Amber Hard finally responds to the tape by admitting that she hit Johnny Depp and

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Amber Hard He returned to the stand on Monday after a week-long defamation trial Johnny Depp – And things just got messy.

This time, as he continues to test directly from his own legal team, the line of questioning seems to specifically address the biggest issues beside his story. Some tell us that he is paying attention to how many people have signed the dismissal petition Aquaman Shelves are installed (this is now over 4 million btw!)

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He discusses the fact that they always seem to be secretly recording each other, the incidents of bed defecation, and most importantly the tape so that he apparently admits to abusing her.

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Why all the tape

Before he could defend what he had said on multiple tapes, Amber made it clear to the jury Why There were many recordings. After all, how many people tap their conversations with their wives – or anyone – unless they are actively trying to find evidence?

But Amber said it wasn’t Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift There are snakes sitting here – and the recording was by mutual consent. He explained:

“Well, at first it was meant to be a way to get to the center of some of our communication problems, as a way to discover in a therapeutic fashion what some of our communication problems were.”

Okay, so why have tape. But why do they seem to never know they are being recorded? Both Amber and Johnny behave completely differently when recording. While Amber was harassing Johnny in her kitchen, smashing cabinets, and portraying her like this, she sounded like a tormented flower all the time, like a girl in pain. But while she was recording conversations about hitting him, he took orders and even ridiculed and mocked her. These are two very different amber and two very different genes.

Did they agree to register but never I know Are they being recorded? So would therapy be more accurate? Hmmm.

Injury VS Punching

The next big question was. How does Amber account for admission to this tape that she hit Johnny? It was this seemingly smoking gun that we guess became the most casual follower of the lawsuit against him.

If he abuses her – or even if the domestic violence is reciprocal, frankly – it will not only paint a very different picture, but he also appears on the tapes as a classic abuser. She belittles him, telling Johnny that no one will believe him. It’s pretty scary.

On Monday, her lawyer asked her about the tape where she infamously differentiated between hitting and punching her husband, the recording said:

“You’ve had a lot of fights, you’ve been around a long time. You didn’t get punched. You got hurt. I’m sorry I hit you like that, I didn’t punch you. I didn’t deck you ** King. I was hitting you, King. I don’t know what my real hand movement was. You are fine I didn’t hit you, I didn’t punch you, I hit you. I’m not sitting here chatting, am I? You. That’s the difference between you and me. “

What does he have to say about that? He backed up:

“In this fight, we are talking about two different situations. Johnny and I have two different fights, door to door. “

Okay, wait, they were on either side of the door twice during the fight – and they were both talking at the same time? Man, it’s not confusing at all, huh?

He continued:

“The first one, the one we start talking about first, where I’m talking about hitting him, I’m talking about that… that conversation is about discrimination বৈ the difference between Johnny and me in our physical fight. The inequality of how he would actively punch me and I would have to hit him responsibly. I’m talking about the difference between a punch, which Johnny used to do, and I have to hit him in my defense. “

Ah, now we get it. She admits to hitting him, but he’s hitting her in retaliation, in self-defense. We are still not clear about the difference between punch / injury. However, Amber states that she is:

“I know the difference between the two, and I’m highlighting the difference between the two, even if she’s not twice my size. They’re very different.”

What is clear is that he was saying that everything he did when he hit her was defensive, just because he was abusing her.

Again, he says that Johnny was hiding behind the door when he tried to get in:

“I was trying to close a door or a bedroom door. In fact, I was trying to barricade myself behind this door, and Johnny was trying to get through the door. She was trying to get in through the door using her body and her limbs, because I was trying to keep it closed because I knew what she would do to me when she came to me. And I was hitting his arm, his arm, his body, because he was trying to stop me from closing the door. And it’s a different story that we’ll talk about later in the second half of that recording. “

This is of course the opposite of Johnny’s version, where he was hiding in the bathroom. Even Amber seemed to have attacked him in previous recordings:

“You avoid the solution. We can’t do this if you run away to the bathroom!

In an audio recording made by Johnny, Amber even admits to starting a “physical fight” with him. As we said, these stories just don’t add up. In Johnny’s version of the conflict on both sides of the door, he opened the door with a crack when he wouldn’t stop hitting it and he “tried to get inside.” He testified last month:

“She was pushing all her weight on the door and trying to get in and I was pushing back, I didn’t want to let her in. When it almost stopped she screamed in pain, ‘Oh my toes!’, So in that second I thought maybe her Her legs were stuck under the door. I thought she was injured so I knelt down to take a look. She knocked my head on the bathroom door while I bent my hands and knees to look at her feet. “

Are these “two different situations” that Amber was referring to through a door? Johnny and his legal team only mentioned one situation. Only Amber says they’re talking about the two of them together. Hmmm.

Johnny abused himself?

This is our new one. Amber seems to be explaining some of Johnny’s injuries, saying he hurt himself during their fight.

Apparently we already know that he blamed her for the finger injury on him, saying that he cut off the tip of his own finger by breaking a rotating phone while abusing her. (Of course, he maintained that as soon as he threw the glass bottle it was cut and one broke.)

He now extends that explanation to other injuries, stating that he often inflicted self-harm during their arguments – and that he “often” did such things:

“I called 911 in New York in August 2014, I believe, because I thought he had hit himself. He would often fight, first cutting off his hand or holding a knife to his chest or drawing blood, at first. But then, like 2016 – especially when our relationship was coming to an end. “

It seems to be tied to the audio that his team played before the trial about proposing to cut themselves off when they met after a divorce – when he had already received a domestic violence control order against him. As Johnny puts it in his own testimony on the subject:

“I was told to go there and meet him in the hope that he would retract his lie that the world is now fed. Somehow he wasn’t ready to do it, and I didn’t understand why I was there … “

He said he was “really at the end” and “can’t take it anymore” which led him to make the offer His Knife:

“I don’t know what he was after, so I had a knife in my pocket and I just took the knife out and said, ‘Take this – cut me off, this is what you want to do. In the end you took everything. You want my blood?’ Accept it. Give me my blood. ‘ And then he said, ‘No, no’ and then I said, ‘Look, if you don’t want to take it and you want it, I know you want it – I have it left – take it.’ If he wasn’t going to do it, I’d do it because I was where I was, mentally. I was at the end, I was broken. “

If this is the only proof of this self-harm with a knife, then it is far from what he is describing.

He further added that he had burned himself with cigarettes, a clear denial of his claim that he had put a cigarette on him. He said:

“She is OK. He would shake them at me and try to make an out on me once or twice, but most of the time he would do it when he yelled at me. He did it in front of me once, shouting at me and putting a cigarette on his cheek. “

The Bed Poop: Amber Edition

And of course, warm up a heel SNL The sketch about it – which seems to be interesting for Johnny – tells the story of Amber’s defecation in bed.

Johnny claims that Amber – or a friend of hers – has defecated by the bedside. Not physical abuse but utterly heinous, obviously. He says it shocked him so much that he had to laugh when he first heard it. We’ve heard Amber think this was a practical joke before – but she denied it in her testimony on Monday, saying:

“First of all, I don’t think it’s funny. I, too, did not have a funny mood. My life was falling apart. “

He insisted that despite the size of the stool-urine – much more for such a small dog – that it was actually Boo’s stool. He said the good boy had “intestinal control problems” when he was a puppy, and even blamed Johnny because it started when he ate some food. Pirates Star weeds

As for the joke question, he says it wasn’t a “prank” at all:

“I was attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband, with whom I was in desperate love and knew I needed to leave… it wasn’t really a happy time, and I don’t think it’s fun, period. It’s embarrassing. “

Are you buying next to him? Are the new allegations – that he used some of this violence against himself – compelling? Let us know what you think in the comments (below) and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments from this ongoing disaster.

If you encounter domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit All calls are toll-free and confidential. The hotline is available 24/7 in over 170 languages.

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