Amber Hard: Johnny Depp is so guilty that he can’t even look at me!

Johnny Depp-Amber Hard’s defamation trial resumed on Monday after a week-long vacation.

Hard completed his testimony on Tuesday after cross-examination by Deep attorney Camille Vasquez.

On Monday, Vasquez asked Hard if Depp had looked him in the eye at any point during the trial.

He confirmed that he had not done so, and Vasquez suggested that there was a good reason for doing so.

JD and AH

Vasquez played a recording that Depp made when Hardy came to see him shortly after he filed for a restraining order.

At the time, Hard Depp wanted affection but was turned down.

“You can’t see my eyes anymore,” the actor told him on the recording.

Depp vs. Hard

True to his word, Depp wore dark-framed glasses and kept an eye on the desk in front of him throughout Hard’s testimony.

But Hard had a different theory about his ex’s lack of eye contact, the theory being that Depp was avoiding his vision because he felt guilty.

“She is OK [look at me]”Hard told Vasquez.

Amber Hard tells her side

“Mr. Depp never looked at you during this trial?” The attorney asked.

“That’s not what I noticed,” Amber replied.

During Tuesday’s redirect, Hard’s attorney, Elaine Bradhoft, also asked Depp about his refusal to look at Hard.

Depp testifies

Again, the actress insisted that Depp felt “guilty”, adding, “Otherwise, why can’t he look at me?”

The question culminated in one of the most unexpectedly dramatic moments of the trial, with Hard becoming emotional as he recalled his tumultuous and allegedly abusive relationship with Depp.

“I survived,” Hard said at the stand.

Amber testifies hard

“I survived that guy, and I’m here, and I can see him.”

It was one of the many moments when Hardy reprimanded Depp for allegedly abusing him physically and emotionally, which he said happened throughout their relationship.

During last week’s testimony, Hard claimed that Depp sexually abused her with a glass bottle during a fight in Australia.

Amber speaks hard

“I felt really vulnerable, I was naked. At one point I was against the wall, and he was yelling at me that he hated me, that I had ruined his life,” recalls the fight with Hard Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was shooting

Hard ends that part of his testimony by saying that while he was lying on his back during the fight, he “felt pressure on his pubic bone.”

She told the court that Depp “covered” a discarded bottle inside her vagina and repeated the “repeated” motion.

Johnny Depp at the stand

Hard describes several other incidents where Depp became violent with her, including one in which she conducted a “hole search” after she was accused of stealing and hiding her cocaine.

Hard finished her testimony Wednesday and Iowa Tilet Wright and Raquel “Rocky” followed Pennington’s stand, both of whom are longtime friends of the actress.

Both witnesses proposed Depp’s highly unprepared screenplay and supported several of Hard’s specific claims about his marriage.

Johnny Depp testified

Depp Hard is suing for $ 50 million, alleging irreparable damage to his career. The Washington Post op-ed so that he identified himself as a victim of domestic violence.

The trial is expected to end on May 27.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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