Amy Dugar begs her cousin Josh for the ‘harshest punishment’ possible

Josh Duggar After being convicted on child porn charges in December, he is finally facing punishment today. While his mother and his wife are asking for humility, not all dugouts are moving around the wagon.

Amy King Dugar He spoke for the last time in an attempt to keep his cousin legally detained as long as possible. The estranged family member said what the rest of us thought about the case, and it did not stop on Wednesday.

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He tweeted about his disgusting mugshot:

“It’s the day that the coarse smile slowly fades when he stops.”

But he just doesn’t take it Twitter. He also wrote a full letter to the judge in the case – but apparently they did not want to hear from him because he was not the victim’s family or family members? And Josh’s legal team certainly didn’t want to get his word on the record.

The sunHowever, happy to release a video 19 children and counting alum read his message aloud. And it makes for a more emotional experience.

He sought a possible “toughest sentence”, explaining that it would still not be “enough”:

“It simply came to our notice then. There will never be justice for children. Twenty years is not enough. “

He added:

“There is a verse in the Bible, Luke 17: 2. “It’s better to jump into the sea with a faucet hanging over your head, if you want to hit one of my little ones.” I’m sure he saw several children injured. If the Bible says jump into the sea and drown, how long will it be like being in prison?

Curse. It is some Old Testament justice.

While talking to the outlet, he also offered what insights he could give to his cousin’s crooked mind. He recalled:

“He was charismatic. He was funny. We had a joke inside. We didn’t talk all the time, but we kept in touch. We used to play together all the time outside. It was a healthy game. He was a happy man. I don’t know where it took a turn. I’m really ignorant of it. “

Below the surface, a “monster” was waiting to hunt children. Now when Amy sees it, she’s shocked:

“No regrets … it’s almost sociopath. There is no emotion. It’s very immature and very heartbreaking. “

Did he know? Okay, we’ve all learned a little bit since 2015 – but not even close to the full extent. It was the same for Amy:

“I knew he had a problem with pornography, but I had no idea it was at its lowest ebb. Very demonic. It’s very demonic to enjoy. “

Although he said he had no idea how he could become what he is, he noticed that he had been “safe” all his life. But now even Jim Bob Duger “You can’t stop him from going to jail.” He firmly believes that even if he doesn’t get the full sentence, it’s going to be worse than the Pampered former reality star realizes:

“He’s too much for a rude awakening, so I don’t know how he’s feeling. I don’t know if he thinks he has a good legal team and maybe it’ll work for him. The day will seem like a year. I have no idea what is going to happen. “

Will it erase the smile? We have to see.

[Image via Amy Duggar/Instagram, Washington County Sheriff’s Office]

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