Andy Cohen leaves housewives, Teresa Goodis demands apology from Joe Gorgar

Last week, in Part 1 The real housewife of New Jersey Season 12 Reunion, Teresa Goodis insults her brother.

He repeatedly ignored Joe Gorga until he stepped off the stage, announcing that he was resigning.

In Part 2, immediately after, everyone except Andy Cohen instructed Teresa to beautify herself with Joey.

He didn’t do a great job on his own, so Andy stepped up again.

Joe Garga is so don

In order to be involved in the ongoing drama, some people may want to say “son of a bitch” who is “like a housewife”.

Joe Gorga is not one of them.

Despite Teresa’s claim that she “didn’t let him down”, no one else actually believed it.

Teresa Guidis became a bit strange

“Okay, you let him down,” Andy countered.

He told Teresa: “You’re insulting her by saying, ‘What are you doing here? You’re in a women’s play.'”

Andy then instructs Teresa to fix everything before Andy and the show – and Teresa herself – to lose Jock forever.

Andy Cohen defended participation

“He’s my baby brother. I’ve always kissed his ass. That’s why he’s used to it,” Teresa claims.

“All right, well,” Andy replied. “Well, kiss her ass a little more.”

Teresa followed Joe behind the scenes, but the two did not agree – Teresa insisted on a dual standard where Luis Ruelas was free to speak but not Joe.

Teresa Goodis argues at Season 12 Reunion

“It’s not the same!” Teresa said aloud. “He must defend himself, F-King.”

Joe then asks very fairly: “But why is he doing this? For you, isn’t it? So, he’s a dog.”

At this point, Teresa got one of her favorite things: Margaret.

Joe Gorga speaks for himself

Teresa advised that she would not insult and insult Joe if he told Margaret to “shut up the FK”.

This was not going anywhere. Teresa was doing everything but “kissing ass”.

Fortunately, Andy reached the back of the stage after hearing the screams.

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga reacted unsatisfactorily

“We want her to stay here,” Andy reminded Teresa after repeatedly attacking her brother’s masculinity.

“You’ve all been living your life on television, this family for years,” he noted.

“And,” Andy told him, “we’re trying to solve something here, believe it or not.”

Melissa Gorga Backstage (S12 Reunion Part 2)

Joe then reminded Teresa of what he had always advised, informed by both common sense and his many years of experience in reality television.

Simply put, if Lewis had spoken directly about the allegations – Margaret had given him a big excuse to do so – the chatter would have subsided.

Just like with Dennis Richards RHOBH And countless other examples, the refusal to talk about a subject became a bigger story than the initial scandal.

Joe Gorga with Teresa Goodis (S12 Reunion Part 2)

Andy yelled and reminded Teresa that Lewis would discuss whatever it meant to be on the show and dating Teresa.

Even if Margaret never breathed a word about Lewis, it would be Andy’s job to ask all this now.

Joe and Teresa finally start to figure things out … but Teresa insists she didn’t insult Joe, Andy snaps.

Andy Cohen calls Teresa Goodis (S12 Reunion Part 2)

“He’s telling you how he’s feeling,” Andy points out, “so you should listen!”

The two made peace, Joe told Teresa he wanted a relationship, but reminded her that “you said something bad tonight.”

Teresa even apologized. If such peace can be lasting.

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