Amy Dugar doesn’t blame her cousins ​​for judging her: they were brainwashed!

For most people, taking a stand against wearing pants means feeling comfortable in their own home. Not so for the Dugars.

Amy Rachel King, better known as Amy Dugar, was nicknamed the “Wild Cousin” because of her personal freedom. For example, he wore pants.

Although Jim Bob imposed many restrictions on Amy, her slightly more normal lifestyle led her to seek justice from her cousins ​​when they were younger.

It’s not their fault, Amy says. They thought that everything was normal.

Amy Dugar at Marriage Boot Camp

Amy talks to Duggar The sun About the cultural rights that he felt he was growing up around his cousins.

Extreme fundamentalists in her family viewed her as an “indecent” way of living, from her dress to her habits.

Dina raised him with less strict rules, so “I was climbing the tree wearing jeans and a brightly colored shirt,” Amy recalls.

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“I was a wild tomboy,” Amy explained. “I loved being in and out of nature.”

He said in detail: “I loved music, I could date. I would do whatever normal kids and teens do.”

Amy admits: “I was very familiar with the black sheep. They never called me a black sheep, but I was like a wild cousin.”

Amy Dugar in a bathing suit

Amy admits that her dress, hobbies and interests made her a “normal, regular person.”

But in the eyes of her cousins, she was somehow a “bad, wild girl.”

Amy reveals: “Was I hacked? Why am I wild in their eyes?”

Amy Dugar in the village

This “wild” label is over which means there were special rules about how he could communicate with his own family.

“I couldn’t spend the night. They couldn’t stay in my car,” he lamented.

Amy added: “There were some things that I was like, ‘What did I do? Why am I so wrong?’

Amy responds

Of course, when cousin Josh Dugar exposed his sister and a babysitter in 2015, things started to click.

Some of these rules were intended to embarrass him, but some “invisible” safety rules may prevent him from being alone with the hunter.

“Now I see it as a further defensive measure,” Amy suggested.

Amy Duggar, mother

Amy admitted that she felt “absolutely” that her cousins ​​were only judging her as their own.

But he took it with a grain of salt.

Amy explained that her cousins ​​”just don’t know better.”

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“I’m a little different than them,” Amy explained. “But it didn’t hurt me.”

The only problem was that his cousins ​​had no real experience with a normal, free person.

“I didn’t wear what they wore,” Amy explained. “I didn’t talk the way they did.”

Amy Dugar: A picture

“I could watch TV,” Amy noted.

He added: “I could go to the movies and malls, and they couldn’t tell the truth.”

“It set me apart without really trying,” Amy continued. “They grew up and found refuge.”

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Of course, part of the point of Dugar’s lifestyle is to create a group of siblings who think that something outside of religion is strange and foreign.

Typically, people who are exposed to different people and lifestyles simply talk to them, work with them, and understand them through learning.

For radical cultists who are not given the opportunity to do so, the only reaction is to close the ranks and judge.

Amy and Dina Dugar

Dena also talks about Amy’s upbringing.

“I’m so proud of Amy,” she says of her daughter. “She’s a strong woman.”

Dina praised: “She has become an amazing woman for taking such a position.”

Picture of Dina Dugar

“I gave Amy the freedom to choose what she wanted to do, like dancing,” Dena noted.

“I became more conservative so it was nice to see Amy get that freedom,” he commented.

“My mother was conservative in her thinking,” Dena recalls. “I wasn’t allowed to dance, but I did let Amy go.”

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Dina very accurately emphasized: “It’s important to give your kids the freedom to choose.”

Amyo commented on how cousins ​​like Jana, Jill and Ginger are now participating in society in jeans, short dresses and other ways.

“I am very proud of them. They’re all so sweet, “Amy appreciates.” They’re growing and evolving. We’re all doing it. It’s exciting to see. “

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