Aha! Jennifer Lopez is inspired by Ben Affleck’s ‘Building a Family’!

Jennifer Lopez Loves life together Fool Right next to him!

The 52-year-old singer couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the excitement of talking to Ben about her future during an interview. Good morning America Thursday. He revealed:

“It simply came to our notice then. I love my career, but I have nothing more fulfilling than building my family with someone I deeply love and are as dedicated to family and to each other as we are. I like the idea of ​​the future and what we can create, but I really want to enjoy the moment. I want to be as real as possible. “

Aha! Glad to hear things are still going well for these two!

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Of course, her excitement comes just two months after the couple’s second engagement. Beneficiary has been Too much Ever since they were reunited in April 2021, they have been committed to reuniting their families. At one point, they even had an ex-wife Jennifer Garner And their children Violet, SerafinaAnd Sam Chatting with J.Lo’s daughter Emme Muniz.

While searching for a new home together, the couple showed their dedication to building a happy family, making sure to consider which one would work best for their five children. An insider has already informed Entertainment tonight:

“Jane and Ben are excited to strengthen their relationship and take this next step. At the moment, they know they are meant to be together and they are ready to improve their relationship and include their families in the process and bring everyone together as a healthy unit.” It will be great for the kids and everyone can’t wait to get excited and get closer. They can’t wait to be there to create new memories and organize celebrations like birthdays and holidays. “

That love for them!

But outside of her personal life, Jennifer has killed it fatally with her career. Not just her Netflix Documentary Half time Premieres later this month, but she has launched an initiative to finance small businesses owned by Latin women. Tearing apart, he discussed the importance of the new mission in an interview with him GMASaying:

“It simply came to our notice then. When you’re a little older, you understand the meaning behind things, and you’ve seen enough and you’ve struggled and seen enough injustice. I think this country needs more love and positivity and people who want to do good things and are not fighting against each other and who are extending a hand to each other. It’s important to me. “

He added:

“I really hope for a change in American fabric, especially for Latin women.”

Undoubtedly Ben will be proud of what he has achieved this year! You can check out his entire conversation with him GMA (Below):

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Good Morning America/Twitter]

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