A school bus driver has been arrested for allegedly providing fentanyl for special needs

A woman who works as a school bus driver and works as a security guard on campus has been arrested on charges of giving fentanyl to children on campus at a school for special needs children. Her husband, who lives with her on the school grounds, has also been arrested in the investigation.

Melissa Harlom-GarrisonA 46-year-old woman who lives in a cottage on this property Bright Future Academy Riverside, California (pictured above in his face shot), was arrested by Riverside PD late last week and charged with several counts of alleged distribution of fentanyl to students with special needs at that school.

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According to NBC Los AngelesAllegations include: possession of drugs for sale, possession of drugs to minors, possession of controlled substances, possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm on a school campus, possession or prohibition of possession of a firearm, and endangering children. He is currently being held on 50,000 bail.

Her husband is 56 years old David Wayne Garrison (Pictured above, as well), police also made arrests in their investigation. He lives with her on campus at the home, and was arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm on campus and possessing or possessing a firearm, according to a police report. He is out on 25,000 bail.

Police allege that Harlom-Garrison allegedly supplied fentanyl to students at the school, a non-public school that “serves K-12 students with those serious behavioral problems, autism and other special needs.”

The arrests came after police launched an investigation after a schoolboy overdosed on a nearby community home. While investigating how the student might acquire drugs, police became aware of Harlom-Garrison and went to investigate. In a statement released to the media by Riverside PD, they explained:

“Officers searched the cottage and found hundreds of suspected fentanyl pills, two handguns and various types of ammunition.”

Betty KaluchiThe president / principal of Bright Future Academy has issued his own statement regarding the tragic arrest:

“It simply came to our notice then. Outside of the allegations, we regret that our students’ health and safety were at risk. This is completely unacceptable to us! Our staff and administration are liaising with everyone involved to ensure that our students are being cared for. We may be surprised, but we are not confused about providing excellent education. ”

Here’s more on the case, from CBS Los Angeles (Below):

That’s great.

Such a horrible situation.

[Image via Riverside Police Department/CBS Los Angeles/YouTube]

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