An Indian-American teenager suffocates in Texas middle school – and is punished more severely

A video of a Texas teen suffocating by a classmate is going viral and causing outrage on social media.

A 14-year-old man has been identified Shan Preetmani In a video released last week, a classmate was seen pulling him out of his seat, holding his breath. This happened Koppel Middle School North May 11 in Capel, a suburb of Texas.

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Pritam doesn’t fight to protect herself – and yet she apparently received a more significant punishment than her alleged assassin. The North American Association of Indian Students Annoying clips and reported penalties (below):

“Annoying footage of Shan Preetmani being assaulted and suffocated for more than four minutes by a high school student, a white student. The incident happened at Kopel Middle School in a suburb of Dallas. Shane received a three-day suspension and the assailant received one day.

In addition to the message, the association has shared widely circulated footage of violent incidents, which you can see Here.

In an email to parents, the school district superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt Explain that the administrators are addressing the content of the video in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct:

“Aware of a video circulating on Koppel ISD social media, Koppel Middle School North is an incident involving a physical altercation between two students. Harassment, both verbal and physical, as well as physical aggression is never acceptable and we are not aligned with CISD and our core values.”

Hunt’s email did not address the length of the stay order for Pritamni or anyone else involved. Of these, Sonica KukrejaWho was identified as Shan’s mother, she started a Appeal for justice for her son. In it, he writes:

“Due to the lack of support from Koppel ISD and Koppel PD to properly manage this attack, we demand that the attacker be immediately removed from my son’s school.” Shane will never again have to take classes, interact, or pass hallways with this aggressor. Shane should be able to continue her school experience, friendships and extracurricular activities without worrying that she will have to cross paths again with this student. She doesn’t feel safe. “

The petition, which has more than 310,000 signatures, can be seen here.

We hope that this situation will be adequately addressed by the administrators.

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