A man accused of killing 6 people after a crime scene selfie

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Wisconsin man has been arrested on suspicion of killing six people – he recalls taking a selfie in the basement where the bodies were apparently found.

According to reports, Travis Lamar Berkeley Six robberies have been charged in connection with an armed robbery in connection with the January killings. Michelle Williams49, Donta Williams44, Donald Smith43, Charles Hardy42, Javoni Liddell31, and Caleb Jordan23.

The news comes four months after officers and family members found the bodies of the victims while conducting a welfare check at the Milwaukee Duplex where the killings were reported.

When officers responded to the home, a female witness said, according to a criminal complaint:

“There are two bodies lying there.”

Three bodies, partially covered with blankets, were reportedly found in the basement that day, before three more bodies were found above.

Police suspect that the murder took place a few days before the search. They further added that the house appears to have been looted, with investigators finding multiple shell casings from two different guns.

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Thanks to an unnamed witness, officers told Berkeley that the suspect confessed to killing six people, including his cousin, during an alleged robbery. Eyewitnesses further claimed that the suspect was seen with a gun, cash and drugs which was the victim of one.

But the smoked gun was apparently a selfie taken by Berkeley on Jan. 20 that showed him at a crime scene, police said. Investigators further allege that the 34-year-old wore expensive glasses that belonged to one of the victims in the photo, adding that eyewitnesses told police that the suspect did not wear glasses.

Berkeley’s cousin, speaking on condition of anonymity, admitted that the two men planned to rob Donta after arranging a meeting to buy drugs, the report said. However, Williams’ wife then apparently surprised the two, causing them to shoot him first and then him. The voice then caught the attention of others in the building, who said the men “had to be shot” because they too were potentially armed or could be potential witnesses. Smith was reportedly shot as he approached the two men with a handgun.

Berkeley was taken into custody at a home less than half a mile from the crime scene; However, his unidentified cousin has not yet been charged with felony criminal mischief.

The suspect, whose bail was set at 1 1 million on Sunday, will appear in court on June 15. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of the victims.

[Image via Milwaukee Police Dept.]

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