Accused of attacking Dave Chappell on stage says comedian’s ‘triggering’

Allegedly the person who attacked Dave Chappell On stage Hollywood Ball Talked earlier this month.

Isaiah LeeThe 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with dealing with Chappell while performing as a comedian in Los Angeles on May 3. Netflix is ​​a joke The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; New York Post.

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According to the outlet, Lee says he is a member of the LGBT community and has experienced homelessness in his life – and so, he found some of the chapel’s content about the transgender community as well as the non-resident community to be “triggering” for him personally. .

During the interview, Outlet Lee claimed that the report Chapel show Alum has to be “more sensitive” when he writes jokes, especially for those against whom he works against marginalized communities. Speaking from Khabar org Twin Tower modification facility When in Los Angeles “wearing a brown prison suit and playing a slingshot in his broken right hand,” Lee said at one point:

“I identified him as bisexual and I wanted to know if he was triggering what he said I wanted him to know that next time, he should first consider being run by people who could influence his elements.

The outlet notes that Lee apparently expected to have a “good time” on Dave’s May 3 show during a tour through Los Angeles. However, he apparently became frustrated after Chappell joked about some of his previous controversies related to the LGBT community.

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Afterwards, the accused assailant claimed that Chapel’s other remarks about homelessness — which Post The report was experienced by Lee himself before – was also exciting.

The 23-year-old accused told the outlet:

“I am also an unmarried father and my son is five. It’s a struggle and I wanted to let Dave Chappell know it’s not a joke. “

The outlet then reported that Lee’s so-called “breaking point” came when another comedian in the lineup that night made “a crude joke about pedophilia.” The joke, News Org said, was that Lee insisted, “Dredged his memories. [Lee’s] Self-immolation in adolescence.

The accused assassin also issued a warrant with the security forces for dragging him off the stage that night. Talking about the injuries he suffered in the attack – a broken arm and two black eyes, among the other cuts and wounds – the detainee said:

“They spat on me and deliberately twisted me.”

After Lee’s alleged attack on the chapel, which shocked No. Net accused him of criminal offenses, after the young man was charged with stabbing a former roommate last year in a separate incident.

The one-time Wanabe rapper spoke of the aftermath of that other case, lamenting that his allegations in the Chapel case were “quite a few things done” before these other legal issues arose:

“It simply came to our notice then. But it’s probably been six months since I’ve left [in jail] And must do community service and live in a transitional home… probably 15 years or more in prison. My son will grow up by the time I get out. ”

That’s great.

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