Amber Hard’s sister testifies that she saw Johnny Depp ‘hacking’ the actress

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Amber HardHis sister has probably given the most heinous testimony against him Johnny Depp.

On wednesday Whitney Hard Henriquez Depp took part in the blockbuster defamation suit filed against his older sister, where he said he had once been a witness. Pirates of the Caribbean When they were married, they grabbed Amber by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the face.

Amber’s sister has stopped her testimony, claiming she saw it Aquaman Must be transformed through his relationship with the star Edward Scissorhands The actor, as if he had been hit by “a slow-moving gunshot”, went completely out of love with Depp’s substance-fueled abuse, into the shell of his former soul.

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Still, Whitney said he thought Depp was a brother, adding that he had been with the couple during their relationship. He testified that he had cocaine with the actor many times, just before the incident where he saw Johnny being thrown. Red bull To his nurse, Debbie Lloyd – A claim that Lloyd has denied his testimony

Then the trial may be the worst moment for Depp. In another alleged altercation – which sounded like a story Amber told in her testimony earlier this month – Henriquez said Depp ran up a set of stairs towards her, persuading the actress to step down. He shared:

“He came up behind me and hit me on the back. I can hear Amber screaming don’t hit my king sister. He beats her, knocking her down. Johnny grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and repeatedly hit her in the face with the other. “

During interrogation by Depp’s attorney Rebecca LacroixWhitney said he sometimes acted as a marriage counselor to the couple and admitted that he sometimes favored Depp in debates.

When asked why Lakers supported his sister when he wanted to have an affair with Depp, Whitney said: “Even after you hit her,”

“It’s really simplifying something that is far from easy. Again, Amber loved it, so did Johnny. She tells me she wants something. Whether I agree with it or not, it’s not my place.

Depp’s attorney further noted that Whitney once joked with Depp in a text Oscar Nominee for hurting his sister, but said he regrets making jokes after learning of the amount of abuse.

The trial is expected to begin on Thursday. What do you think of this testimony? See it in full (below).

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