Amazing way Ed Sheeran helped Tom Parker during his cancer battle

Tom Parker There was really a lot of love and support around him during his cancer battle.

Here’s a quote The Wanted Upcoming memoirs of the star Hope: My inspirational life Released by The sun Saturday and it reveals a way Ed Sheeran She went upstairs and out to help the 33-year-old after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The singer died tragically in March after nearly two years of battling a dysfunctional brain tumor known as glioblastoma. He was diagnosed in October 2020 when his wife was pregnant with their second child. Apparently, he had to be in a tragic and frightening situation, but fortunately his friends reached out to him in groups, including the English singer-songwriter.

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Tom explains in the book:

“From the moment I was diagnosed, Ed Sheeran reached out to me with an offer of what he could do to help me. Ed and I got to know each other when he joined The Wanted on our tour bus during a campaign in America more than ten years ago. We’ve always been in touch with each other over the years and have had a great relationship. “

After learning about the diagnosis of the star Shape of you The performer provided the most generous support, Parker continued:

“I’ve never said it publicly before (and he’ll probably go crazy saying I’m doing it now) but Ed is a very special person – even when I was looking for other treatment options and he helped with my medical bills with personal immunotherapy.”

That’s great! It’s amazing! What a wonderful gift to give to Tom and his family. And to do so without the need for universal recognition only proves that it was all out of Ed’s heart. I like that. Appreciating the gesture, the pop star concluded:

“He didn’t need to do anything, but my wife Kelsey And I am grateful to her for her support. That meant the world. “

We reported, its father Aurelia2, and Bodhi, 1, after chemotherapy and radiation treatment he first announced his diagnosis. By November 2021, his tumor was “under control”, proving that such dark conditions are to be expected. But, unfortunately, the cancer came back soon and he finally died earlier this year.

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Elsewhere in the vocalist’s first look at the book, he openly shared how he felt about facing death for the first time after learning about his brain tumor:

“I was so scared – I couldn’t stop thinking about death.”

He also wanted to know what his prediction was, but his wife Kelsey and brother Lewis Encouraged not to, he recalled:

“I was fishing for a hint from the doctors, but Kelsey and Lewis thought it would be better for my mental health – especially when I was in a particularly dark mental state – I wouldn’t be given any more hard news. Being able to live with my hope Needed and they wanted to protect me from something that would hurt me. I’m not sure how helpful it would be to guess how long someone thought I was gone. I will be able to do what I have achieved. “

He’s really done so, so much. Welcoming her son, going on a trip with The Wanted for the last time, and writing a memoir are just some of the things she was able to do with the help of treatment. We are sure that only Ed made the gift more special. You can read more from Tom’s upcoming book here. The whole thing will be shelved on May 26th. We’re thinking of Parker’s family and friends, especially as we get closer to release. We know it would be hard to see his accomplishments without him around him. Rest in peace, Tom.

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