Amanda Baines swears she never posted nude photos on Twitter!

Amanda Bynes Want to set the record straight!

Earlier this week, a picture of a naked woman in a bathtub was published Twitter On account, many believe that the 36-year-old actress was one of the images. However, he did not stand to spread rumors! Friday, TMZ Amanda reported that the person in the photo was not 100 percent hers and that she “did not take nude photos like the ones advertised on the Internet.” In fact, r What a girl wants The star said she had no connection to the social media account that posted the picture.

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His attorney Tamar Arminak Admitted that his legal term has been trying to get the account for years, using the handle PersianLa27, Disabled by Twitter but to no avail. He explained to the outlet that social media platforms have consistently rejected their requests on the grounds that the account is merely a “celebrity parody page”. Even his lawyers tried to use his protection before he ended up bringing it down, but the app still won’t jump into the matter.

Tamar said in a statement:

“There’s nothing funny about what he was carrying in terms of mental health and the fact that Twitter thought it was appropriate to have a parody account by making fun of what he was carrying.”

That’s great.

Maybe this whole situation will stop now!

A few weeks have been difficult for Amanda, who has recently been embroiled in an explosive debate with her fianc Paul Michael Last month. As we previously reported, the former Nickelodeon The star dropped several shocking allegations against his partner, including “stopping his drugs” and “vandalizing his mother’s house.” While mentioning how “scared” he was of what might happen next, he further claimed that he had been attacked again. However, Paul denies the allegations, and Amanda shares that tests of drugs purchased from the store showed that she was “clean.”

During the altercation with Amanda, Paul called the police to her home and accused her of taking her adrenaline pill. His other attorney David Esquibias Share with People That He is human The actress was not at home when police arrived at the scene after she fled “before the situation escalated”.

Amanda took it later Instagram Again to clarify what went down. In addition to a photo of the couple touching each other’s hands, he wrote at the time:

“To clarify: I told Paul what I said about relapping because he did. I don’t know when he got clean and because of watching annoying porn, I assumed he was addicted now. Paul also vandalized his mother’s house 2 weeks ago. Her brother Mark called the police against her but Paul left before they could get there. When I saw the mother and son porn on Paul’s phone, I got annoyed and kicked him out. When he left I was worried he would break into my house because he still had the key. That’s why I called the police. Anyway, I shouldn’t have said he was using it now, because he was quiet for 2 weeks. Also, he told me that he searched for milfs and other content automatically filled the search engine. “

Here’s hoping things will calm down for Amanda – especially since she’s fresh from her major legal victory in terms of ending her guardianship.

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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