After years of legal fees and huge expenses, Amber Hard has been ‘broked’!

Johnny Depp More than 10 million could be expected from him for damages Amber Hard For a while.

Why is that? Well, it turns out that after years of legal fees and extraordinary expenses, he has become a complete “break”.

If you missed it, the couple’s trial ended earlier this week and the jury found that Amber had defamed Pirates of the Caribbean The actor for his 2018 op-ed The Washington Post Her experience as a survivor of domestic violence is chronic. As such, Johnny was paid 15 million in damages, but the 36-year-old actress would only have to spend 10. 10.35 million, allowing only a certain amount of punitive damages due to Virginia law. Although Amber was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband, she was offered a 2 million reward for information leading to her lawyer’s claim.

There was a significant loss for it Aquaman The star – but this is apparently just the beginning of his problem. After the verdict, his lawyer said Elaine Bradhoft Then sure Today Amber will not be able to pay Johnny a significant amount on Thursday.

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Not surprisingly, the pair have been involved in court battles for years! The formula even spread New York Post That Amber is struggling financially, thanks for the legal issue. There seem to be a number of reasons why he was strapped for cash at this point – including insiders pointing out that he has changed his legal representation. As reported by the outlet, Amber presumably used her homeowner’s insurance policy Travel agencies For the ability of its current attorneys.

That’s right- this is not a new concept. Pennsylvania lawyer Heather Heidelbagh Explain that defamation cases often occur when people rely on their homeowner’s insurance policy:

“It’s a little weird that most people don’t know. Most homeowners’ insurance policies have coverage when a defamation suit is filed based on how much you pay through the coverage. “

Although an insurance company hires and pays for legal representation, the Virginia attorney Jeremiah Denton To say New York Post Most policies include a clause stating that no costs arising from the judgment will be covered:

“The insurance company will have the option of denying coverage at the end of the day in its back pocket – denying coverage means refusing to pay the plaintiff, in this case Mr Depp. Many insurance policies offer coverage for defamation but there is a waiver among them, which says ‘we will not cover intentional wrongdoing.’ If you want to win a defamation suit against a public figure, you have to show intentional injustice. Sometimes what you need to get a verdict gets you out of a policy that can pay for a verdict. That’s the dilemma. “

As much as you know, huh.

Another reason? One source attributed this to the fact that Amber spent a lot of money on expensive things like travel, clothing, gifts and wine. Not good!

According to multiple outlets, his net worth is estimated at only 1.5 million to $ 2.5 million – so Johnny is nowhere near what he now owes! But as we have said, it does not surprise us that Amber funds will not be able to cough up – especially given this new information about its “breaking” and the events during the six-week trial indicate this fact.

It was revealed during his testimony in court that he was paid 1 million for his role Aquaman And another $ 2 million for the sequel, but lost several brand deals, including one L’Oreal, This legal drama has been going on for years. Amber, meanwhile, claims she failed to keep her promise to donate $ 7 million from Johnny’s divorce settlement. American Civil Liberties Union And Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles Due to its legal fees:

“I want him to stop suing me so I can.”

The ACLU upheld her influence, telling the judges that the actress dropped a check at the charity in 2018 when they “learned that she was having financial difficulties.”

And although Amber suffers from some financial problems, there is a chance that Johnny can claim the money he owes.

How? Experts have shared with the outlet that he could forfeit his wages from his upcoming movie, assign his assets or even take his house in the Yuka Valley (valued at $ 1 million).

Virginia Appellate Attorney Steven Emmert Says:

“If he doesn’t have the money, his Avenue, when he’s running an appeal, is trying to execute on the property he owns.”

Then he mentions that if Sleeping hollow The star wanted to know where his assets were, he could probably serve him a summons for questioning the debtors “where you would call the borrower to court and his lawyer could ask him ‘what property do you own, what real estate’ do you own, what Owners of vehicles, you own any jewelry, any art collection, ‘- something else they can use to grab and sell at auction and try to pay the price, in the end, this verdict. “

Denton added:

“[Depp] The institute can do the collection activities so that he can sort it out [Heard’s] Salary, if he has salary or wage-type income. He can attach his assets which basically means confiscating them. He can get his assets, sell them and take cash. “

Basically, it would be a bigger headache for Amber – and according to the plaintiff Brett Turnbull, He may have to deal with it for a while as the trial in Virginia could take up to 10 years or more. Oops!

Of course, since he is planning to appeal against the verdict, the amount may be less. But still, things don’t look very good for Amber!

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