A 10-year-old Florida girl has been arrested on suspicion of murder after being shot

A 10-year-old girl was arrested this week on charges of murdering a woman who allegedly had an argument with her mother.

According to Orlando Police DepartmentThe youngest has been charged with second-degree murder for the 41-year-old death Lashun Dennis Rogers (Top right inset). Per an arrest affidavit obtained by NBC NewsThe victim’s boyfriend told police that the tragedy happened on May 30 when Lashun was grilling in their apartment complex and the baby’s mother. Lakrisha Isaac (Top left inset) He was confronted for a previous dispute.

Another eyewitness told authorities that the two women were arguing over a social media post, and it became so heated that the man saw Lakrisha Lashun punching him.

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The boyfriend further confirmed that Lakrisha had hit the first punch, the corpse had hit her on the back. He claimed that he had grabbed his girlfriend and started moving away from the situation, but Lashun suddenly turned to be “reunited” with Lakshmisha. Then all hell broke. The mother then handed the bag to the 10-year-old, who ran in search of something. The next thing everyone knew, the girl pulled a gun out of the bag and fired one or two shots at Lashun. Per WESH2The corpse fell to the ground with a “bullet wound to the head.”

According to her boyfriend, the girl said at the moment:

“She shouldn’t have hurt my mother.”

He then said Isaac had taken the gun and pointed it at him, holding his hand and “looking at the barrel of the firearm” before fleeing the scene. Lashun was rushed to hospital, but died of his injuries.

Following the tragedy, Lakrisha was arrested on charges of criminal negligence, aggravated assault with a firearm, stockpiling of firearms and child abuse. Mother is being held without restraint.

Meanwhile, the child has been kept in custody Florida Department of Children and Families A teenager was arrested on Tuesday before being taken to a facility. As WESH2 A judge on Wednesday ruled that the girl would be held in custody for 21 days pending a decision by the state attorney’s office on whether to press a formal charge.

State attorney Monique H. Oral It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Note that the shooting was “an unimaginable tragedy that denies a simple solution,” he explained:

“It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my 22 year career. Our office has begun the process of reviewing this case and will consider all information, including the child’s age and surrounding circumstances, when deciding to charge. We want to make it clear that our office has not decided to take any charge. However, we hope that the complaint we eventually make, if any, will ensure that it has received the necessary interventions to resolve its conduct, assist in its transformation and growth, and ensure the safety of the public. “

Warrell added:

“We encourage people to remember – no matter what your feelings are about this tragedy – it’s still a child.”

Lashun’s family and friends said WIFR That she was a beloved mother and grandmother who often gave money to the children around her and there was no one to get involved in quarrels. Good friend Stacey JohnsonThe person who calls Lashun by his nickname Bonus has revealed:

“Bone-giving, loving. Bone will give you shoes and a shirt off his back, literally. I’ve seen him do it.”

So sad what happened here …

[Image via Fox 35 Orlando/YouTube, Lashun Rodgers/Facebook, Orange County Corrections Department]

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