Amy Dugar: Josh is a monster, I hope he suffers in prison!

For the past year or so, since Josh Dugar’s arrest, Amy Dugar has been ready and willing to let the world know what she thinks about the situation.

Spoiler: He’s absolutely not a fan of his hateful cousin.

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It was in April last year that Josh was formally charged with taking and possessing child pornography, then in December he was convicted.

After countless delays, a judge has finally sentenced him to 151 months or just 12.5 years in federal prison.

Several members of Josh’s family will no doubt be devastated by the news – we know that many of them wrote letters to the judge asking for humility in sentencing, and reports that his wife, Anna, was apparently upset after leaving court.

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But Amy?

He thinks this sentence could be longer!

In a quick statement to Celebuzz, he said “Twelve and a half years is not enough, but I hope every second he has there will feel like eternity.”

This he shared on Instagram in a video where he got deeper with his feelings on the subject.

As he explains in his video, “I knew it would not be easy to prove the maximum punishment for him because in the eyes of the judge it was his first crime.”

He said he hated that things worked that way, but at least “he can’t have his computer, he can’t harm, he can’t exploit any more children and he has to look after his children.”

He is referring to another part of Josh’s sentence – in addition to the prison sentence, the judge granted him access for 20 years after his release, during which time he will not be allowed to use a computer or have custody of children.

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“Really,” he added, “wherever he goes, I think the prisoners will take care of him.”

Many people have said the same thing about how other prisoners would “take care of him” because of his particular crime, but it is important to remember that he will be in protective custody and not just hanging out with the general public.

After all, if Jared Fogel is able to survive in prison, Josh must be able to.

Amy went on to talk about how stressful the whole thing was for her and how she felt “too far from the end”.

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“Josh’s illness came from somewhere,” he claimed, “and eventually we’ll hear about the trauma. I don’t know when or how or who, but in the end I think something more will come out.”

It’s interesting – is he saying that he thinks Josh abused himself as a kid, and that’s why he’s like him?

Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

Either way, Josh seemed very pleased to be kept away for so long, and he said, “Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to sleep for the first time and just be reassured that another monster will be put behind bars. A little lighter. “

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We’re glad he’s feeling better now that the sentence is over, and we imagine that, whether they ever admit it or not, some other dugout might feel the same way.

Here it is hoped that Josh’s victim and his innocent family members are now able to begin healing.

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