Against her boyfriend’s estranged wife … Nine leaked for stealing her

Nene leaks Being sued for swiping another woman’s man ?!

So goes the controversial claim imposed on the first new court document TMZ The outlet released a report on Thursday morning detailing the former The real housewife of Atlanta The star is being sued by a woman who alleges that Nene had an affair with her then-husband and they are engaged to be married. Oops!

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In the case, Malomin Tehmeh-Sioh She complained that she slept with her husband, Neonisela Sioh, When the now ex-couple was married. Neonisela Is NeNe’s current boyfriend – and her estranged partner says it started illegally during their marriage! So it seems that there is a kind of love triangle!

Court documents claim that NeNe’s high-profile public image and visible lifestyle with Nyonisela were key to “insulting” Malomin and ruining his relationship with Nyonisela. The lawsuit is being filed in North Carolina, one of the few states where “a person can sue his wife’s extramarital affair for separation of affection,” according to the outlet. In this case, the divorced wife is claiming emotional distress, emotional anguish and loss of affection, and is seeking more than $ 100,000 in retaliation.

It’s not a change of pace, that’s for sure!

It will be interesting to see this game on the court. NeNe has recently become active in the legal field, as Perezius readers will recall, with a lawsuit filed against him in April. Bravo Producers are alleging significant racism and toxicity RHOA Set

Response to filing in this new court, Perezius reader ??

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