Amber Hard Sister has been kept from the bombshell jury ?! See shocking announcement

The latest witness in Johnny DeppDefamation trial against ex Amber Hard Some serious bombs have been dropped – but the jury apparently will never see them.

Tuesday afternoon, Jennifer HowellThe taped testimony was played for a court hearing. Or at least, was it something? It’s vague, but it seems to be shortened to just 15 minutes of play, and it ends rather abruptly. Surely they had more questions to ask than adult swimming, didn’t they?

The answer may be that some testimonials were edited before the game for the jury because it was unacceptable – for example because it ruled out the hearing. No matter what arguments the legal team presents to the judge, we were not confidential – so we are in the jury position. However, in contrast to them we may have an idea of ​​what he was saying! An announcement has been made – it won’t even be shown to the jury – where Howell originally said Amber’s sister Whitney Henriquez I lied!

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Whitney is the only witness who has supported Amber’s story, in fact she has seen Johnny hit her. And this lady said she was full of it!

“I learned that Whitney testified in court on July 23 about a violent incident in March 2015 on the steps of Johnny Depp’s penthouse in London. He testified that Johnny hit Amber and Whitney on the steps of Johnny’s downtown penthouse. Whitney then said she would have to stay with her employer where she would sleep on their floor. I am that employer. I was not told the truth. “


We certainly get that full hearing possibility now, because that’s what he’s testifying to To say. But we are still a little surprised that no one else is allowed to refute what another witness said at the time.

But you know what? This is not a courtroom. And we’re going to see what else this woman had to say!

Runs a nonprofit called Howell The art of elysium Where Whitney worked at the time. He was not present at the apartment for the incident, but he remembered the things that were said to him completely differently! At first, she said, Whitney stayed in her guest room, not on the floor. Second? “He was a mess” when he told the story:

Whitney told me he tried to stop his sister Amber from hitting and attacking Johnny on the stairs. Whitney said that when he tried to intervene to stop Amber from following Johnny, Amber almost pushed Whitney down the stairs.

Damn it! It’s a twist on what Amber testified – she even called Will not! Howell continued:

“[Whitney] She told me she was worried Amber was going to ‘kill Johnny.’ She told me that she had endured such torture all her life, first from her father and then from Amber, whom she described as extremely violent. “

He said Whitney lived with him temporarily “because he was afraid of his sister.” This is just… wow. And that’s not all. He further announced:

“When Whitney was with me, she told me to check in to see what Johnny was doing, and she called him ‘Sis,’ and he called her ‘Brother.’ Whitney told me on multiple occasions that he did not know why he was in a relationship or why he was abusing Amber. “

Talk about a 180! But it went deeper than that!

“Whitney shared with me the loss she and Amber suffered as a child, and the trauma she suffered emotionally and physically from Amber. It was at this point that Whitney collapsed, and my heart broke for her. “

He even claimed that Whitney had told him about it Recent Abuse!

“When Whitney returned from New York (I believe it was for the Tribeca Film Festival, The Adrenal Diaries premiere or both) she shared with me and everyone in the office that Amber was scared, attacked Whitney and threw a glass of red wine. Wine to him in the elevator. “

Not only that, Whitney is accused of opposing her sister’s story about Australia!

“While Amber and Johnny were in Australia, Whitney sat in a black and white chair near the kitchen in the office and shouted, ‘Oh my God, she’s done it now. She cut off her finger.’

According to this woman – and we can’t imagine for the rest of our lives why she should lie – Whitney said it at the time. Was Johnny’s finger was cut off by the amber bottle and he was not hurt when he was scolded for the last day.

Howell added that he asked Amber’s campaign why her own nonprofit, in which her sister worked, was not getting any of the divorce money. Instead the future Aquaman The star had promised it ACLU And Children’s Hospital LA. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. This means that Amber did not actually donate all that money after receiving the headline about doing it.


What’s worth it, we know how Whitney feels about reminiscing about her former boss. When the announcement was first made, after a UK trial, he said Mirror:

“It simply came to our notice then. Jennifer Howell’s statement has nothing to do with truth and I don’t know why she is saying this.

Again, we don’t understand why he would lie about this. But it’s definitely something worth questioning, don’t you think?

Do we think the jury is not looking at anything, paralegal paralegal ??

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