Amber Hard’s friend testifies about the penthouse fight, almost describing it

The ongoing trial Johnny Depp And Amber Hard Wednesday took on a new dimension, when Amber’s sail Raquel ‘Rocky’ Pennington Testified about a notorious alleged injury between the couple in 2016.

Appearing in court on Wednesday in a virtual way, the Pennington couple opened up about their experience as part of the infamous May 2016 argument.

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As part of his testimony, Harder Pal further emphasized that he had clearly seen that Amber had suffered multiple injuries during her time with Depp – including a black eye, a swollen nose and a swollen lip.

During his video statement, Pennington admitted that he had never personally seen Depp Hard hitting or throwing anything at him, but added (below):

“I saw signs of injuries on his body right after the night, the next day and until they healed.”

The most traumatic part of Pennington’s testimony centered on the alleged incident of May 21, 2016, when the woman testified that he Myself Depp has almost had a physical relationship.

That day, Raquel testified that she was in Los Angeles when she received a text message from Hard asking her to come to their penthouse. Pennington testified that the message was very clear:

“He was calling for help, and it had never happened before. He was saying, ‘Help, help me.’

As he entered the apartment, Pennington claimed he saw Depp “screaming” and “screaming” at Hard.

Immediately, the woman claims that she chose to put her foot down in the couple to suppress the argument:

“I went to her, she was screaming, screaming. I put my hand on his chest and said ‘Stop. Stop. ‘ Just trying to calm him down. And he kicked my hand away. “

At that moment, Raquel insisted, as the two sat on the sofa, she supposedly covered Amber’s body with her own, and shouted at Depp Herd’s instructions.

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Hard’s friend then claimed that he was worried about Depp’s anger at the moment and looked around for some other kind of protection against it.

He said:

“It was really loud, and he was getting closer. I remember, there was this big orange ceramic ashtray on the coffee table, and I remember, ‘If he gets closer, I’ll just pick up the ashtray and hit him with it, because He was very close to us. “


Things never came to that potential moment, as Pennington explained that Depp’s two security guards – identified as Judge Jerry And Shawn Bet – At that time, he entered the premises and removed the film star from the place.

This put an end to the threat at its most imminent stage, and a somewhat cooler head prevailed – at least, for the time being – according to Pennington’s testimony.

You can see more of Raquel’s testimony from Wednesday (below):

As we have been reporting for several weeks now, the trial between these two A-listers will continue from here.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates as more evidence comes to the fore, Perezius reader.

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[Image via Law & Crime Network/YouTube]

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