Amanda Cluts opened her mouth about dating again after 2 years of husband Nick Cordero

Amanda Cluts Ready to find love again after husband’s death, Nick Cordero.

As you can imagine, the 40-year-old talk show host lost sadly Broadway The star after a battle with the coronavirus two years ago. After documenting her 95-day struggle with Kovid, she has since gained notoriety – joining as a co-host. SurgeryCompeting in Season 30 Dance with the starsAnd even writing a book and an upcoming movie, Stay alive. Although it may seem like she has it all together, Amanda admits in a new interview CBS Morning Thursday that he is still feeling the loss of Nick all the time.

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According to the former fitness instructor, his grief will often hit him like “a ton of bricks from somewhere” when a Journey The song comes randomly in the car that Nick had previously sung on the Broadway show Rock of age:

“Last night I went to a show. I was back home, and I was dragging on the driveway, and there was a song from Journey that Nick sang on ‘Rock of Ages’ and I just … I looked at the passenger seat, you know. And it was empty. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. And then you know you have to go home, and all is well. But this is the moment when you ask, ‘What happened?’ And then it hits you, you’re alone. I’m alone. I am completely alone. I lost him. “

He then admitted that he missed someone by his side, revealing:

“I miss someone coming home, and I miss smiling at someone. Whenever I tell this story again, it is amazing how helpful it is in this journey of mourning. Grief does not stop. Loss, death – does not end.

Although Amanda will mourn Nick’s loss forever, she confirmed to the outlet that she is still trying to get back there and find someone to share her life with again. However, this television personality is not currently dating anyone. Sorry for the inconvenience Bachelorette alum Michael Alio! He said:

“I want to love again. I want to have someone else in my life. I want Elvis to be a father in her life.

Very understandable.

But just because she’s back in the dating game doesn’t mean she’s replacing her husband or trying to get their 2-year-old son to forget about his father:

“You’re not taking Nick’s place. It never is. It’s just that Nick was a part of my life. “

Honestly, we’re glad Amanda is back there – and we wish her all the best on this journey to find love. You can watch his entire interview with him CBS Morning (Below):

[Image via CBS Mornings/YouTube, Amanda Kloots/Instagram]

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