Amber Hard’s agent says ‘lack of chemistry’ with Jason Momoar is presumably behind

Amber HardIts agent has practically testified in the ongoing defamation case against the star Johnny Depp On Friday, and his testimony, the powerful entertainment Biz negotiator shared his acceptance Aquaman 2 Status.

Of course, as we are reporting, Hard previously played the role of Mera in the original film in 2018 Jason Momoa. However, his role in the sequel – which is set to hit theaters in March 2023 – has been speculated to have diminished in recent months when earlier rumors were circulating that he was almost kicked out of Flick due to ongoing Depp-related drama.

Recent fan petitions have also drawn millions of people to him, urging him to withdraw from the movie altogether. And not only that, note that Hard himself blamed Depp for this situation!

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Now, WME Representative Jessica Kovasevic The two A-list stars are going on the record in their own testimony in the ongoing trial involving them. When asked about Hard’s cut-down role in the sequel, Kovasevich testified that he was told Warner Bros.. This was due to the “lack of chemistry between him and Jason”.

Kovasevic added that his WME team first learned the role of Hard because it was reported that Mera was reduced to a sequel after the star got the first script. At the same time, the agent testified that the actress’ career was damaged in the process, and did not grow as fast or as fast as Momoar in the years following the first film.

Kovasevic says:

“In my experience, your career takes a turn for the worse. He was very well received in the film at that time, everyone was happy with him then, no problem. Then there’s the complete recession that followed, and then the relentless tweets and negative expressions about him, to match that, I don’t have any piece of proof paper, but that’s the only logical conclusion I’m drawing. “

The agent further testified that he lost a role in a movie produced by Harder Amazon In the storm of bad press after that drama.

He was specifically asked about a previous statement made by Depp’s attorney Adam WaldmanSo that he spoke of the charges against Hard Caribbean pirates The star was a “cheat.” Kovasevich simply said that the comments “added fuel to the fire” and that “communication between the agent and Warner Bros. producers has been cut off.” People.

Hard had previously testified before the court:

“It simply came to our notice then. They didn’t want to include me in the picture. I was given a script and then given a new version of the script that took away the action scenes in it, depicting my character and another character – without any spoilers – two characters fighting each other and they basically took a bunch from my role. Out. They just removed a bunch. “

Interestingly, new to Friday, Warner Bros. released a new statement that left Depp and / or Waldman’s statement out of the question. Aquaman 2 Introduction.

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As you can see (below), the new statements seem to distinguish WB’s business decisions regarding Hard’s role in the film from the ongoing lawsuit involving him and Depp:

And more:

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