Amy Dugar: Anna is turning her kids into abusers!

Just days after Josh Dugar’s sentencing hearing, it’s a very exciting time in the disrespectful family of a convicted hunter.

Most dugouts believe that Josh is innocent, and many have written letters of humility to his sentencing judge.

But not every member of the family fell prey to Josh’s lies and manipulation.

In fact, cousin Amy Dugar has openly stated her belief that Josh deserves a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Amy Dugar in the village

Despite this major difference of opinion, Amy did not completely sever ties with Josh’s family.

This whole week, we are reporting on Amy’s efforts to reach out to Anna Dugar and support Josh’s long-suffering wife.

Amy wrote an open letter to Anna to punish her for enabling her husband’s behavior, but reminded him that it was not too late to reverse the path.

Anna D, Amy D

Amy offers Anna a place to stay, assuring the mother of seven that she has plenty of room for her whole child.

Now, it seems Amy has decided to go back to the hard love method through a new TikTok post where she encourages Anna to consider what kind of example she is setting for her children.

“Anna you are showing your girls that abuse is okay,” Amy said in the video.

Amy Dugar hugs Anna Dugar

“They’re watching your every move. Your boys are learning what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m sure they’ll understand a bit.”

Anna’s children have probably taken refuge from learning the full extent of their father’s crime, but they must be aware that he has not been home for the past six months.

And Amy is worried about what kind of information they’re getting from their mom.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Amy told Tikto, “Hopefully, you’re protecting them from this, of course, to find out how young they are.”

“But I don’t know any child who doesn’t look at their mother in any way. You have a responsibility to them.”

Amy tells Anna that standing up against the dugouts and saying that what Josh has done is wrong, the mother of seven will show her children that some things are more important than blind obedience.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

“Really enough to give them love and protection and show them that you are going to stand up and protect them,” Amy said.

Amy concludes with an in-depth look at the nature of child rearing.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks, you’re just a ton of bricks. I mean,” he said.

Tickets to Amy

“The kids are growing up, they either want to be like their mother or they want to marry someone like their mother,” Rebel Dugar continued.

“And it can either be really amazing and beautiful or it can be completely destructive.”

Amy is simplifying a little more there, but it’s clear that her goal is to get to Anna.

Duggar, Anna's picture

He says he tagged Anna in every Instagram post Josh made about the situation, but he hasn’t received any response yet.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

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