Amber Hard at risk of investigating another false case with UK evidence ?!

Is Amber Hard For more legal trouble?

As that might be the case Aquaman During a cross-examination by him, the star revealed a potential harm Johnny DeppHis lawyers during the actor’s defamation trial.

As we have reported, during the interrogation by Depp’s lawyer, Camilla VasquezHard admits he has not yet donated his entire divorce to two charities, including ACLUHe will be as he promises.

Although the actress tried to argue that she had not yet received the flour due to Depp’s case (which did not start even a few years after the promise), the revelation is still a big issue, as she has previously testified under oath. You will not answer Was “Donations” to charities “in full”:

“The entire amount of my divorce settlement was donated to a charity.”

As the actor’s team tried to claim that money was a motivating factor in his public claims, this was one of the main keys to his defense during Depp’s defamation suit against a UK publication in 2020. After being pressured by Vasquez, what is its value? Hard claims that he uses the words “promise” and “gift” interchangeably, but it is worth noting that these words are not synonymous. (Also, isn’t Amber supposed to be really smart and an avid reader? Wouldn’t she know they’re not synonymous? Why not just stay ahead and say she hasn’t done it yet because of financial difficulties but still promises why risk it under oath? Was there bad legal advice from his team?)

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Since Amber has confirmed on record that she did not actually make the full grant, she may face false accusations in the UK. Shawn Coalfield In law enforcement Hodge, Jones and Allen Says that could very well happen, saying through Gamerant:

“It simply came to our notice then [the donations]False testimony is the biggest threat and cut to the core unit of our justice system. So the police may be invited to investigate so that any member of the public who lies in court can be tried for lying. ”

Other legal experts agree. Time to talk Newsweek, Halim DhanidinA lawyer and former California state judge said painting Amber as an “unreliable witness” was essential for Depp to win the trial, explaining:

“The Depp team should seize every opportunity to expose Miss Hard as an untrustworthy witness. Especially where it is on a subject that may make him less preferred by the jury. It may also support their theory that Mrs. Hard has less purpose than altruism in this case. “

Attorney Jeff Lewis The outlet shared a similar feeling:

“In every case involving sexual or domestic violence, in a ‘he / she / she’ case, credibility is king. While the issue of grants is irrelevant, it is highly relevant to Hard’s credibility. Depp’s legal team theory is that Hard’s story about the violence has ‘evolved’ over the years. How will they prove that they are hard liars? It’s not just a denial of violence, it’s a hard lie. “

Herd will not face any criminal charges until this defamation suit is completed, but it is certainly something we will keep an eye on. He has already faced investigation into a bogus case for a completely different case in Australia.

In the meantime, how do you think this will affect justice? Is Amber’s example of questionable credibility more than a claim for violence? Or not?

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