Smith, her then-husband, cheated on her (again?). It’s pretty vague, since it happened so many times during their toxic, wonderful wedding. So we know for sure – when he went to the barber shop on camera to find out that J took a random girl to the bathroom and gave her bones. Well, a man in the barber shop is dead now. Another, Michael Baltimore, a fugitive from justice and law enforcement, believes he is dangerous. Multiple eyewitnesses have identified him as Kendall Cook’s shooter and there is a reward for information leading to his capture.

4. Geoffrey Paschel

Geoffrey Paschel

The humiliated former Before The 90 Days star has a long, long history of both arrests and horrific domestic violence charges. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. For Geoffrey, however, that changed in June 2019 after his then fianc,, Kristen Wilson, attacked and brutally beat an elementary school teacher – months before filming for a show with Varia and Mary.

5. The trial was repeatedly delayed

The trial is repeatedly delayed

In October 2021, Geoffrey was convicted of aiding and abetting Kristen, with substantial physical evidence and heroic testimony – whose face was gratefully rescued for attacking her and for beating her while she was being held captive in her own home. By a jury of his peers.

6. His sentence was rare and appropriate

His sentence was rare and appropriate

Geoffrey’s attempts to manipulate the victim’s flexibility in sentencing, another former testimony of Geoffrey, and the judge’s own common sense, all played a role in sentencing, with the court acknowledging that Geoffrey is a violent and manipulative person who will continue. As soon as he can scare other women. He is now just a few months away from his 18-year sentence.

7. Douglas “DJ Doug” Utten

Douglas "DJ Doug" Fur

Another person who appeared with Angela Eggs, DJ Doug, was a venue coordinator … who took part in the attack on a house where he shot and killed a man while the man’s wife was being held at gunpoint. Not all of his offenders have been convicted yet, but DJ Doug has entered into a plea bargain … resulting in a life sentence.

8. J. Smith

Jay Smith

In 2019, J. Smith apparently (and almost immediately) spent most of his time in prison after violating a PFA (protection from abuse) order imposed by the court. Still legally married to Ashley Martson, she was ordered to go to him, go to his house or discuss the order. He posted it on social media, which led to his arrest and detention until he was granted bail by his employer, a tattoo shop owner.

9. This is a strange case

This is a strange case

Ashley has already severed ties with him (many times, in fact) before, because of his cheating. Allegations of abuse have been leaked. He allegedly broke into her home while on vacation to remove things she wanted from his home. All this has come to the fore in PFA and its violations. But … a few months later, they reunite and secretly come back together, even after Jay has been partying with his ex-wife for weeks or even months. It was not their last separation or reunion. It’s a complex nightmare with some very serious allegations … plus lots of deception.

10. Paul Staehle

Paul Stehle

Paul in a somewhat special case, not only because he and Karin were involved in a number of allegations during their toxic marriage, but also because he was convicted many years before the show was filmed. Although Paul was accused of intimidating behavior by multiple exes, he most famously set fire to the purpose of insurance fraud. The charge was leveled again in 2007, and as a result he was actually in prison for a short time. Honestly, her “relationship issues” are more worrying, but we’ll also refuse to mention it.

11. Less important: Chuck Pothast, others

Less important: Chuck Pothast, others

Not to choose Chuck (really enjoy the guy on the show and on social media), but he, multiple family members and other 90-day fiance cast members can be extremely dangerous to drive under the influence of DUIs, especially because of driving-related incidents, but we all I know it doesn’t compare to a sex victim like Scotty Eggs or a domestic abuser like Geoffrey Paschel. The way we look at a person rarely changes. There are a few other less serious cases that deserve respectable mention.

12. Larissa Lima

Lorisa Lima

On January 10, 2019, Lorisa and Colt Johnson fought their final battle of marriage, after which Lorisa was arrested for allegedly scratching Colt’s lips before fleeing the house. His attorney dropped the battery charge for misconduct, and long after he and Colt’s divorce, he served the community and joined a domestic violence prevention class. But … things weren’t as simple as they first appeared

13. This was his third arrest

This is his third arrest

Lorisa was married for only seven months. On the one hand, it sounds scary to imagine someone being arrested so many times on charges of domestic violence, let alone in such a short time. But Larissa has not been charged or arrested for this before or since her marriage to Colt, the charges were dropped due to her first two arrests, and the second arrest – which took place in November 2018 – was well documented. Larissa and Colt were fighting that day. Larissa later locked herself in the bathroom, and Colt disconnected her phone (she would later say it was an attempt to “calm her down”), causing Larissa to frantically send messages to Instagram for help, reporting that she was scared. Someone called the police on her behalf … but no matter what Colt said, when the police opened the door, Lorisa handcuffed him and took him away. In some cases it is cut and dried. There was no story of their poisonous marriage.

14. George Nava

George Nava

Jorga Nava was very famously arrested with a large quantity of marijuana in his car. Perfectly legal in California, very illegal under Arizona Sanctions Act at the time – and he entered Arizona. George spent almost two years behind bars and was released in May 2020 after a massive weight loss. His toxic marriage was over, but since then he has moved on with his new lady love and has become a father. Jorge may have committed a crime by possessing a “naughty plant” in the wrong geography, but he did nothing wrong. There were no victims. In that regard.

15. Ben Rathbun

Ben Rathbun

Ben was arrested in 2022 during the season broadcast of Before the 90 Days. It turned out that this was due to the absence of a parole violation hearing (apparently he did not inform the court of his new address) which resulted in a bench warrant and his appearance. Parole’s one-year-old allegation stemmed from driving under the influence, but that, Ben explained, caused his drink to spike, leading him to believe he was a homeless man who wanted to snatch her. Not everyone believes Ben’s story – again, it seems like his explanation never included his own fault – but it doesn’t seem like he was bar-hopping and plowing with the stop sign.

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