Anfisa Nava expresses weight struggle after surgery: I want to go back

Even if its time 90 day engagement Unfisa Arkhipchenko did not draw Nava in the best light, she has a lot of fan following.

People focus on his fitness journey, his lifestyle, and his business ambitions – and so on.

Anfissar has recently undergone cosmetic surgery.

After that, he struggles with his weight, and talks about his next fitness goal after recovery.

Anfisa Nava goes to the truth

Before Anfisa there was a deviant septum.

He has now replaced it with rhinoplasty.

But surgery, even in someone’s face, has a recovery period that can take people away from their routine.

Anfisa is reclining in a Nava Serulian bikini

In the case of Anfisa, she cannot keep up her normal exercise routine while recovering from surgery.

Working out changes your blood flow and muscle tension even in places where you don’t think a “workout” will touch.

This, he said in a recent Instagram Story Q&A, has had an impact.

Anfisa squats Nava

Anfisa revealed that she lost weight while recovering from surgery.

Weight change is normal after surgery. Some lose weight, some wait – especially when their mobility and routine are affected.

But for the little one like Anfisa, who has worked hard to build muscle definition, this weight loss is a disaster.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava IG Post-Rhinoplasty Workout Plan

Her goal, Anfisa explains, is to get her back muscles back – but only when it’s safe.

After the doctor allows him to proceed, he will return to the gym and get back to what we used to see.

In case you forgot, this is the kind of build that Anfisa has shown in the past:

Anfisa Nava flaunts her incredible back

For rhinoplasty, Anfisa shared that the surgery went very well.

Nonetheless, the procedure was “complex” and Anfisa noted that it would take some time to see the full results, much less show them.

After all, even after the initial healing is complete, the tissues will probably swell for some time. Only then will he see the results.

Anfisa Nava Eye-Popping Workout

Anfisa noted that the results could take weeks or months to complete.

(Oral surgery is difficult for a variety of reasons; for some, recovery may take six months or more)

In terms of timing, his academic career is on track.

Anfisa Nava, Beach Bikini Throwback

Anfisa is just a few weeks away from graduation.

Despite having a business education, he is not planning to get a run-of-the-mill corporate job.

Instead, it looks like Anfisa is planning to continue marketing its biggest asset: itself.

Anfisa Nava Buti Workout

From his time 90 day engagementAnfisa has used its platform to promote itself – and has done very well.

Those who only followed him in the franchise may remember him only as a “villain” who was given a gold digger’s edit (and ran with it in his own confession).

His fans and followers have seen him, ahem, his different side.

Anfisa Nava shows her booty in red

By this we mean that she has more personality than we have seen on the screen and much more than being George’s (ex) wife.

Some people still dislike him, and there are aspects of his on-screen behavior that cannot be explained or edited.

But we are glad that her surgery has been good and we wish her a full recovery.

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