American pie singer Don McLean has dropped out of the NRA convention following Texas

Finally! It is enough if someone can stand as his own team with the bones of the spine!

Don McLean Gun culture is not going to be supported after tragic mass shootings Rob Primary School Uvalade, Texas.

Legendary singer, who was the voice behind the hits of 1971 American pie And many more memorable tracks throughout his decades-long career, set to perform this coming weekend National Rifle AssociationIts conference in Houston, Texas.

However, on Wednesday, the 76-year-old star announced that he was leaving the conference and was pulling the plug on his performance.

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Referring to the Uvalade tragedy, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed after a shooting inside an 18-year-old classroom, McLean made a strong statement about his decision to withdraw from the NRA:

“In light of the recent events in Texas, I have decided that performing for the NRA at their convention in Houston this week will be disrespectful and painful for me. I’m sure all the people who plan to attend this event are shocked and sick by these events. After all, we are all Americans. I share the grief with the rest of the nation for this terrible, cruel loss. “

With McLean out, other performers are still scheduled to take the stage at the NRA conference in Houston this weekend. Lee Greenwood, Daniel PeckAnd Larry Gatlin.

There is considerable social media pressure on the Texas governor Greg Abbott To omit the NRA event, but so far, he has not done so.

Uvalade, where Tuesday’s horrific school shooting took place, is about 250 miles west of Houston.

[Image via KHOU 11 News/YouTube/WENN]

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