Angela Egg Health Concerns: Fans fear she’s getting worse after the latest video

Over the years, Angela Egg has been such a controversial fixture 90 day engagement That toxic behavior gets Angela season after season.

Although the status of Angela and Michael has become a hot topic lately, some of Angela’s fans (she has them) have a different focus.

Angela looks sick. No, we are not talking about his behavior, but his health.

In a disturbing video, his followers think he is getting worse, not getting better.

Angela Egg Lip TickTuck 01

Angela Dim recently shared a tickling video and then crossposted that clip to her Instagram page.

In the recording, Grandma is in a dimly lit room – and appears to be at home in her own bed.

Wearing her hair down, she shakes her head as she looks at the camera.

Angela Egg Lip TickTuck 02

“I’m just lying around on Saturday,” he wrote throughout the video.

“Love you queens,” he added.

In the video, Angela Billy is trying to lip-sync with Joe Royal’s “Burned Like a Rocket”.

Angela Egg Lip TickTuck 03

Angela captioned the video: “Tired of my trip from LA BABY.”

While “LA BABY” may sound like a rapper’s name, he’s definitely referring to Los Angeles.

It’s not jet lag, however, people are worried about the video.

Angela Egg Lip Tick 04

Angela’s appearance has changed a lot.

His life and his habits, especially smoking, obviously took their toll a few years ago, which is why many were surprised that he was only in his fifties.

Since going through her surgical weight loss journey, Angela’s appearance has also changed in various ways, and some of these changes have made her look older and others have made her look even younger.

Angela Egg straightens her hair

Anyway … this time, the concern is about her lower lip, and if you’ve seen our included video, you’ve probably noticed it yourself.

She has a very visible dark mark on her lower lip – hard to miss, even in the dim light of the video.

It’s not new, but it’s still something that angel fans are deeply concerned about.

Angela's eggs are all open and smiling

‚ÄúSomeone has to see about your lips. It’s getting worse, “said one commenter.

Another asked her to see a doctor about it because they knew someone with the same sign “and it was cancer.”

Others speculated that it was less severe, with one person advising: “He’s probably suffering from some kind of vitamin deficiency.”

Angela Dim posted a glow-up selfie

Vitamin deficiency is possible, especially for someone who is going through extreme weight loss.

Of course, while a large proportion of Americans take multivitamins daily, vitamin deficiencies – which may be the cause of a certain visible symptom – seem less likely.

One would expect it to be a mere surgical scar, or something that Angela knows and has been confirmed to be majestic, and not a warning sign of an impending major health war.

Angela eggs in a bubble bath

Angela’s fans are not publicly concerned, with some applauding those who express their concerns, comparing them to Angela’s hard-working haters.

There is sometimes a fine line between genuine alarm and “concern trolling” but most of the comments about Angela’s lips seem to be earlier.

No matter what we think about how Angela treats others, including Michael, no one wants her to have a health crisis.

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