Amber Hard and Johnny Depp’s next steps published – Details 6

Both Amber Hard And Johnny Depp The 58-year-old star is trying to regroup after a big win in court last week.

In fact, people close to both sides are terrified of new information about what each of them is planning to do, respectively, that the dramatic, week-long defamation trial is behind them and their lives will go on.

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Of course, on the first day of this month, a Virginia jury was largely in favor of Depp and his ex-wife after six weeks of testifying in the defamation case involving them. In determining their reward, the jury ordered that Caribbean pirates The star received $ 10.35 million in damages from defamation, with Hard, 36, set to receive $ 2 million in damages from his countersuit.

Now, the insiders are talking People From both camps in the days following the jury’s decision.

From Amber’s point of view, she seems to be trying to take time to reflect after losing her courtroom. Mag reveals internal details, an internal explanation that Aquaman The star jury’s decision “still upset” and “just don’t understand how” things went against him even “all the evidence that his legal team presented.”

Still, the actress — who welcomed her first baby girl Onagh paigeBack in 2021 – trying to determine what is the best way forward:

“Amber spent the weekend with her baby daughter. He is disappointed with the verdict. He is taking the next legal step. “

Hard is trying her best to focus on her little girl at home as well.

Internal added:

“For now, he just wants to focus on his baby daughter. Judgment has taken away the time of many special mothers. Amber is looking forward to a summer with her daughter and family. “

That’s right! He must have some time to do this right now. When you can count on each new moment to make it better, why not focus on the loss, right?

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For City of lies The star, he is hopeful that he will see a resurgence of career in months and years after this high-profile jury resolution. However, Depp is already busy performing live on stage with the musician Jeff Beck, And the actor certainly likes those gigs. But music is not his addiction Pretty much Acting the same way, and Johnny is ready to get back into the film world in a big way.

Another source explained this to Mag, saying:

“His career has been his everything year after year. She loves music, but acting is her life. He can’t sit around and do anything that is affecting his career. He thinks the verdict was fair. It seems like a victory to him. He is hopeful that he will be able to revive his career.

Fun! It certainly sounds a lot more optimistic than Amber’s stuff. But of course, based on the jury’s verdict, this is probably to be expected.

Incredible readers will remember how a separate source was opened last weekend about Johnny’s future focus. In that report, we reveal how the actor is both “happy” and “relieved” after the verdict:

“She is OK. He is looking for positivity and moving away from negativity. He is trying to figure out what to do next. He seems to have been proven. She felt a significant weight off her shoulder. Six years have passed like this. It’s very gratifying to hear from men and women – he’s got a lot of positive support from both men and women. “

Lots of good vibes for Johnny, that’s for sure. Maybe not so much for Amber at the moment, though.

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