Amy Dugar: Anna has haunted the whole family! (Or maybe just me)

Amy Dugar is really trying.

She swears that she is

But no matter how many times Jim Bobb’s niece tries to contact Jim Bobb’s daughter-in-law, Amy says in a recent tic-tac-toe exchange that her efforts have been reprimanded.

The question is why.

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“I wanted to do it personally. I wanted to protect her,” Amy told followers of how she originally tried to contact Anna, whose husband was sentenced last week to more than 12 years in prison for child sexual abuse.

Amy said she expected Anna to be “sounding board” late at various times.

However, with no response from Anna, Amy now wonders if the mother of seven is “being monitored” or if her phone has been “snatched away.”

Or maybe it’s just “off”, Amy added.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Anna has not spoken publicly since his wife was arrested in April 2021.

Unless you can post an Instagram that links to a motion filed by Josh’s defense team and says in the caption that “there’s a lot more to the story.”

This post gives credence to the report that Anna truly trusts Josh.

It also helps explain why Anna refuses to divorce her cheating and law-breaking husband.

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

“I don’t know how to contact her,” Amy added late last week.

“He has my number too. Unless he deletes it. I don’t know. I might be blocked. It could be. I’ve tried everything. Now, what do I do?”

Dugar probably did it all.

In mid-May, apparently unable to speak directly to her cousin, Amy shared an open letter to Anna on social media.

Amy Dugar hugs Anna Dugar

With the throwback photo above, Amy begged, pleaded, and begged Anna to let go of his wife’s pedophile.

“Anna, I feel for you. No woman wants to be your shoe,” Amy wrote at the time.

“You’ve faced an impossible decision and you’re surrounded by the wrong kind of support.”

Amy then mentions the family in which she was raised, along with the values ​​she was taught.

Anna and Josh Dugar and Baby

“You’ve been taught since childhood that marriage lasts forever and you’ve prayed to God to send you a partner,” Amy continued.

“You made a life and a family with her. You didn’t choose any of them, and your kids certainly didn’t.”

“I’m not following you with some hard love thing.

“It’s just in my heart and I can’t help but express it.”

Josh and Anna throwback

Amy tagged Anna in her message, noting how her decisions would affect her children, the last of whom was born in October 2021.

“One day your kids will realize what kind of person their father really is. You can’t protect them from the truth forever!” Amy Dugar added.

“I say this openly so that when they grow up, they will know that their family members shouted from the roof that they were always worthy of protection. Your children look up to you very much.

“Please be the role model they need in their lives. Dillon and I are willing to help you.”

Josh and Anna Dugar and Fam

Amy concludes with this letter:

J.Osh has chosen how history will remember him.

By staying and supporting him you are allowing him to choose it for you too.

And I know it seems impossible to stand up to all of this right now, but as a mother, your instinct to protect your children must always be stronger than your fears.

Only those who would be offended by your departure are willing to sacrifice the safety of Josh and your children to protect his privacy.

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