Amber Hard’s former makeup artist says she covered wounds and a split lip

Amber HardIts former makeup artist explains how she helped cover her wounds and bruises. Johnny Depp – especially that which was just before his presence The Late Late Show with James Corden.

As you may recall, the 36-year-old actress previously testified about how Depp became physically violent with her on December 15, 2014. That day, he complained that Caribbean pirates Alum chased him around the kitchen, climbed on top of him and hit him in the face more than once. From there the situation got worse. During the fight, Amber then claimed that she had nodded her head “to the right of her nose” and was finally “screaming and rocking” at him before grabbing him by the hair and dragging him to another apartment.

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After the quarrel, d Aquaman The star says she ended up with a split lip and a covered nose – and two black eyes. The injuries were so bad that he claimed his MUA would have to cover them before going on a late-night talk show with Corden on December 16th. Now, her makeup artist Melania English The side of what happened that day says …

He recalled when he testified that he came home and saw that Amber actually had some bruises on her face, saying:

“When I came to the penthouse to do amber makeup, she was hurt. He had two lights – I’m not a medical expert – but it looked like someone had hit him lightly on the head so he had discoloration both under the eyes and under the bridge of the nose and he had what I would call a split lip or something. Lip-like lips or split lips.

Melanie then mentioned that Amber lost part of her hair after showing a picture of her head, adding:

“I remember it because he showed us.”

And when the photos of his alleged injury were presented, he made sure that the pictures reflected what he had seen before. He went on to describe what he did to hide the alleged wounds on Amber’s face – including the various concealers used:

“I just did the makeup, a little heavy. We covered the blemishes or sores with a little heavy concealer, which had more of a pitch undertone that I don’t usually use in amber, but peach cancels out the blue, so I did it under the eyes, even though amber always has red lips, it’s a signature look, I remember clearly saying that night we had no choice but to use red blood … a really red lipstick to cover our lip bruises. “

In addition, Melanie said Amber used Arnica gel to reduce swelling. For how Danish girl The star’s mood was the same as before the show, he thought his performance at the time was “angry, sad, a little erratic”. However, Melanie said that Amber “had the ability to turn it on” for the show and “did her job and performed the way she was supposed to perform on the show.”

And while she was able to successfully cover all the alleged wounds, she was also able to point out where the wounds were when showing a picture of Amber’s makeup look from Depp’s attorney. When asked by her lawyer why Melania had cut off their work relationship and friendship, she said it was not just about welcoming one of her children but that the relationship was “very consuming” for me.

That’s great.

As usual, we will post more details as they come out of the trial. In the meantime, however, Amber’s reaction to the testimony of the former makeup artist?

[Image via Law&Crime Network/Twitter, E! News/YouTube, The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube]

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