Amber Hard once rejected Brady Jenner because he wanted to be a ‘movie star’,

This one will Internal feelings Pairs

Of all the people, it turns out that Amber Hard And Brady Jenner Guess there was almost one thing! Yes indeed!

In a new episode Heather MacDonaldIts podcast Juicy scoop Thursday out, Spencer Pratt Reveal that his Mountains I met co-star Amber when she first moved to El Lay – and she liked him so much, he tried to make a date, but she shot him completely!

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According to the reality star, she and Brady met Amber almost two decades ago when she was a new aspiring actress in town. Brady immediately caught up with the feelings, so they started a conversation with him – although it didn’t end the way the two of them had hoped!

Spencer explained:

“We were like 20 in a club. Brody and I go upstairs, and Brody will hit Amber. She’s just moved here from Texas, and we’re questioning her. He’s trying, you know, to date or go on a date with him – but Brody wants to say it. “

Unfortunately, Johnny DeppHis ex-wife rarely tolerates the idea of ​​dating him – and not because of his looks, but because of his prestige in the industry! He clearly saw his point of view on bigger and better things and had no objection to telling Brody in his face.

Noting that he was interpreting the conversation, Spencer recalled:

“He likes, ‘I’m not going on a date with you.’ And he’s like, ‘Huh?’ And he likes, “I’m already dating a famous director. I’m going to be a movie star. I wouldn’t dare go on a date. [with you]. ‘”

Although the 38-year-old did not go down without a jab of his own. Laughing, Spencer said the model then pointed to a large mole on Amber’s arm and advised her to check it out! Jenner presumably clapped with:

“All you have to do is go to a doctor and have that mole removed because it looks cancerous.”

What a response!

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Despite the ridiculous context of medical advice, Pratt then adds:

“And he was serious!”

LOLz !! That’s too hilarious! We wonder if he ever did ?! Or if he remembers that moment.

What a wild way to say no to a date. It sounds like the rest of a big impression Heidi MontagHer husband, who added that the moment “has been included [his] Brain. “Huh! Now we want to get Brody’s interaction!

Perezcious readers know, this comes in revelation Aquaman In 2018, she wrote a defamation suit against her ex-husband for an op-ed.

We’ve heard a lot of insanity throughout the case – including what actually went down in her romantic relationship! She’s linked to her choice James Frank And Elon MuskAnd now we know that we deserve to be on that list!

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[Image via Brody Jenner/Amber Heard/Instagram]

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