Amy Dugar writes an open letter to Anna Dugar, Bejis’ cousin Bail divorcing her husband.

So much for beating around any bush.

Or mincing any sound.

Or speaking in detail, mysteriously and / or in any kind of generalization.

Amy Dugar came out straight and addressed her cousin directly, writing an open letter to Anna Dugar on Instagram asking her to divorce and request the mother of seven.

Amy Dugar hugs Anna Dugar

“Anna, I feel for you. No woman wants to wear your shoes,” Amy wrote next to the picture above, embracing her and Anna.

“You are facing an impossible decision and you are surrounded by the wrong kind of support.

“You have been taught since childhood that marriage lasts forever and you prayed to God to send you a mate.

“You made a life and a family with her. You didn’t choose any of them, and neither did your kids.”

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Amy, of course, is referring here to Josh Dugar, who was convicted in December of two counts of child sexual abuse.

A jury of former reality star counterparts has determined that Josh downloaded sexually explicit videos and photos of children under the age of 12.

He will be sentenced to federal prison on May 25, and Amy wrote the lengthy message in response to a recent letter from a judge to Anna … where he described his wife as “a loyal family man” and asked for a humble sentence.

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

Amy mentions in the message that “I’m not following you with some hard love thing” and assures her cousin that “it’s just in my heart and I can’t help but express it.”

He then quotes the aforementioned letter, along with others, this spring to the judge who will decide how many years Josh will spend behind bars.

“I cried when I read your own father’s letter in support of your husband this week,” Amy said.

“It’s no wonder you’re struggling to figure out what to do to protect your own children – obviously there was no precedent for you. It’s terrible and I’m sorry about that. “

Anna and Josh Dugar and Baby

According to all the details, Anna has no plans to divorce Josh – despite this conviction and Josh admitting to disbelief in 2015.

He cheated on his wife with the women he saw on the adultery-themed website Ashley Madison.

“If no one else in your life says that, I want you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh,” Amy insisted in her note.

“One day your kids will realize what kind of person their father really is. You can’t protect them from the truth forever!”

Brought from Amy

Jim Bob Duger’s niece, Amy, has been isolated from almost all Duggers for years.

He mostly avoids the press and the spotlight, though until Josh was arrested a year ago.

Since then, Amy has not been able to keep quiet, considering the serious nature of Josh’s crime and the reaction of his parents and a few other loved ones.

At various times, Amy has trashed Josh as a “wicked”, “monster” and said he deserves a final sentence of at least 20 years.

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

In her message, Amy once again nurtures Anna’s children as follows:

“I say this publicly so that when they grow up, they will know that their family members shouted from the roof that they are always worthy of protection.

“Your kids look at you too …

“Please be the role model they need in their lives.”

Son of Amy Dugar and Cute

Amy, who shares a son named Dax with her husband Dillon, writes that she and her wife “willing to help” Anna move on:

“Josh has chosen how history will remember him. By staying and supporting him you are allowing him to choose it for you too.

“And I know that it may seem impossible now to stand up to all of this, but as a mother, your instincts to protect your children must always be stronger than your fears.

“Only those who will be upset by your departure are willing to sacrifice the safety of you and your children to protect Josh and his privacy.”

Anna Dugar and terrible husband

Anna and Josh married in 2008 and have seven children:

McKinsey (born October 2009), Michael (June 2011), Marcus (June 2013), Meredith (July 2015), Mason (September 2017) and Mariella (November 2019) Madison Lily (born October 2021).

Anna Dugar has not said anything publicly since her husband was taken into custody, but a letter she wrote to the aforementioned judge in March has received several outlets.

“My children and I depend on Joshua for financial, emotional and physical support. Many others rely on Joshua,” it said.

“Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk by their side to help make their dreams come true.”

Anna Dugar and 6 children

For her part, Amy Anna ran a Twitter riot in response to these words, not to mention similar words in support of Michelle Dugar.

“First of all Josh is funny, charismatic, kind and all the things listed in my aunt’s letter,” he wrote on social media last week.

“But there is an evil side. There is an aspect that makes your skin crawl.

“You can’t ignore what he did years ago, and what he saw was caught! Are they confusing?”

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