Anna Dugar: Did he force his friend to write a letter to the judge on Josh?

Last week, Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison on a previous charge of child pornography.

A few weeks before his sentencing hearing, Josh’s wife, Anna Dugar, embarked on a desperate, last-ditch effort to secure a modest five-year sentence.

Needless to say, the campaign failed.

Anna wrote letters to Josh and encouraged others to do the same.

Josh, Anna horizontal

In fact, it seems she did more than encouragement, as Anna is now being accused of forcing an elderly woman to write a letter to a judge.

The author of the letter in question is Dennis Wilson, the widow of the Dugar family’s longtime priest.

Apparently, Anna Dugar sought approval from someone so high in the evangelical community, and she is being accused of using dishonest methods to get it.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

“Today, news coverage of Josh Duggar’s sentencing revealed that my mother-in-law, under Anna Dugar’s manipulation, wrote a letter to the judge seeking flexibility in the punishment of Josh’s child pornography case,” read son-in-law James Weeks after reading Dennis’ recent Facebook status.

“Neither I nor my wife knew he was planning to do this and I think our position should be clarified a lot. My wife and I are in no way in favor of flexibility or compassion towards any pedophile,” Weeks continued.

“Status as a family member, past friendships, past good deeds or any other factor should not be considered when engaging in such behavior,” he wrote.

Josh and Anna Dugar and 2 kids

“We deny the letter [Denise] And the defense of such a person is reprehensible. “

In the comments, Dennis’ daughter Rachel echoed the sentiments of the week, writing that she believed Josh had succeeded in “brainwashing” those closest to him.

He accused Josh of “working to make sure he looks like a perfect Christian man to everyone around him.”

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

“Thanks to the brainwashing level, he has succeeded with hundreds of people,” Rebecca added.

Lana, Dennis’ other daughter, wrote, “Some duggers, including my mother, and their friends have been deceived into thinking that she is somehow innocent and wrongly accused.”

In his letter, which was received by the UK tabloid this week The sunDennis writes about a conversation that took place after her husband died, where Josh and Anna offered him financial support.

Picture of Anna Keller Dugar

“Josh told me that he and Anna are going to support me and my family every month to keep my money. When he told me how much it would be. I was shocked. It was a graceful amount,” he wrote.

“Josh acted as if it were normal to do it. He told me, ‘We are doing what the Bible says … Pure religion means going to the fatherless and widows in distress,'” Dennis continued.

“I have seen Josh Anna have a loving husband who respects and serves her. I have seen her devotion to her children by paying attention to their needs and encouraging them to live properly.”

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar and children

Dennis never specified if Josh and Anna had kept their promises and provided the financial support they had provided.

But in a way, it doesn’t matter.

James Weeks is correct in his claim that “past good deeds” should not be considered when evaluating Josh’s guilt and determining what kind of punishment he deserves.

Anna Dugar and terrible husband

The Dugars seem to have repeatedly missed this important point.

Also, any assessment of Josh’s past should include a long history of his predatory behavior, including the fact that he molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

We realize that it can be hard for Josh’s wife and parents to accept the fact that he is a monster.

But until they do, they will continue to be unworthy of sympathy.

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