Amy Rolf: I don’t want to attend Matt and Carin’s wedding!

Amy Rolf is out, folks.

Not that there is anything for him Inside For

At least not yet.

The Little People, Big World star still wants to clear it, but …

Amy Rolf in 23 seasons

… whenever engaged to her ex-husband Carin Chandler?

… then whenever the couple actually goes ahead and gets married?

… he will not be present.

“I wouldn’t like it,” the mother of four admitted in a recent conversation with Our Weekly when asked about attending Matt’s wedding.

Matt and Amy Rolf on camera

To be clear, Matt and Carin’s wedding date has not been set.

Heck, they’re not even hired yet.

However, Matt has hinted on numerous occasions that the question will be popped up in the near future.

Many TLC viewers think that at some point in the current season of Little People, Big World, he might propose at some point, leading to a wedding on television. Follow Weather.

Matt Rolf and Carin Chandler as a couple

And when will that almost certainly happen?

“We will not be invited to the wedding,” Matt and Karin added as Chris Marek spoke to Our Weekly on the same subject:

“They have already said that when they do, it will be a small deal.

“I certainly wouldn’t expect that.”

Amy Rolf and Chris Marek in Hawaii

Amy and Marek were married in August 2021.

They did not invite Matt and / or Carin to the event, but Matt Did Provide his farm as a location for his ex-wife’s big day.

Ex-wives have been on friendly terms since the 2016 divorce, although tensions have been late.

Just last month, Matt announced that he had put 16 acres of this same farm for sale, angering son Jack in the process, who condemned Matt as a coward in response to his father’s explanation behind the sale.

It was a tragic rebuke.

Matt R. with Karin

For her part, Amy has weighed in on the controversy by throwing her own shadow a bit in Matt’s direction.

“I don’t know much about the discussions that took place between Zach and Matt,” Amy said of the ongoing conflict between her son and his ex.

“I am just happy to be here.

“Some parts of me aren’t exactly surprised because I’ve dealt with Matt over the years and he can be tough. He can be frustrating.”

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Amy aint for me either.

“Matt is still a father, still an adult.”

“I don’t care how old your kids are, sometimes there are things they may need to learn.

“But you know as an adult, as a parent, you may have to take a higher road.”

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

Noting that, year after year, Matt insisted that the farm was going to be a “legacy” for the family, Amy tried to conclude in a positive note.

Especially now that Jack is gone and has literally moved to Washington.

“Change happens, it’s not always happy, but ultimately,” he said.

“Maybe it will be a step where we can all move forward and see how we can all come back together.”

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