Amy Dugar Fear for Anna Dugar: She either denies or is silent!

On Wednesday, May 25, Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12 years in prison after his CSAM conviction in December.

The deprived former reality star is survived by his seven children (gratefully) and his wife Anna Dugar.

Amy is very visibly approaching Anna. He tried to communicate behind the scenes.

None of her efforts have been successful, and Amy believes that her aunt’s in-laws have either misunderstood her intentions … or are being silenced.

Amy Dugar hugs Anna Dugar

Amy Rachel King, better known as Amy Dugar, has spoken The sun About his efforts to extend an olive branch.

“It’s been a few months,” he admitted. “Long ago.”

Amy mentions her last successful contact with Anna: “It was last November? When it all started.”

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

“She was happy,” Amy recalled that conversation in November.

“You know what that happy look is like,” she said, adding that the women of the Dugar community are expected to smile and rejoice anyway.

Amy noted: “He acted as if nothing was wrong.”

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

Even without speaking directly, Amy appealed very openly to the wife of her disrespectful cousin, to no avail.

“I know Anna checks her Instagram,” he noted.

Amy explained: “I thought, ‘OK, she can tag him and maybe he’ll see it.'”

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Public Instagram posts were a measure of desperation, and how to talk to family was not her first choice.

“She’s not replying to a text message,” Amy lamented. “She’s not answering the phone.”

He insisted: “I know he has a big account and he scrolls on Instagram.”

Amy Dugar in the village

“It’s a way to reach out and say I’m here for her,” Amy argued.

He remembered asking himself: “How can you be silent when something is so heartbreaking?”

Amy reveals: “Anna is either being silenced or choosing to remain silent or she is choosing not to believe the real hard facts of what is happening.”

Duggar, Anna's picture

“I can’t imagine the kind of emotional state I would be in if I were Anna,” Amy admits.

“It will take a long time for him to understand what is happening,” he admitted.

Amy lamented: “It’s really sad.”

Amy responds

As far as Amy knows, Anna could have read the post – or seen and ignored it, or perhaps somehow completely missed it.

Either way, he never heard a peek from his cousin.

“Maybe she thinks I’m after fame or favorites on Instagram,” Amy suggested, at a loss as to why Anna didn’t answer for now.

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

“It said I feel for you. Anna, I love you,” Amy explained.

“I’ve loved you since day one,” he insisted.

“I want her to know how sincere it is,” Amy insisted.

Amy Dugar from a car

“Everyone just wants the best for her and her children,” Amy confirmed.

“And,” he added, “to keep them safe and secure.”

Of course, for that to happen, Josh had to stay in prison … which is why Anna seems to disagree with him.

Brought out of court and Josh

Amy has been a vocal critic of Josh since her arrest, not pretending to be as innocent as Anna or limiting her statement that Jim Bob must like her.

Anna has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Anna’s case have been made more than once.

Amy knows what the rest of us need to remember, Anna is also a victim of this evil religion. Lifelong brainwashing does not go away overnight to worship the husband.

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