Amy Rolf’s Ex-Husband’s Explosion: You’ve Destroyed Our Happy Family!

Amy Rolf weighed in at Farmgate.

And you can probably guess who he’s on, isn’t he?

About a week ago, Matt Rolfe put 16 acres of his farm up for sale, writing on Instagram at the time:

“It’s time to move on to the next season of life.”

Amy vs. Matt Rolf

This is of course perfectly fair and reasonable in a vacuum.

Matt has lived on the property and has run it as a business for more than three decades, hinting for a moment that he is ready to retire in the near future.

However, it has long been speculated that Matt will keep the farm in the family, at some point selling it to Zach or Jeremy Rolf.

At the premiere of last Tuesday’s season of Little People, Big World, we witnessed an exciting discussion between Matt and Jack about property.

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

This discussion took place a few months ago, though, when the episode was filmed.

More recently – for example, just a few days ago – Zach posted a comment on his father’s Instagram page, tearing Matt apart, alleging that he was selling and / or claiming to be Zach’s next owner.

The father of four, you see, wrote that his “ultimate hope was that the entire Rolf Farms property would remain in our family for the next generation,” but:

“My twin boys have decided not to consider working together on a potential joint venture.”

Matt on the farm

Matt added at the time:

“They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.”

“And even a significant family discount and an” equity gift “was offered by both Amy and me…. (And I still owe Amy a bundle of money). Part. “

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

Zach definitely took the main exception to this summary of events.

Tagging his dad directly in his comments, Zach replied that “this post is extremely misleading and false. My dad is manipulating the description right now before the season is out.”

In a stunning rebuke, he added:

Again, he did not take responsibility for his actions for most of his life and blamed others. Pulling out the family drama he had created, he then manipulated the fan base and came out on his own.

This post is a new tragic downfall of cowardice and manipulation of his family and children for his own benefit.

zach roloff left a comment

Wow, isn’t it?!?

Where does Rolf’s mother stand in this uncomfortable and unfortunate conflict between his son and his ex-wife?

“It’s a very sad situation in my opinion, because it’s my personal …” Amy said at the start of her Instagram live chat on Friday.

“Business was part of our personal lives so it will never be business.”

Amy Rolf in 23 seasons

Amy – who sold part of her farm to Matt in late 2019 and then moved about 15 minutes away – continued:

“You can’t deal with people who are a direct part of your family, and take over – because it’s business – [they’re] Like any other seller.

“I’m not like any other seller. My boys are not like any other seller. They are your son!”

Translation? Yes, Matt deserves to be profitable in any deal … but his own children should be treated in a special fashion.

Matt Rolf on the tractor

“No one guessed [they’d] Get something for free, or less … I think they all knew that Dad deserved something, “Amy added.

Amy then admits that Matt’s focus on business has hurt the family for years.

“Everything comes at a cost, and it comes at a huge cost,” he told followers.

“But we will always look at it differently and that is unfortunate. But I feel for my boys. Nothing happened to them as we had hoped. “

Matt Rolf became serious

Amy admits it would be “strange” to see the property in the hands of a stranger because the farm is “part of all of us.”

But, yes, at the end of the day … it’s Matt’s decision.

“It’s Matt’s choice,” Amy said. “He has a loan from me, to pay my amount, the buyout amount … so he has to pay, right, half of me … but he owns it. So it is his choice; He can do whatever he wants.

“But it’s up to him to decide what to do with it because he owns it. He doesn’t have to report it to me or ask anyone.”

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