Amber Hard: Why does she hate the internet so much?

If you haven’t given social media a very wide berth over the past month, you’ve certainly caught the wind of endless drama surrounding the Johnny Depp-Amber defamation lawsuit.

A celebrity court will have to go back to the 1995 murder trial of Oz Simpson to find a case that completely stunned the public.

Both sides have leveled horrific allegations of abuse against each other, and it should be clear to anyone who is even familiar with the evidence that the relationship was deeply toxic from the start.

Depp first takes a stand and alleges that Hard punched him, put a cigarette in his mouth, cut off the tip of his finger, and defecated in his bed in retaliation.

Depp vs. Hard

Herd completed his testimony on Monday, and those willing to listen with an open mind were shocked to hear his claim about Depp’s behavior.

Unfortunately for the actress, by then, the court of public opinion had largely made up her mind.

Hard describes an incident where a drug addict, Depp, conducted a “hole search” alleging his cocaine was stolen and concealed.

Listening testifies

He alleges that Depp sexually assaulted him with a glass bottle during a violent confrontation that took place during the filming of the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Since the #MeToo movement began to shed light on violence and sexual violence against women in Hollywood, many victims have come forward with stunning survival stories.

Hard’s situation, however, is different from most, in that he has faced much more resistance than public support.

Amber takes a hard stand

Not only that, many of those who openly doubt her story are women, and their skepticism about her allegations often takes the form of hard and rebellion thrown at her supporters.

And it’s not just social media users who are angry at the actress.

This past weekend alone, both Bill Maher and Live Saturday night Playing the trial for laughter, Maher accused Hardk of using fake tears to manipulate the jury.

Johnny Depp testified

This kind of snide comment was a constant throughout the trial, and is on the verge of receiving much more snacks than Hard Depp.

The case is undeniably complicated, and it appears that both parties fought the addiction and behaved violently towards each other.

But the fact remains that she took a hard line, made horrific accusations of abuse against her ex-husband, and the reaction of millions of Depp fans was one of ridicule and disbelief.

Amber testifies hard

Recent Atlantic The term “Depford Wives” is used in the article to describe the army of women – many middle-aged or older – who have remained steadfast in their support of the actor.

“Listening to Amber Hard makes me sick,” one tweeted.

“Amber literally heard the plague,” wrote another.

Amber speaks hard

One hardcore supporter has only been identified as Rebecca (she wanted to remain anonymous to avoid harassment by Depp fans) has blamed this ill will on one of Depp’s most obsessive fans.

“We hang a lot of our own identities on these things that we love,” he said Atlantic.

“So if these things are threatened, you either have to admit that you are a bad person for liking these things or you have to convince yourself that everyone else is wrong.”

Amber hard in the courtroom

The article also quotes Held van den Bulk, a professor of communications at Drexel University, who described the phenomenon of “anti-phantom”.

The term refers to people who take part in their identities from the things they hate, much the same way fans express themselves through the things they like.

An anti-Hards fan, Van den Balk, explains that they may not be fans of Depp, but that doesn’t stop them from finding out the feelings of their community and being among the people who hate the actress.

Outside Amber Hard Courthouse

We probably don’t need to tell you that this mentality is annoyingly common on social media these days, and it infects everything from sports coverage to political discourse.

And now, a television trial is stirring up a flame of blind hatred for a 36-year-old actress and single mother who is embroiled in a nightmare legal battle.

Even if he wins the trial, which seems probable, it is unlikely that Amber Hard’s life will ever return to normal.

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