Amber Hard’s team is not calling Johnny Depp back to the stands – but what

Huh. The hope of hearing this is unfortunate for everyone Johnny DeppIts response Amber HardEvidence of this.

He said quite a bit – including some probably unexpected New Complaint – Witness position in his days, so it would be nice to hear Johnny ask about something. Especially annoying bottle stuff.

Earlier, Amber had planned to call the team Pirates of the Caribbean The star returned to testify again this week, but now we have learned that legal tactics have been scrapped. A source close to Amber said People On Monday, he explained that it was no longer on the table:

“Calling Depp a stand would be as relevant to us as cycling for fish. What Depp testified at the moment was irrelevant to the focus of the case and there is no reason to believe it would be any different now. “

So until that Saturday the team was planning to keep the fish on the bike but now all of a sudden it will be very useless? Hmmm. We’re not a lawyer, but obviously something has changed here if it seemed like a good idea to them before and not so much now.

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Apparently this was before the end of Amber’s testimony. Maybe it’s because of the interrogation? Earlier, a spokesman for Depp’s lawyers issued a statement dismissing the blast:

“Judicial lawyers have an old saying: When the information is in your favor, argue the truth; When events are not in your favor, move away from the stage. Today, we hope Depp’s attorneys will jump on the victim instead. We fear it will be an equal part of shame and desperation. “

Of course that was always the problem. How do you try to weaken the testimony of a witness when a woman is telling the horrible story of being abused by her husband? How can you make him look bad without looking like a bully ??

Well, many clearly felt Camilla Vasquez Has done a pretty good job, asking real questions that Amber seems reluctant to answer. Like money, he lied about the gift – which cut off his right leg from the beginning.

Then again, just before this source came out there was news that no one else did Will not He will now testify on behalf of Johnny. Hmmm.

Do you think it would be a bad idea to call Johnny back to the stand? Will he just hit more in the case of Amber? Very important … Do you think he actually got a chance to win this trial ??

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