Amy Dugar goes over Anna Dugar: There’s some self-esteem! Your husband is a

At the moment, this has become very clear and very problematic:

Anna Dugar is not going anywhere.

Although her husband cheated on her … and despite her husband being convicted of child sexual abuse in December … multiple reports indicate that Anna is not planning to divorce Josh Dugar.

According to various reports, he even thinks Josh is innocent. Yes, Still.

Anna D, Amy D

In response to Anna’s decision, with her remaining faith in her husband, Amy Dugar has finally had enough.

Jim Bob Duger’s niece, Amy, had not been close to her famous relatives for years – but she rarely spoke publicly about them and / or had no cross words to say about Dugar.

But then Josh was arrested for downloading sex graphic pictures and videos of children under 12.

And then she was convicted of this crime, and Amy was unable to remain silent in the face of this horrific scandal.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

Just a few days ago, Anna told social media followers that she hated even thinking about her cousin’s heinous act, hoping he would go to jail for more than 20 years.

Now, however?

Amy turns her attention to Josh’s wife.

Nowadays, he is just terrified to see all the mentality of Anna.

Amy Dugar in the village

“So, I don’t know who needs this reminder today,” the 35-year-old wrote in opening a series of TikToks on Saturday, May 14th.

“If a man cheats on you, if he sees things you don’t know or you don’t feel comfortable with, if he lies to you in any way and thinks you are inferior or keeps you up … he will tell you Using.

“She doesn’t really love you.

“I know it’s hard to hear but stop treating him like a dog. You can’t allow that. You can stop the abuse at any time.”

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

In 2015, Josh confessed to cheating with Ashley Madison, an adultery-themed website, with multiple women he met.

Anna later forgave his wife, and even gave birth to three more children over the years.

On social media, Amy went ahead to address her father-in-law directly.

“Anna, I love you. I’ve loved you since the day you entered our family,” she wrote, continuing:

Amy / Anna1

“But I want to tell you something, you’re showing women around the world who follow you, that it’s okay to have an abuser in your home, around your beautiful kids.

“You’re showing everyone that it’s okay to cheat, it’s okay to use me as an angry puppet.

“Okay … there’s more self-esteem than that. Ashley Madison? Hello.”

Hello, Indeed. Everyone knows Anna has to say Goodbye To Josh as soon as possible.

Amy / Anna2

“It broke my heart that he did that to you,” Amy said as she left talking to Anna.

“It’s heartbreaking that you’re sitting there wanting your kids ‘daddy’s house’.

“Father is not safe, he is not safe. He deserves to be taken prisoner.

“She deserves to be away from your kids, and you deserve better.”

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Amy concludes that Anna is stuck around a relationship that is a “sham” and is incredibly “sad”.

He also called the Family Institute Basic Life Principles Ministry a “culture”.

Last week, the public was warned about a letter dated March 7, 2022, written by a judge to Anna Dugar.

He did so in an attempt to limit Josh’s impending sentence to just a few years behind bars.

Josh and Anna throwback

Written in court on a single page and a half, Anna details everything in this note; From the time the couple met … until the first year of their marriage … Dugar’s recent efforts to help a widowed family friend.

“Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk by their side to help make their dreams come true,” he wrote.

“I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family soon.”

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