Amy Rolf provides really bad news about the pumpkin season

Amy Rolf has some awesome news to share.

At least as far as small people, fans of the big world are concerned.

The mother of four was involved in an ongoing feud between her ex-husband and her son Zac last weekend.

You may have read that Matt Rolfe put a portion of his farm up for sale several days ago – he is seeking $ 4 million for 16 acres of land.

Amy Rolf in May 2022

“It’s time to move on to the next season of life,” the reality star wrote with the announcement.

Matt bought Amy’s share of the property in 2019 and hinted for a while that he was interested in retiring in the near future.

It is, of course, its perogative.

However, Rolfe’s decision to sell at this time, along with further explanations he proposed to Instagram followers last week, has sparked controversy among members of this famous family that has never been seen before.

Roloff for sale

After his original announcement, Matt admitted online that his “ultimate hope was that the entire Rolf Farms property would remain in our family for generations to come.”

Alas, he admits he tried to sell it to Zach and / or Jeremy at various times, and …

“My twin boys have decided not to consider working together on a potential joint venture.

“They both (along with their growing family) moved on to other interests and investments … and were even given a significant family discount and an” equity gift “… they decided individually that the timing was not right they were part of the farm at the time Will buy. “

Amy vs. Matt Rolf

Is that true, though?

In a tragic reprimand from his father, Zach reacted to this explanation by trashing Matt as a coward and manipulator.

Directly tagging his father, Zach wrote, “This post is very misleading and false,” adding:

“My dad is running the story right now before the season is out.”

zach roloff left a comment

The generally calm and seldom conflicting Zach concludes:

Again, he did not take responsibility for his actions for most of his life and blamed others.

Pulling out the family drama he had created, he then manipulated the fan base and came out on his own.

This post is a new tragic low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own benefit.

Jack Rolf looks depressed

So there’s the background, folks. Sorry for the long suggestion.

Amy, for her part, jumped into the fight during an Instagram live chat on Friday.

“This is a very sad situation in my opinion, because it’s my personal …” Amy told fans after the issue came up.

“Business was part of our personal lives so it will never be business.”

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

Does Matt deserve to benefit from his hard work? Of course. But …

“You can’t deal with people who are a direct part of your family, and take over – because it’s business – [they’re] Like any other vendor, “Amy continued.

“I’m not like any other seller. My boys are not like any other seller. They are your son!”

Amy even admits that Matt’s focus on business has hurt the family over the years.

Amy Rolf in 23 seasons

“Everything comes at a cost, and it comes at a huge cost,” he told followers.

“But we will always look at it differently and that is unfortunate. But I feel for my boys.

“The way they were raised is not what we thought it would be.”

As for the business itself?

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

This brings us back to the beginning and the aforementioned bad news.

“It simply came to our notice then [pumpkin season]”Rolf Farms has become one of the busiest times of the year, citing very popular tourist attractions,” Amy said in her chat.

He added that it would “feel strange” to know that a “complete stranger” would soon own a place where he and his children had such a rich history of memory.

However, “you have to say goodbye,” he argued. “You can’t go back.”

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