A friend who was humiliated by the Black China allegations after the Kardashian trial

Black ChinaThe alleged attack on a friend – where he kicked a woman in the abdomen during an argument late last night – is coming to the fore.

As we previously reported, the 34-year-old whose real name Angela Renee White, Is under investigation for allegedly kicking another woman in the abdomen at an El Le-Area nightclub late last week. Now, that woman has come forward to tell the side of her story.

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The woman accused of assault, Sequoia kingGo bird Dailymail.com Wednesday morning. In her ubiquitous claim, the 33-year-old mother revealed some alleged details of the reported physical conflict. As King explained, he and China went to a party in Los Angeles on Friday morning when “China’s mood began to change.”

While at an after-hours club around 5:30 a.m. Friday, King claims that people around China have gone crazy for allegedly taking pictures of him on their phones. Sequoia says:

“People’s phones were off. She gets a little nervous, she thinks they are recording her. She is in a panic. “

The woman continued from there, complaining that she and China were involved in a disagreement that escalated:

“I was texting on my phone, keeping my business in mind and waiting for the club to clean up. Then he comes back to me like, ‘You, why are you off your phone?’ I turn on my phone and I think, ‘We’re here together. I don’t need to record you. ‘ I guess that could be some trigger. She gets up and she yells at me. He snatched my phone from my hand and threw it on the ground, shattering the front and back completely.


Eventually, the club’s security pulled the pair out of the installation and onto the street. After arriving there, other people began to gather because China had complained of “constantly reprimanding” his friend in public.

The king complained:

“We are going backwards for three or four minutes. I felt like I was in an episode [reality show] Love and hip hop. He is calling me by name, I am calling by his name. So I hurt where he hurt. I told him: ‘You are a really bad person to me now. And that’s why you didn’t win your case. Because you are a very dirty person. ‘

Damn it! It is said that he went to the place where the pain was …

At that moment, the woman claimed that China had “complained” to her and physically assaulted her:

“When he heard that, he complained to me. He kicked me in the stomach. I stumbled back and fell.”

God !!!

Once the fight is physically transformed, the audience enters and separates the women. King claims he then took his daughter to school, and followed up with a police report that initially broke the story a few days ago.

The outlet reports how Raja felt that China was “working weirdly” all night. But once they got to the club the situation took a turn for the worse. Raja claims to the news agency:

“Once we get to the bar, people start to notice, ‘Oh, don’t you want Black?’ They are trying to reach above me to touch him. I’m not telling them she doesn’t want to touch. “

At one point, King complained, Chyna presumably blocked the club’s bathroom and saw “demands for money” from people to use it.

Referring to Chyna’s embarrassing online fundraiser seeking to sue Kardashian over her recent lawsuit against the family, King Outlet reported that the star had tried to persuade club-passengers to use the bathroom:

‚ÄúThere was a line behind us. He opened the door and said, ‘If you want to use the bathroom you have to pay $ 5. I have a case pending. Give me your cash app. ‘

At one point, Sequoia claims, China even tried to charge some people $ 100 for entry!

WTF ?!

Understandably, the king was excluded from the whole situation:

“I had in my head like, ‘I’m never going to hang out with him again, I don’t want to deal with it.'”

Yes, I’m not kidding! We will feel the same way at that time. What do you think about this complaint, Perezcious reader ?? It was a difficult time for China to be late, that’s for sure.

Sound of …

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