Amy Rolf responds to the family quarrel: It’s just bad!

It’s a conflict that no one has ever seen.

Except, perhaps, for Amy Rolf.

Just a week ago, Matt Rolfe put a portion of his Oregon farm up for sale … doing so months after failing to reach an agreement with either of his twin sons, both of whom expressed interest in taking responsibility for their father.

It was definitely Matt’s decision.

This is 3 Rolf

However, the father of four then went ahead and explained to Instagram followers why the property had not been handed over to Zach or Jeremy.

“Both of them (along with their growing families) have moved on to other interests and investments,” Matt claimed online, adding a few days ago:

“And even a significant family discount and an” equity gift “was offered by both Amy and me…. (And I still owe Amy a bundle of money). Part. “

This message doesn’t sit well with Jack. Above all

Roloff for sale

In a shocking rebuke, Zach tagged his father in the comments section and wrote:

“This post is very misleading and false. My dad is running the story right before the season is out right now.”

How much like An-Rolfe, isn’t it?

Publicizing such dirty laundry?

zach roloff left a comment

Zach did not, however, end his remarks as follows:

Again, he did not take responsibility for his actions for most of his life and blamed others.

Pulling out the family drama he had created, he then manipulated the fan base and came out on his own.

This post is a new tragic low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own benefit.

Jack Rolf looks depressed

In her initial reaction to this heinous challenge, Amy blamed Matt for provoking her and at least not giving her son. Something Special treatment in farm discussions.

Now, meanwhile, Little People, the Big World star, has explained his position in a chat with Our Weekly.

“It was hard for me to see,” Amy told the tabloid on May 25 between her son and her ex-husband, adding:

“I do not know much about the discussions between Matt and Jack [but] I’ve heard a little bit here and there. “

Amy Rolf in 23 seasons

Long-term TLC personality continues:

“I am just happy to be here.

“Some part of me [are] That’s not the case [surprised] Because I’ve been dealing with Matt for years and he can be tough, he can be frustrating, but I also think that no matter what is expected of them both, they are out the window. [and] They obviously didn’t sync up.

“I’ve said in previous episodes, Matt is still a father, he’s still an ‘adult.’ I don’t care how old your kids are.

“Sometimes there are things they may need to learn, but … as a parent, you may have to take a higher road.”

Amy vs. Matt Rolf

Nearly three years after the couple’s divorce, Matt bought the firm’s Amy shares in 2019.

They still starred in Little People, Big World, of course, which started a new season last Tuesday.

“Change happens,” Rolf told us in conclusion.

“It’s not always good; it’s not always happy, but in the end, it probably is [will] It’s a step where we can all move forward and see how we can all come back together. “

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

Zach, meanwhile, previously told Entertainment Tonight that “the ship has sailed” his family ever ran a farm.

“I think it was a mistake to put it on social media, but I think I made my thoughts very clear,” said the father of three, about keeping his father in a very public explosion. The beginning says:

“It’s all right.

“We are all family.”

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