Angelina Pevernik Stars in Jersey Shore Spin of With Love Is Blind, Bachelor

For over 12 years, the original Jersey Show has been an overnight hit for the pop culture sensation and MTV.

Most reality franchises are starting to run out of steam near the decade mark, but the noise is still getting stronger.

In fact, nowadays, there is a jersey shore spinoff wherever you look.

First, we have the original cast starring in Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which is technically a spinoff, although most viewers think it’s just Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

Then there’s the slate of new noise-inspired shows on MTV, including Jersey Shore 2.0 (Shore with a young cast of guidos), and Buckhead Shore (Shore set a lake house in Georgia).

That’s what bothered Snooki and worried about the future of the franchise … more on that later.

And then there’s the new offer from Paramount + which uses the name Shore, although it only has one link to the original series.

All Star Shore

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

In addition to Angelinars, the All-Star Show features Bachelor / Bachelor in Paradise star Blake Horstman, Love Is Blind’s Gianina Gibelli, Rupel’s drag race Vanessa “Vanji” Mateo and Love Island USA alumnus Trina Enzoroz.

So yes, with the exception of Angelina, it’s not exactly an all-star cast.

Angelina Pivarnik: I look like Kim!

Correction: Even With Angelina, this is not exactly an all-star cast!

Blake has created some drama in the last season of BIP, so fans of that franchise may remember him.

Vanzie has 1.5 million Instagram followers, which is quite impressive.

Love Island never really starts the way it started with the Americans and the Brits, and the show is on Freakin ‘Peak, which tells you what you need to know.

Giannina Gibelli

Launched in the second season of Love Is Blind, but Giannina starred in the show’s inadequate first outing, so while she has made a decent following for herself online, her name may not even ring the bell for LiB viewers.

However, regardless of Angelina’s fine, Jersey Shore will probably remain on MTV until the sun expands and engulfs the earth, extinguishing all forms of life, including the majestic Guido.

But for the rest of these “stars” it could be the Majors’ last shot, so the stakes are high.

Angelina is single

As for the actual noise, there is problematic water at the moment, as the cast has clashed with MTV over the new spinoff show.

“We’ve given our all in the last 13 years, become a family and keep our lives open to the world,” Snooks wrote on Twitter, apparently speaking on behalf of the entire cast.

“So please understand that we are not in favor of a version that will use our hard work and truthfulness to achieve our original show, the audience,” he continued.

Snooki response

Needless to say, Snooky doesn’t seem to be a fan of anything that could diminish the strength of the Jersey Shore brand.

So it’s possible he’s not crazy about Angelina’s latest project.

But hey, if that fact leads to a new feud between the co-stars, then All Star Shore could make Jersey Shore even better!

The All Star Show is set to premiere on June 29 at Paramount +

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