American woman dies after Brazilian butt lift surgery – after they woke her up

A woman in New York City has died after her Brazilian butt lift surgery went horribly wrong.

May 13th, Sleep Bowser-Williams Santo Domingo from the United States flew to the Dominican Republic for a cosmetic procedure that would transfer fat cells from his abdomen to his dermis – known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Before leaving, the correctional officer gave her husband all the details – how excited he was Dr. Hector Cabral Her body was about to change. He remembers what his wife told him before he left. Curtis Williams Said NY Daily News:

“To me, he was right, ‘You will love Dr. Cabral’s work.’ I don’t care one way or the other. I have accepted my wife that way. “

Unfortunately, her husband will never see the results of the surgery, because the drowsiness was suffering from postoperative complications and he died.

The couple has been married since 1996. How devastating it is to lose a spouse at any given time, but especially with someone with whom he or she has spent more than 2 decades.

So what happened in that operating room? Shortly after the operation, Dr. Cabral contacted Tandra’s husband to deliver devastating news: he had suffered a massive stroke that “engulfed his brain.”

Williams said he heard his wife talking on the phone, tried to talk, and said he was in pain:

“I heard my wife in the background and she was complaining about her stomach and her buttocks.”

Sadly, Curtis didn’t get to the Dominican Republic in time to see his wife again before he passed, but that’s not all. He said the surgeon woke Tandra from a coma to unlock his phone!

“They brought my wife out of a medically induced coma so she could unlock her phone so she could communicate with me.”

What ?! They woke him up after a stroke to unlock his phone ?! There was no other way to communicate with her husband? Did he have to fill out an emergency contact form before going under the knife?

Having a stroke and then waking up from a medical-induced coma sounds like a nightmare. The pain and confusion he felt at that moment was unimaginable.

Not only that, the surgical surgeon has obeyed the law before! In 2011, she was accused of “seducing women in the Dominican Republic” by promising discount surgery. He allegedly molested at least 10 women because of his rudeness. For this reason, he was charged with fraud and conspiracy and counted 10 counts of operating without a medical license.

That’s right, the man doesn’t even have a medical license and he’s having surgery! WTF!

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The unlicensed surgeon has struck a no-gel application deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized drug practice. He was fined $ 5,000, fined more than $ 23,000, and ordered to complete 250 hours of community service.

So he has now been convicted Eleven Complaints of medical malpractice, and he just has to pay fines and do some community service? Her medical license should be revoked – oh that’s right – He has none. How is he still allowed to keep his practice open ?!

Sadly, Bousser-Williams decided to believe Dr. Hector despite this allegation, and it destructively led to his death. Daily news Tandra’s death was reportedly not under investigation at the time. However, the huge red flag that they woke up the poor woman from a medical-induced coma to get into her phone. Seriously, what happened there ??

Sleepiness will be very much missed, not just by her husband. His boss Patrick FerrauloThe newspaper candidly talks about his incredible work ethic:

“He was always a good captain, never tried to run away from work, always worked in prison, always worked with prisoners. It’s a real loss. He certainly did not deserve this. He was a soldier. “

Its trend lipo-tourism It’s huge – 750,000 Americans travel abroad each year for cosmetic procedures. Sadly, many trips end with lawsuits, perversions, and even death.

Our hearts go out to Tandra’s family and loved ones.

[Image via Facebook/Tandra Bowser-Williams/FX/Hulu]

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