All adorable celebrity babies born in 2022!

Celebrity couples are busy making babies, and we love watching it!

Just as we are now chronicled year after year, 2022 is already marking the turn of another calendar where some of the sexiest stars in the world have chosen to be parents!

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These kids are seriously intelligent AF, and the announcements of the birth of all the stars are very heartwarming!

Below, check out the ch-ch-ch of all the sweetest and most beautiful celebrity babies born throughout 2022:

Chris Pratt and Catherine Scarzenegger

Movie star Chris Pratt And his wife, Katherine SchwarzeneggerWelcoming their second child together in May. Eloise Christina Joins older sister Laila Maria, Officially a family of four! MGuardian of the E Galaxy The actor first became a father in 2012, when he and then his wife Anna Faris Welcomes their own precious bundle of sunshine, Jack.

Andy Cohen

Bravo exec Andy Cohen Welcome daughter Lucy Eve Cohen In late April, he called his surrogate a “rock star” because he was smiling at the announcement of his birth! Lucy joins Andy’s son BenjaminWho was born in 2019. A happy and growing family!

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsecian

Aaron Paul And his wife, Lauren PersekianWelcome son Rydin Caspian Paul To the world in April. And in a heartfelt move, the “tired” dad later revealed to the late night host Jimmy Fallon That child’s godfather is no one else Brian Cranston. Love it !!

Darren Chris and Mia Suare

Darren Chris And his wife, Mia Suar, Welcoming their first child together in mid-April. Comparing the arrival to a musical show, Darren takes IG (above) to introduce the world of music Bluesy Sands Chris“Get out now.” Ah! Nice to hear that!

Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruges

TV presenter at the beginning of April Jason Kennedy And his wife, Lauren ScragsApril 3 when parents for the first time Rivers Rhodes Kennedy The world has been fascinated by a lot of pomp! So happy for this couple, who are looking forward to raising their family for a while!

Cooper Hefner and Scarlett Byrne

Hugh HefnerSon of Cooper Hefner And his wife, Scarlett Byrne, Welcomes twin girls to the world in late March. The couple already have a 1-year-old daughter Betsy RoseSo they got the house quite full and busy to come home, but we are sure it will be full of love and light too!

Jennifer Lawrence and Cook Maroni

Jennifer Lawrence: New Vanity Fair Profile Talks About Marriage and Pregnancy for the First Time
Jennifer Lawrence quietly welcomed her first child in late February! / (c) Apega / WENN

In late February, Jennifer Lawrence Silently gave birth to her first child with her husband in El Le Cook Maroni. TMZ She was the first to report a public record of the arrival of a child, but the infamous private new mother has not yet chosen a public announcement, gender disclosure or anything else. Silently enjoy the precious moment with the baby at home! Love it!

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

At the beginning of February, the journalist said Anderson Cooper Announced the birth of his second son, Sebastian LukeOver the air on CNN. The baby boy’s last name is the same as Anderson’s ex, Benjamin MaisaniAlthough the couple separated in 2018. Yet, they continue to co-parent their first son, Watt – And now Sebastian too!

Mark Cuevas and Aubrey Raini

Love is blind alum Mark Cuevas And his fiance, Aubrey RainiWelcoming their son Aston Anders Quewas To the world in early February! The baby boy joins the older brother AceWho was born in April 2021.

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney

Singer Michelle Branch And his companion, The black keyPatrick Carney, Welcomes a baby girl in early February. You can see the announcement of the amazing news in her IG picture (above), the little girl has been named Willie Jacket Carney, Jointly after Patrick’s grandmother and Michelle’s mother. Precious enough!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcome a baby named Wolf in early February 2022!
Kylie is a woman of few words! But we love it! / (c) Kylie Jenner / Instagram

When one of the most anticipated celebrity births of the year happened early Kylie Jenner And his companion Travis Scott The first few days of February welcomed their son. Great! Originally named The wolf, The pair decided that it was not just his vibe. The new name is yet to be determined!

Eve and Maximilian Cooper

Wrapper Eve And her husband, Maximilian CooperWelcoming their first child together on February 1 – a boy’s name nicely Wild Wolf Fif Alexander Somers Cooper.

Ashley Iconetti and Jared Hibbon

On the last day of January, Bachelor Nation alums Ashley Iconetti And Jared Hibbon Welcoming their son, Dawson, In the world. As Ashley explains in a revealing post, Dawson was born on a special day in her family – and now it’s even more special to boot!

Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hurst

Comedian and TV host Chris Hardwick And partners Lydia Hearst Welcoming their first baby girl Dimity Facent Hearst-Hardwick, With Hardwick’s “New Human Alert” announcement in late January! Love it!

Julia Steels and Preston J. Cook

Julia Styles And his companion, Preston J. CookWelcome baby Arlo To the world in the last week of January. But as you can see from the second picture of Carousel (above) in the announcement post, 4 year old boy Stramer Newcomb Cook Not taking the arrival well … ha!

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk

Bachelor alum Raven Gates Gottschalk And her husband, once Bachelorette Competitors Adam GottschalkRevealed in late January that their first child, Gates Jave Gottschalk, Was born very early January 18th. A few days later, Raven told fans that he was “going to soak up these precious moments with her at home now.” Amen!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

In late January, Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Published Instagram That they secretly welcomed a baby born through a Southern California-area surrogate. It was later learned that the baby came unexpectedly after being born about three months ago.

Jenny Mai and Gigi

TV host Jenny Mai And rapper Gigi After welcoming their much-anticipated baby in mid-January, they decided not to divulge too much about their precious child, even after a picture was released from the hospital. Still, it’s clear how much money the birth host has Original Judged by his IG announcement. Ah!

Ashley Graham and Justin Irwin

Ashley Graham Posted these pictures (above) highlighting her extended pregnancy on January 6, and one day later, her twin baby arrived! She and her husband Justin Ervin After arriving on the morning of January 7, the two children shared the good news that they were healthy.

Michelle Cowan

Superstar Olympics Image skater Michelle Cowan On January 5, he announced the birth of his daughter Kalista Bele Kwan! Ah! A notorious private world-class athlete, Michelle did not reveal any clues about her relationship or the possible identity of the baby’s father.

… And there you have it!

Can’t these kids be as beautiful ?!

We like to give birth to babies in the brain!

Lots of cute little kids to celebrate in 2022, and we’re here for them all!

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