Angelina Pivarnik: Mike Sorrentino caught cheating ?!

People, a new season Jersey Shore Almost on us.

There was a time when the news was received in anticipation of excitement and high drama and unreasonable humor.

Of course, these days, the Guido Gang has become much more stable, and some viewers have complained that the show is not as exciting as it used to be.

In fact, the long-running series has gained nicknames Jersey Boer.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

Fortunately, we can always rely on Angelina Pivarnik to keep the activities a bit entertaining with her never ending mess.

As you probably know, in recent months Angelinars has become more awkward than usual, and Mike Sorrentino is seen calling for his activities in a new season trailer.

“Oh, am I a cheater?” Pevernik is seen asking Mike, who fired back, “Yeah, you!”

Angelina Pevernik was caught

“You had multiple side pieces,” he complained. “And they all wanted to reveal you.”

Last season, we saw Angelina admit that her marriage was less than ideal.

“I am not the perfect wife yet. I yell at him, I’ll make him small at times, “Pivarnik explained to his customers.

Chris Larenzira and Angelina Pivarnik on MTV

“I think we’re both wrong. But look how I admit it to you. He’ll never admit he’s wrong.”

What we didn’t know then was that Angelina was cheating on Chris – like, a lot!

In fact, he was only caught because his subjects began to interfere with each other.

According to Laranjira’s divorce filing, Angelina has been an unwavering side-piece for almost two years.

Chris and Angelina on the red carpet

The man was all upset when he learned that hooking up with Pivarnik had begun Other Friend did some kind of international filming when he was in Europe Cool Spinoff

The side-piece fills Chris with much of his wife’s exploitation and takes revenge, and the rest is history.

That drama unfolds in most seasons CoolBut based on Mike’s comments, it looks like we’ll see Angelina’s co-stars confront her about her infidelity.

Angelina with wine

Hell, at the moment, it seems you can make a complete reality show about Angelina’s betrayal.

Of course, this is not the only drama surrounding it Cool Cast nowadays – but other things are never likely to appear on camera

First, there are ongoing questions about whether Ronnie Magro has been fired Cool.

Ronnie, Paoli, Winnie

You will notice that he is not in the trailer for the upcoming season, which is not good for his future in the series.

And then there’s the dispute between Cast and MTV over a planned slate Jersey Shore spinoffs

The network is planning to launch a series titled Jersey Shore 2.0 (Cool With a new, much younger cast) and Buckhead Shore (Cool Set in a lake house in Georgia).

Snooky with wine

Apparently, both of these projects were conceived and launched with the knowledge of the original cast, and Snooki and company are not happy about that.

But again, we don’t see any bitter deal conflict on camera.

As for what we do Willpower See – well, lots of complaints against Angelina and The Situation Sporting Blonde Locks … both can be quite entertaining.

Its the new season Jersey Shore Family Vacation It is going to make its debut on MTV on 23rd June

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