Amy Rolfe greets Matt Rolfe taking “Higher Road” on the Rift

Small people, big world Fans don’t have to say that Rolfe’s family feud is so bad.

This is unfortunate for Matt, who seems to have taken on the role of villain. It’s a mammal for his kids, especially for Jack and his wife Tory. It suck for fallen grandchildren.

Amy knows all of them, as well as any person she can imagine, and weighs in public.

She wants her ex-husband to handle it better … but she knows it’s out of her control.

Amy Rolf weighs on the Rolf Rift

There was an extensive conversation with Amy Rolf Our weekly About farm conflicts.

“I don’t know much about the details of that discussion between Jack and Matt,” he admitted.

He knows for sure that he is not thrilled with the results.

Matt Rolf on his farm

“Matt is still a dad, still an ‘adult,'” Amy noted.

“I don’t care how old your kids are,” he argued, “sometimes there are things they may need to learn.”

“But,” Amy continued, “you know as an adult, as a parent, you may have to take a higher road.”

Small people, big world posters

Amy expressed that it was “sad that it came here.”

She admits that her ex-husband may be “humiliated”.

Notoriously, their conflicting personal style and personality were major contributors to their divorce, perhaps even more so than Karin.

Amy Rolf in May 2022

“Some parts of me aren’t exactly surprised,” Amy admits.

He explained that it was “because I’ve been dealing with Matt for years.”

“And,” Amy characterizes, “she can be tough.”

Jack Rolf looks depressed

Like the rest of the family and all their visitors, he is aware that the children have spent their lives saying that the farm will be part of the family’s legacy.

Now, a huge portion of the farm is being sold.

In the end, he hopes something good will come out of the ashes of this bitter conflict.

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

“Change happens,” Amy admits.

“It’s not always happy,” he understated.

“But in the end,” Amy revealed, “maybe it will be a step where we can all move forward and see how we can come back together.”

Amy Rolf in 23 seasons

It’s easier said than done, and Amy knows it.

Everyone involved should not only talk, but forgive each other if they want to move forward.

That’s not just Matt and Zach. This includes Jeremy and Audrey in particular, who have been aspiring to the Rolf Farm for many years.

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

Amy understands – probably better than Matt – why there are so many feelings of pain that won’t go away easily.

“We’ve heard over time that it’s going to be part of the family,” he admitted.

Amy has heard countless times that “this is going to be a legacy.”

Matt Rolf on the tractor

“And now to see the end result with the ‘for sale’ sign,” Amy continued.

That has been crushed for them.

This Rolf crack won’t go away on its own, but even after the fence is repaired, Matt’s choice has shaped the family’s fortunes forever.

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